Divers Feeding Pointed Sharks D

A shark attack on a skateboard in Punaauia on Saturday morning caused an uproar. For scientists and municipal authorities, this is unfortunately the first. If swimming has since been banned by municipal decree in Sabinos, surfers in the area immediately denounce the excessive flow of divers, which could alter the sharks’ behavior.

A few hours after he was attacked by a shark and then treated in the hospital, Houti Hakale, the 22-year-old bodyboard player who injured the knee, is pretty sure. “I think it’s a tiger shark 2m to 2.5m in size…I saw the stripes on the shark’s back.”

After hearing about this incident, Eric Klua, a Pacific shark specialist working for Criobe, contacted the young man for details. “againstIt is a sternum bite that causes a superficial injury below the knee.says the world. Which is almost certain to be a tiger shark, according to details in Animal Morphology. “It has a broad head that matches that of a tiger shark and is square, much less than other species.”He said.

Eric Klua, left of the Criobe Company, specializes in Pacific sharks.

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Thanks to the samples taken in the hospital from the corpse wound, “It is possible that we will learn about the species of sharks and why not even the individual within the species of the tiger shark is, if it is. [vraiment] Tiger shark. We’ll actually find out which shark tried to bite it.”Eric Klua explains. “In Polynesia, there are only two primitive species that can attack humans for predation, that is, to feed themselves. The tiger shark and the paratha shark, or oceanic shark.”

But this definition will confirm the fear of the world: “This means that this is the first time in Polynesia that a tiger shark has attacked a surfer for food.”

Why is the shark behaving this way in this place?

The Body Border’s friends who have been attacked have their own idea. Including Matto, who is also a surfer at Sabinos. “I saw when he called. I knew it was a mistake”. And when we asked him if we should be careful in this place, he answered that‘Sharks feeding needs to be stopped…I think that’s contributing to what’s going on’The young man is protesting.

Sabinus shark attack

Tuihani wonders why there are so many diving club boats on the spot.

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Tuihani also supports this view. He’s a surfer and he’s used to the spot. and for him, “It’s not a surprise. We knew it would happen with all the boats arriving two or three years ago… Now they also come in the evening… They’re diving boats… The old fishermen tell us that because there are these boats, they’ve noticed that The sharks are approaching now, and there has been a change. We don’t know what’s going on there.”he admitted. “Previously, there was only one boat… now they are between 5 and 6… we can see the change. [Par exemple] When we go into the blue, we land on the kayak, and there the turtles begin to climb. There wasn’t this before, what’s going on there? When we’re not there, they come to feed them? There haven’t been many changes like this before.”Surfers were surprised.

When asked this morning after this attack, Mayor Punaauia didn’t really seem surprised, especially not so skeptical about feeding the sharks.

Sabinus Region Attack

Local surfers are temporarily barred from surfing.

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Surely this is my first time against a surfer, but for several months “hunters [lui] I reported an increased presence of sharks that changed their behavior slightly”. about the mayor, Sharks don’t change their behavior for nothing.. Therefore, Simplicio Lissant will approach scientists to find out the reasons for this change and the risks involved.

So much so that municipal authorities are considering reviewing the ZPR or regulated fishing area. and even consider a management plan for marine spaces to prevent “Norms do not overlap. It is clear that the mayor is thinking of organizing to avoid any danger so that everyone can carry out their activities safely.

Between 2009 and 2019, there were an average of 4 bites per year, and in 2020 there were 15. In 2019 in Moria, the first predatory bite was observed by a parata shark, in 2021 in Rickettia a tiger shark attacked a diver by Predation, and today is the third and second predatory bite undoubtedly for a tiger shark.

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