PS4: The 8 must-watch games in May 2022

game news PS4: The 8 must-watch games in May 2022

The PlayStation 5 may slowly take the lead, but its older sister hasn’t hung up on the gloves. If you own a PS4, be glad that a bunch of games are coming in May 2022 and with very different people: we’re watching this together.


  • SIFU’s Revenge Edition
  • wild cat gun machine
  • Salt and sacrifice
  • Evil Dead: The Game
  • Vampire: The Masquerade – Swanseong
  • dolmen
  • MX vs. ATV Legends
  • Elite Sniper 5

SIFU’s Revenge Edition

Yes, SIFU has already been released on PC, PS4, PS5…but digitally. If clubbing is important to you, you’ll be glad to hear about itA Vengeance Edition is planned for the beginning of the month, and is therefore a physical version published directly by the French at Microids. Great opportunity to include this little fighting gem in your collection: As a reminder, It is a 3D fighting game with touching sensations and increasing difficulty, a true tribute to kung fu and the entire culture that revolves around fighting. A real nugget that we can only highly recommend, especially since this new physical version includes some extra bonuses.

Pre-order SIFU Vengance on PS4 for €49.99

wild cat gun machine

PS4: The 8 must-watch games in May 2022

Dungeon’s crawlers aren’t about to get old, and the Wildcat Gun Machine comes to prove it’s good for everyone: here, it’s a fully enhanced action game in an isometric view, with a gritty artistic touch and frenetic gameplay, in the purest tradition of the genre. Immersed in a labyrinthine dungeon full of enemies, our heroine will have to make her way with massive strikes of guns and other explosives in order to free giant robots from the clutches of demonic gods. A program that can be described as muscular, especially since we can grab more than forty weapons as well as various improvements and skills. Where do we sign?

Salt and sacrifice

PS4: The 8 must-watch games in May 2022

Supplement to Salt and Sanctuary, Salt and Sacrifice likes to mix a role-playing game and a platform game through a rather challenging and arduous journey. In any case, the goal is not to pity the player who in any case embodies a ruthless criminal, who, for his life, will have to face evil creatures. The latter would require a sense of precise timing and a lot of composure, not to mention a completely dark and almost demonic artistic direction. Eight character classes will be available so you can find your match, while online collaboration is offered to share your pain with a friend.-If you feel like it. Maybe not a toy to have on hand, but it remains to be watched.

Evil Dead: The Game

PS4: The 8 must-watch games in May 2022

Sam Raimi’s movie franchise is an absolute cult: it’s been given an amazing flair for horror and dark humor, and the saga has nothing left to prove to anyone… which is why Evil Dead The Game is so intriguing. Indeed, because this completely new work looks very faithful to the original material: The experience promises to be very dark and bloody but is also not particularly restrictive. Then, because it seems to be based on a very beautiful feat and A very fun game, where up to four players can team up to fend off the hordes of Hell. Honestly, it could really be one of the great surprises of May.

Pre-order Evil Dead The Game on PS4 for €39.99

Vampire: The Masquerade – Swanseong

PS4: The 8 must-watch games in May 2022

Narrative games like Quantic Dream are always fun when done well and exude emotion. We’re crossing our fingers hard in that that’s the case here, for Vampire The Masquerade Swansong, who will plant her plot straight into a very dark but elegant nocturnal realm. Joe is halfway between Mafia and Gothic art, where we will have to investigate – by personifying a vampire between three different factions – on those who attack the Camarilla clan in Boston. If that, it doesn’t sound like a good, sharp-toothed Scorsese, frankly.

Pre-order Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong on PS4 for €59.99


PS4: The 8 must-watch games in May 2022

South American games don’t run on the streets and that’s why Dolmen demands all our attention: it’s the production of the Brazilian company Massive Work Studios, more precisely A third-person shooter set in a terrifying and futuristic world. We embody an unfortunate pauper who is responsible for exploring a world full of monsters and dangers to find a “dolmen”, a crystal that allows him to interact with different realities. A game that is undoubtedly reminiscent of the good old Dead Space, but with a much sharper action. Honestly why not, especially since the project convinced giant Coach Media to take care of its copy.

Pre-order Dolmen on PS4 for €39.99

MX vs. ATV Legends

PS4: The 8 must-watch games in May 2022

In video games, the MX vs. ATV franchise has been around for decades, and many players have enjoyed handling motocross and quads for decades. Imagine that the saga is far from broken because it will come out of the garage a new episode called MX vs ATV Legends, which promises to be very effective and above all terribly fun. The big promise is made on individual mode (which we can also do in collaboration) with core content like Advanced customization, sponsor management, selections to be made and many more special events. The entire physics engine has also been revised at times for very nervous circuits and off-road racing : We can also count on up to sixteen multiplayer mode and Trials mode. It can be very nice too.

Pre-order MX vs ATV Legends on PS4 for €39.99

Elite Sniper 5

PS4: The 8 must-watch games in May 2022

After Italy towards France! The Sniper Elite 5 slips us back into the shoes of Karl Fairburne, the secret agent and sniper whose hatred of Nazis will likely never fade. With a full campaign (which we can also do in collaboration if we want), The goal will be to accomplish many tasks through many levels with a complex level design: the game particularly highlights the accurate shooting with a bloody bullet time, but also the initial movement when the situation gets out of hand. A very effective, well-established formula which will also be accompanied by a competitive multiplayer game.

Pre-order Sniper Elite 5 on PS4 for €59.99

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