Did the mafia just appear in Girl Golf?

spoiler for The Birdie Wing: The Story of a Golfer Until Episode 4

As a sports anime enthusiast, I was instantly charmed by the shameless sarcasm of the first episode of The Birdie Wing: The Story of a Golfer It was. Our main character, Eve (without a family name), competes in sleazy golf tournaments to win money for a group of kids who live in a bar. The owner of the said inn is harassed by corrupt cops, as the whole group (including Eve) lives in the “bad part of town”. For Eve, golf is just a way to make money, but she quickly becomes fascinated by Aoi Amawashi, a golfer who plays for the love of the game rather than to plunder people.

Along with that great story comes all the models of sports animation that I love. Eve hits the ball with powerful shots in shonen anime style with rainbow visuals and a cheery saxophone from the old anime. However, the series is starting to stabilize a bit as it strengthens the rivalry between Eve and Aoi.

at least. This is what I thought. Until the fourth episode.

The story so far

After Eve lost to Aoi in their match, she calmly admitted that her time with the golf prodigy was the most enjoyable time she had ever played. Visibly touched by the sinister feelings of Aoi’s smile pierce his heart (Yes, the piercing smile is a quote from the anime), Eve is determined to face him in a real 18-hole game.

I promise, I’m not inventing blonde waves, this series is flooded with every episode.

With Aoi in the middle of the U15 Women’s Tournament, the only way Eve would face is for her to participate in the tournament as well. With a little help from a woman named Rose, Eve is made competitive thanks to Rose’s connections to the tournament’s main sponsor, a woman named Catherine. It does come at a price, of course, but Eve doesn’t need to know that…yet.

Technically, Eve and Aoi aren’t in the same golf group at the tournament, so they’re not facing each other head-on… except that they are, because they only care about each other’s results. We actually got an interesting explanation of how to play Eve in a way that rocks her rivals because she uses brute force and takes a lot of risks. This pushes its competitors to Attempt And you take the same bet you do, but it never works out for them. However, Aoi continues to play golf in his own way, which is to have fun (lol SK8 She taught us all about her.

At the end of Episode Three, it looks like Aoi is about to beat Eve when it comes to getting the highest score in the tournament, but Rose has other plans.

What is the mafia?

Unbeknownst to Eve, Rose used deceptive tactics to make Aoi miss her last chance. This is because she wants Eve to look her best for the game to come, which is the price Eve must pay in order to be placed in the tournament. Eve must now take part in a mafia gang war where golf will decide who will get a particular piece of land.

Rose explains to Eve (who was blindfolded so she wouldn’t see the hidden underground golf course – no, I’m not kidding) that Catherine is the CEO of a real estate company… which just so happens to have ties to the mob. She is currently fighting with another gang leader on the ground, and they decide to settle things with a round of golf. It turns out that Catherine has a secret underground facility with a high-tech golf course for such a situation (and to make money off the 1% who bet the games here).


Neither Catherine nor the other mafia boss (Mr. Nicholas) plays golf of course. That’s why Eve is here. Eve goes golfing for Katherine while her name is a woman (laughs out loud) Grim Reaper Snake Will play golf for Mr. Nicholas. Vipère is famous for its underground golf course. What her opponents don’t know is that she emits venom when she presses her clothes for maximum cleavage, snake tattoos, and images of bondage.

in all cases, The Birdie Wing: The Story of a Golfer It is pure “what I just watched” of anime goodness that continues to outdo itself in the silliness it embraces. Just when you think you’re getting a normal sports anime “I didn’t think much of this game until I met you” Literal Mafia pops up with a snake woman clicking her tongue as if she’s wearing an Orochimaru outfit from Naruto. In fact, I was planning on waiting for the anime to finish before watching more episodes, but when you see tweets about the underground mafia’s secret golf courses, you must see this shit for yourself.

You can check The Birdie Wing: The Story of a Golfer In a crunchy roll!

(Photo: BNP Golf Club / BIRDIE WING)

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