Volkswagen Golf (1991). The third generation is 30 years old

The third generation Volkswagen Golf was launched in 1991. The agreement thus celebrates its 30th anniversary in this year 2021, allowing the first copies to be registered as collectors’ vehicles. Golf 3 was a lifesaving turning point in the model’s career, after the first change of generation which turned out to be very conservative. Although the style was revived, not everything was won at the release of the third iteration that, like great wine, has been enriched with various flavors over the years.

Viewed from the front, the Golf 3 has nothing to do with its cube-shaped predecessor with rounded lights.
Volkswagen Golf 3 red
The shape of the taillights, although diluted, indicates belonging to the Golf 2.

Golf grows and develops

At its launch, first of all by its appearance, the third Volkswagen Golf with this name stands out from its predecessor. No more round headlights and sharp corners; Space for extended and nearly rectangular optical units in line with the softer lines of the whole. The profile is assembled less, particularly due to the increased length since the three doors beat 4 cm to span 4.02 metres.

Volkswagen Golf 3 dashboard
From materials to equipment, the Golf’s interior has become even more welcoming with the third generation.

The passenger compartment is more luxurious, with a radio tape in the catalog, so Volkswagen is at its best in terms of assembly. A royal version joins the three- and five-door sedans in the range, which also includes a convertible. This generation of golf is from a special series inspired by rock bands, from the Rolling Stones to Pink Floyd via Bon Jovi.

Volkswagen Golf 3 station wagon
Golf 3 is available to rest…
Volkswagen Golf 3 convertible
… as well as convertible.

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TDI, GTI, VR6…Golf drive side 3

Volkswagen Golf 3 CityStromer
The secret Golf 3 CityStromer was 100% electric.

It is simple to say that the Golf 3’s engine range is extensive. The entry offer consisted of 60 hp and 75 hp gasoline engines, and 64 hp and 75 hp diesel engines. To stay in the diesel department, After a few years, the Accord with TDI is now widespread with 90 hp and 110 hp.

As for the sports versions, this generation started shyly. The first version of the GTI, a 2-liter four-cylinder with two valves per cylinder with 115 hp, showed barely higher power than that of its eight-valve predecessors while being significantly heavier. But Volkswagen corrected the situation in 1992 with a 150 hp 16 sec engine.

Volkswagen Golf 3 TDI
With TDI, Volkswagen promised to marry performance and sobriety.
Volkswagen Golf 3 GTI
The Golf 3 GTI started with 115 horsepower.

In parallel, the Golf VR6 appeared. Powered by a compact 2.8L V6 engine developing 174 horsepower, this version is boxed into a completely different class. It was offered with two-wheel drive or all-wheel drive and could be considered the initiator of the Golf Rs line that today has four cylinders. Volkswagen has gone almost further. The manufacturer was considering a racing commitment with the Golf 2 L turbo 4×4 codenamed A59, of which the road version would develop 275 hp. But only a prototype was produced. On a completely different record, a few electric golf cars called CityStromers have been marketed.

Volkswagen Golf 3 VR6

Powered by a six-cylinder engine mounted on a shoe horn, the Golf VR6 produces 174 hp.

Used golf 3s for all budgets

The Volkswagen Golf 3 was produced in close to 5 million copies until it was replaced in 1997, or even 2002 for the convertible that was redesigned to accompany the Golf 4. It is thus, in general, neither rare nor expensive at times. There are decent cars. Between 2000 euros and 3000 euros. However, looking for a low-mileage version, with a clear history, or in excellent cosmetic condition, may require patience and more substantial resources. Well-preserved original GTI 16 and VR6 cars are starting to rarity And those who have traveled less than 150,000 km are now offered more than 10,000 euros, a trend whose “official” status as assembly cars could continue for some time.

Volkswagen Golf 3 A59
With the Golf A59, Volkswagen could have made a radical descendant of the Golf 2 Rallye. But the project was abandoned.

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