FANATEC ClubSport BMW GT2 V2.0 steering wheel

How about getting bigger with a wide GT wheel for your Fanatic’s base? Here is a proposal for the ClubSport BMW GT2 V2 steering wheel, a 1:1 replica of the steering wheel of the BMW M3 GT2 accompanied by the quick release system that we put on the test bench on PC, PS4 and PS5 platforms.

You will have to pay €349.95 Directly on the Fanatec website to take advantage of the ClubSport BMW GT2 V2 steering wheel, a model that is accompanied in this configuration by the QR1 system (for Quick Edition 1). The price that puts this steering wheel in the German manufacturer’s mid-range, halfway between the CSL Steering Wheel BMW at €139 and the more than €600 Porsche 911 models, is clearly higher than the proposal of the main competitor Thrustmaster with its own characteristics Sparco P310 or R383 wheels are sold for 199 euros. This puts our requirements in terms of materials, finishes and result at a particularly high level.

Buy the ClubSport BMW GT2 V2 Pro steering wheel on the Fanatec website

to specify
Compatibility PC, PS4, PS5
Diameter 32 cm
Compatible rules Fanatec CSL, ClubSport and the platform
motor level There are no restrictions on power
platforms 2
internal memories 5 + 1 + automatic
buttons 11
sign in 1 t

32 cm shape for more accuracy

The first important point to consider with this steering wheel is its 32 cm diameter of a round wheel with a flat surface. Compared to the original Fanatec GT DD PRO test model: the official wheel of Gran Turismo 7 blasts its competitors on PS5, PC, Xbox or a prototype wheel equipped with the Fanatec Podium Racing Wheel F1 test: the best flywheels, on all platforms, this towing delivers less torque Equivalent drive. Thus, where 80% power on the GT DD Pro, or 50% on the DD1, is enough for a fun and realistic in-game presentation, You have to go up to 100% and 60% respectively to get the same resistance With the BMW GT2 V2. So here we find sensations close to the Forza motorsport model we tried in the Bundle with the base ClubSport v2.5 in 2016.

Thus, this format means in their hands the impression of a loss of power compared to the original wheel of the GT DD Pro, which can leave an impression of smoothness for players who want to carry their arms fully, as well as for those who practice rallying. But This feeling is accompanied by a very real gain in terms of accuracy And tact will return.

Flawless finish but mounting system quickly becomes outdated

ClubSport BMW GT2 V2 Steering Wheel Review: Fanatec's Best Steering Wheel for PS5 and PC?ClubSport BMW GT2 V2 Steering Wheel Review: Fanatec's Best Steering Wheel for PS5 and PC?

Design around the BMW GT2 V2Metal frame with three arms, barely thinner than the now-discontinued V1 model, and offers very high stiffness. The visible part is covered with thick paint that gives a large relief and in the center of it is pasted the logo of the car manufacturer BMW. In the meantime, hands can be tappedAlcantara finishing for wheel circumferencewith fine and thick stitching of the joint areas allowing us to imagine a good level of resistance over time.

At the rear, the steering wheel embeds its electronics in a hard plastic case that is attached to the wheel frame and paddles are installed on them to change gears. Here we have side-adjustable magnetic models, with two depth positions depending on the direction in which the pallets are placed. With 3 mm thick and 10 cm high, These GT paddles offer a simple, smooth coating that sets them apart from the separately sold ClubSport Magnetic Paddle Module, with a carbon finish. Note that the force required to activate these paddles is quite high and not adjustable, for a very clean, dry click you may need to get used to but it gives very good results in the race.

ClubSport BMW GT2 V2 Steering Wheel Review: Fanatec's Best Steering Wheel for PS5 and PC?ClubSport BMW GT2 V2 Steering Wheel Review: Fanatec's Best Steering Wheel for PS5 and PC?

finally, The quick release system presented here is of type QR1, equivalent to what is currently found on the ClubSport and Podium models in the Fanatec range. We appreciate our ability to change this system in the future for the already announced QR 2 which should arrive very soon, while we regret that the BMW GT2 V2 cannot take advantage of this novelty at the moment. In fact, this system, which dates back nearly 8 years, is not without flaws, especially if your base is a ClubSport or CSL type.

