In Guinea, putschists fixed the transition period with “39 months”, in defiance of the international community

It is contempt for Guinea’s neighbours. On Saturday 30 April, the head of the Conakry Military Council announced that he had chosen a transitional period “39 months” before returning power to civilians, thus challenging the country’s regional partners who demand a much shorter delay. This delays possible elections until 2025.

“From all the consultations at all levels (…), an average proposal for a consensual transition period of 39 months emerges”Colonel Mamadi Dumboya in a televised address to the nation.

The officer, who ousted President Alpha Conde in September and has since declared himself head of state, made the remarks after concluding two disputed political consultations on Friday – the so-called reconciliation conference and A comprehensive consultation framework – Both are shunned by a large number of political parties.

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CNRD [Comité national du rassemblement et du développement, l’organe dirigeant de la junte] The government, in turn, will submit to the Confederacy [Conseil national de transition]which replaces Parliament, this proposal which came as a result of broad and patient consultations.said the Chief Colonel.

At the end of March, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) summoned the Conakry authorities to present no later than April 25th transition table “Acceptable”Under pain of extending the economic sanctions imposed on the country after the coup.

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But the junta let the deadline pass and demanded “To have more time compared to the April 25 deadline”for the purpose of “Allow consultations to continue”According to a press release issued by the Economic Community of West African States on Wednesday.

Violent attack against the Economic Community of West African States

In September, after the coup in Conakry, the heads of state of the Economic Community of West African States “They insisted that the transition period be very short.”And to organize the elections within a period not exceeding ” six months “.

By closing a file Comprehensive Consultation FrameworkThe Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization, Mori Konde, said on Friday that“Group of Actors” Who agreed to participate was The proposed terms range from 18 to 52 months. To move, without specifying from any date.

As in Mali or Burkina Faso, two other countries in the region where the military has taken power, the Guinean junta appears to be ignoring the demands of the Economic Community of West African States.

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On Tuesday, the day after the regional organization’s deadline expired, the government spokesperson set by the junta, Othman Gawal Diallo, launched a violent attack against the Economic Community of West African States.

We did not send a document [sur le calendrier de la transition à la Cédéao] In this matter, we have made it clear from the beginning that the Guinean government does not act under the constraints or dictates of anyone.”According to him, he does not rule out Guinea’s withdrawal from the Economic Community of West African States.

ECOWAS “He should be self-critical.”He added, accusing the West African Organization of doing so Far from the cries of the people of Guinea During the deadly suppression of protest that marked the last years of Mr. Condé’s power.

In a press release published on Saturday before Colonel Domboya announced the transition period, the FNDC expressed its regret “The facts and actions of the National Council for Research and Democracy seem more like the facts and actions of the ousted Alpha Conde regime every day.” and begged for a “Quick return to normal constitutional order”.

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