Sweden, Bucha, prisoners, Odessa … What to remember on Saturday evening

Odessa airport bombing

The enemy struck from the Crimea with the Bastion coastal defense missile system. “The runway at Odessa airport was destroyed,” Governor Maxim Marchenko said in a video on his Telegram account. Odessa, a large port city on the Black Sea with a population of one million, with symbolic and historical weight, has so far remained relatively far from the fighting.

It is located in the coastal strip that Russia could consider occupying to link the west with the breakaway pro-Russian enclave of Transnistria, in Moldova, where it has deployed its forces.

Civilians killed in Butch

In the north of the country, three bodies, hands bound, were found in a grave the day before in the village of Myrotske near Boutcha, near Kyiv. Victims were tortured for a long time […] “In the end, all of them were killed in the temple,” Andrey Nepetov, Kyiv regional police chief, said in a statement.

Survivors of Butch’s occupation in March by Russian forces this week recounted kneeling prisoners with their hands tied behind their backs, summary executions and pools of blood in homes.

Russian reconnaissance plane violates Swedish airspace

A Russian reconnaissance plane briefly penetrated Swedish airspace on Friday, employees of the Scandinavian country said Saturday, which is considering possible membership in NATO. “The plane was east of Bornholm (a Danish island in the Baltic Sea) and then headed towards Swedish territory,” the brief statement said.

The Swedish Defense Minister condemned the incursion. It is absolutely unacceptable to violate Swedish airspace […] This procedure is unprofessional and, given the general security situation, is totally inappropriate. Swedish sovereignty must always be respected,” Peter Hultqvist wrote on SVT Public Television.

900 dead in Bucha, according to Zelensky

The Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, Friday, in an interview with the Polish press, estimated the number of bodies discovered in the Bucha region at 900. He added that with Russian soldiers burning and burying the bodies, “nobody knows the number of dead.”

France participates

For his part, French President Emmanuel Macron, after a telephone conversation with his Ukrainian counterpart, said that France will boost its shipments of military equipment to Ukraine – particularly long-range rifles – in order to “restore Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

Westerners, including the United States, France and Britain, promised to provide hundreds of howitzers to the Ukrainians, but time is running out.

Angelina Jolie in Lviv

La star hollywoodienne Angelina Jolie, émissaire du Haut-Commissariat de l’ONU pour les réfugiés, a effectué une visite surprise à Lviv, dans l’ouest de l’Ukraine, où elle s’est entretenue avec des personnes déplacées et aperçuet in a cafe. “For all of us, this visit was a surprise,” wrote the governor of the Lviv region Maxim Kozytsky on Telegram, where he posted photos and videos of the actress playing with children and standing with volunteers.

She visited in the hospital children wounded in the April 8 bombing outside the Kramatorsk station in the east of the country, attributed to Russia, which killed more than 50 civilians, according to the governor.

Twenty civilians were evacuated from Mariupol

The Azov regiment defending the position announced that twenty civilians had left the Azovstal plant in Mariupol, a port in southeastern Ukraine besieged by the Russians, to be evacuated to Zaporizhia.

Smoke rises from Azovstal in Mariupol.

Andrei Borodulin / Agence France-Presse

Twenty civilians, women and children […] They were transferred to an agreed place and hopefully evacuated to Zaporizhia, in the territory controlled by Ukraine, said Svyatoslav Palamar, deputy commander of the Azov regiment, in a videotape on the telegram. A few hours earlier, Russia’s official TASS news agency announced that a group of 25 civilians, including six children, had managed to get out of Azovstal, a huge steel factory where hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers and civilians were banned.

prisoner exchange

Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Irina Vereshuk announced on Telegram that a prisoner exchange was held, which released 14 Ukrainians, among whom was a pregnant soldier. In an interview with the BBC on Friday, Russia accused Russia of “deporting” 1,000 Ukrainian civilians, including 500 women, to its territory, and holding them “hostage” in detention centers.

She noted the difficulty of releasing the women. “Now we are refusing to arrange an exchange without any women on the list,” she said.

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