It is not uncommon to try Some vibrations and other unpleasant noises When the force is high as long as your base pivot leaves little play with the wheel. Fortunately, Fanatec corrects this problem by introducing a mounting screw that locks the wheel onto the axle, but removes all interest in the quick release. Meanwhile, the QR1 can be easily attached to the steering wheel using 4 Allen screws, without the distress of any manipulation, even after hours of gaming.

Good grip but some comfortable flaws

ClubSport BMW GT2 V2 Steering Wheel Review: Fanatec's Best Steering Wheel for PS5 and PC?

At the front, the BMW GT2 V2 wheel offers no less than 11 buttons, a directional crossover, a multifunctional analog stick (with turning and thrust), a display and a line of LED lights. More than enough to take advantage of the many functions within the game, with access, as always, to the internal menu of the base via an additional key. but lo Fanatec has improved the organization of its buttons since V1by designation that closely conforms to a certain logic on both PC and PlayStation consoles, we point out several drawbacks that have turned out to be annoying to use.

looked b The same placement of the buttons, which are not easily located under the fingers, center plate bore error with respect to steering wheel turning. Free from screen printing and distinguished simply by color manipulation, the cross and circle keys (which can translate to A and B on PC) are quite far from the right thumb, while the buttons closer to the left thumb correspond to the L3 and R3 functions. It is impossible, for example, to change the speed while pressing one of these buttons. And if all the other switches require you to take your hand off the steering wheel to reach them, as well as a rather high threshold to press, we especially regret that the thrust cross is placed on the right, while the analog stick, much less used, occupies the left side. This slows down and makes navigating through the different menus more difficult.

ClubSport BMW GT2 V2 Steering Wheel Review: Fanatec's Best Steering Wheel for PS5 and PC?ClubSport BMW GT2 V2 Steering Wheel Review: Fanatec's Best Steering Wheel for PS5 and PC?

Even the menu accessible directly from the steering wheel is limited to a dated screen, far from the OLED-style readability of the original GT DD Pro’s wheel, or the F1 racing wheel. Fortunately, adjusting the parameters here takes full advantage of the Funky Switch and its spin making it possible to quickly reach the desired value.

However, this steering wheel grip is very good overall, Alcantara offers high grip Whether you play with your bare hands or with racing gloves. We highly recommend using the latter to make the most of the lack of wool under the Alcantara layer, which can quickly tire the skin of the hands without protection.

In conclusion: a wheel that does not keep its promises

ClubSport BMW GT2 V2 Steering Wheel Review: Fanatec's Best Steering Wheel for PS5 and PC?

The BMW GT2 V2 steering wheel is generally a good addition for base Fanatec owners looking for a spacious GT model. The proposed towing allows you to get the most out of the high engines of the podium group, but it risks pushing the CSL and ClubSport bases to their limits if you’re looking for a high level of powerful feedback. The finish is very good and the grip is effective in racing, but you have to deal with it A work environment that does not put all jobs at handwhich is not very practical in menus.

Finally, buying a QR1-equipped model today, although Fanatec will release an attachment system update soon, isn’t necessarily the wisest choice. Especially for ClubSport and CSL rules owners. however The steering wheel can be upgraded easily, if paying for 2 QR doesn’t scare you. Thus, the steering wheel ClubSport BMW GT2 V2 is a satisfactory steering wheel, but not without flaws. At 350 euros, we were expecting a little better.

Buy the ClubSport BMW GT2 V2 Pro steering wheel on the Fanatec website


strength point

  • The rigidity of the metal frame
  • Alcantara high-flying finishes
  • magnetic platforms
  • Integrated menu that can be accessed in the game
  • A shape that puts precision at the fore
  • QR1 scalability

Weak points

  • QR1 limits on ClubSport and CSL rules
  • Positioning of the buttons
  • The cross and the wand are misplaced

The steering wheel ClubSport BMW GT2 V2 is a good mid-range model with a very appreciable diameter of 32 cm, a finish respecting the manufacturer’s range, efficient magnetic paddles. But if Fanatec made some convenient revisions to this V2 version, then from our point of view it is not enough to provide optimal comfort in the game, the error in the placement of various functions is not always very wise and an installation system that can show its limitations. Given the asking price, we regret these few mistakes, acknowledging the true handling qualities of this steering wheel for GT driving, or even for rallying.

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