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This is the eternal dilemma: what type of transmission provides the most pleasure at the wheel? In order to (re) get an idea, we took traction, rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive on the track.


The Golf GTI is the achievement, generation after generation, of making you feel comfortable and find your directions from the first metres. For those who have had the opportunity to drive the previous versions, this boosted shot is welcome, even ifIt is a compact from Wolfsburg, the eighth of the name, nothing remains of the Golf 1 and 2 crisp. Evidenced by the weight offered is 1,463 kg, or 650 more than its predecessor. But times are changing. And strength too. With 245 horsepower under the hood, it bears the GTI badge – Grand Tourisme Injection – just as realistic as before; Which, in the late 1970s, was intended to travel long distances at high speed. Fortunately, that is still the case today, even if the legislation in force was hardly favorable to him…

Extremely stable at whatever speed is adopted, golf allows all drivers to have fun, without the need to be an experienced driver. Not lazy for two pennies, the GTI is probably not as decisive as its competitors (Mégane RS and Focus ST), but it proves to be more considerate in everyday life, thanks to the controlled suspension (basic option at €910) and the front seats covered in premium cloth. paper scale In an evocative style. In the face of his friends in the game today, it is clear that it is necessary to “roll” less harshly on this winding road, so that the front axle does not saturate, however, except for the slightest increase in torque at the steering wheel. And if they are less inclined than the Alps to spin, they will never disintegrate at a steady pace (see box). Always on time, the torque 4 cylinders (370 Nm over a very wide range) instill a very pleasant agility, which perfectly fits this perfection daily driver with the famous surname.

We love less

very clean it, This golfer, on the other hand, is stingy with sensations. If mechanical maneuverability and the smoothness of a dual gearbox are undeniable everyday assets, they are underappreciated when you decide to drive “hard.”. Under the circumstances, the fund seems reluctant to try it. The dashboard shines discreetly, but the touchscreens would require a phone call to Thomas Pesquet to master every minute detail … a technological leap that risks upsetting historic customers … Attention, too, to the variable geometry penalty applied to the Golf 8 GTI, the capacity ranges from ‘probable’ (2,726 €) to ‘counterproductive’ (9550 €). So you should make sure that the salesperson does not select too many options without your knowledge. Finally, it is undoubtedly in the ranks of its sisters the closest competitor to the “regular” GTI. Nominally 2 kg lighter, Clubsport 45 (from €49,990), Anniversary series with a 2.0 TSI engine with 300 hp and 400 Nm, still with a DSG gearbox, in fact embodies the version that authentically perpetuates the proportions …


Perfect for everyday use, the Golf GTI is full of quintessential qualities. But it lacks a little spice to satisfy the most demanding, who will turn out more athletic competitors, but less easily.

At the Limit ‘with Pierre Petit, racing driver

Golf GTI Time 1:11

“We’re not out of place in this golf. It’s true that there’s little steering when re-accelerating, and in manual mode the gears don’t necessarily revert immediately when you shift to a lower gear. But I understand the interest of preserving the mechanics and avoiding overspeeding. But there’s a drive! I think It works well. In the big bend, it’s very “safe”, and gets its feedback on the phone. It steers the front well in middle bends, and the traction is very correct. For a road car, it’s a great job.”

Volkswagen Golf GTI: Technology

Engine: longitudinal front, 4 cylinders, turbo, petrol, direct injection, 16 valves.

Transmission: AV, 7-speed automatic dual-clutch.

Power (hp @ rpm): 245 @ 5000

Torque (Nm @ rpm): 370 @ 1600

Weight (kg): 1,463

Max Speed ​​(km/h): 250

0 to 100 km/h (sec): 6.3

ko2 (g / km) / penalty: 168 to 191 / 2,726 to 9,550 euros

Constant average consumption / AM (l / 100 km): 7.4 / 8.9

Front/rear tires: 235/35 ZR 19

Test tires: Hankook Ventus S1 EVO

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