Saint Quentin is on the podium, Nantes plays with fire and Evreux gets the 10th pass

This Friday evening, the 30th day of Pro B kicked off. Saint-Chammond and Antibes unmoved, Nantes played with fire, while Quimper, Tours and Alliance Sport Alsace reassured as they approached their maintenance. Finally, San Quentin dealt a blow to Blois.

Saint Chammond gets his nerve on Dinan

+30: This is the gap that Saint-Chamond stuck on the road to Denain. Calm, the captain did not have to force against the Denaisiens, who collapsed in the second half. The latter was not able to adjust the sights, at a long distance: Pine Bocard ends on 2/9, Avanyay, 1/5. Alan Thiet did some management, tied up Matthew Boyer 19 minutes after the start of the match. That didn’t stop him from finishing Man of the Match with 15 points at 6/6 in shots and 10 rebounds, at 23 on a rating. it’s with Jonathan Hoyaux It hurts the most. They accumulate 31 points from the bench. Voltaire will have to fight until the last day of the tournament to ensure maintenance in the elite waiting room.

Antibes traps chlon

At the Azur Arena, Coach Dan Goethals’ men didn’t go into detail: a 102-85 victory over Chalon in what could be a Play-Offs poster in a few weeks. Tim Dirkson It was in the furnace and mill; 29 points on 12/15 on shots, 6 rebounds, 4 assists, and 2 steals on a 37 rating: You don’t see that every night. Temidio Youssef Slither into the Big Five for Jean Marc Bensa, who played only 11 minutes of this match. Moreover, on the bench, Vyacheslav Petrov(15 points), Benjamin Monclair (13 points) and Vincent Amselm (10 points) Did not ask to punish the mistakes of their opponents. For Ilan, Washington Forums He was the only one to retain his rank from the top 26 points. Mikael Gilabali He was also distinguished from the bench by 17 units, but the rest of the team was not there.

Saint-Quentin is the highlight of the evening. They defeated Ada Blois for the second time this season, with a score of 64 to 56. Despite an excellent first quarter Thomas Corneli (7 points, 3 assists), ADA failed to contain Saint-Quentinois who wanted to pack this match at all costs, and that was the case in the end. In this battle, the American Genie Kendall Anthony, After three weeks of not being available, he made important three-pointers and finished the match with 17 units. Meanwhile, SQBB steals third place from its evening opponent.

Nantes shoots in the foot, ASA wins at the end of the day

Will Nantes be able to recover from this defeat to win the maintenance? L’Hermine had a fall at the end of the match and lost by the smallest of margins to Tours, 87-86. The latter rest assured in the race to preserve it. However, it was not won. Rounds went 6-0 in the last thirty minutes to win. Nantes unforgivable: in a throw-in, Jerome Sanchez Sends the ball straight to my hand Jason Batemon without Jean Marc Dubras It doesn’t take a time out, and it puts on one of the season’s hottest baskets for tours. next one, Lamine Sambi He takes a risky 3-point shot eight seconds after the end of the game, and no doubt under the pressure of an entire season on his shoulders, Nantes finally misses two free throws to create a stretch or transition from a small point on the board screen. L’Hermine finds himself face to face with Polzac, who has yet to play his match.

ASA scored a valuable victory against Vichy. that it Anthony Root who threw the alliance a few seconds after the end of the meeting (73-72). Locals took advantage of the big second quarter to win (27-15). Both teams weren’t very prolific from distance, but Racine scored the “right” shot. With this success, the Alsatians escape relegation and join the six-team club with 13 victories.

UJAP takes a step towards maintenance as Evreux continues to impress

And in this club we find UJAP, who reassured himself against Rouen (93-70). After the defeat against Polazac, the patrons Laurent First The correct reaction was by fixing the RMB which no longer plays anything. Digue Diawara He led the Rams, with 23 points at 7/10 in shots, 6 rebounds, 3 assists, 1 block, 3 steals and 29 ratings. Four other players broke the ten point mark. Quimper featured a long-distance title Shameless (8/14). Before, Lucas Bohres His people had a hard time in this meeting and could not help but look down upon this new setback.

Finally, Evreux managed 10 passes by beating Aix-Maurienne (74-70). The match was played to the end. Despite the Savoyards’ big start to the Williams-Ramseyer duo with a higher degree of intensity, they were on their own throughout the match. They finished with 20 and 19 points, respectively. Ebrocian was able to count on Serbian Milosevic to get out of complicated situations (18 points), and Paul Marinelli Ghazir (22 points in 26 minutes) for stealing this poorly proceeded match. Bengali Fofana Not to be forgotten: he felt his presence on the board (15 points at 6/6 in shots, 6 rebounds, 2 blocks, 23 PIR in several minutes).

J31 results from Pro B:

  • dinin – saint chamond : 68 – 98
  • Antibes – Shalon: 102 – 85
  • Saint Quentin – Blois: 64-56
  • constellations – Nantes: 87 – 86
  • Grace Soville – Vichy Claremont: 73-72
  • Rawan- Kimber : 70 – 93
  • Aix Morian – Everrow : 70 – 74

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