May 1 demonstration Legislative battle and death of the Reign

We hope you are able to enjoy your weekend. We spent these two days checking the news. It is time to sum it all up.

1. Labor Day demonstrations under the sun

The May 1, 2022 parade in Toulouse, France.

Unions will claim to be successful, and government across provinces will dispute the numbers: Labor Day rituals rarely vary from year to year. However, one special feature, in this election year, took place between the presidential and legislative elections, with pension reform in the background, as the people interviewed for our report at the Montpellier motorcade made clear. It should be noted that the accidents occurred in Paris and damaged about twenty companies and vehicles.

More information: François Bayrou calls for a referendum to break the deadlock over pension reform. At the beginning of April, Emmanuel Macron estimated that referendums “in the framework of Article 11” were a tool that could be “used”, including pension reform.

2. Pelosi makes a surprise visit to Kyiv

Nancy Pelosi (centre) traveled to Kyiv on Sunday, May 1.  (Photo by Wojtek RADWANSKI/AFP)
Nancy Pelosi (centre) traveled to Kyiv on Sunday, May 1. (Photo by Wojtek RADWANSKI / AFP) – AFP

In Ukraine, there was no significant military advance over the weekend. On the diplomatic side, US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi met, on Sunday, with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky during a surprise visit to Kyiv, as a Russian reconnaissance plane violated Swedish and Danish airspace, which led to a strong reaction from both countries. . All information about this struggle in our lives can be found on Saturday and Sunday.

More information: Russia has fought a media war since the beginning of the conflict, using multiple-led accounts denouncing Britain’s discovery of a bullying factory on the side of Saint Petersburg.

3. The right struggle for parliamentary elections

Christian Jacob.  Photo by Gabriel Czard/SIPA.
Christian Jacob. Photo by Gabriel Czard/SIPA. – Gabriel Cezard / Seba

Marine Le Pen reappeared in a video posted on social media on Sunday. Unsurprisingly, she calls on voters to choose the National Front in legislative elections, and addresses her campaign themes, particularly “the defense of labor and purchasing power”. Zemmour heard him “reshape the French right,” Guillaume Peltier said Sunday.

On the L-R side, party boss Christian Jacob throws in the towel and he won’t show up. In Macron, it is former L.R. Edouard Philippe who bothers. The former prime minister intends to burden the future presidential majority, while no longer hiding his ambitions for the future.

More information: No white smoke for the left union. Mélenchon wanted the deal closed on Sunday, and the date will be pushed back as there is no agreement with EELV, PS or PCF. In the Socialist Party, Cambadélis called for the rejection of this agreement and the rebuilding of this party.

4. Regine . Gold

Regin, January 1, 2015 (Photo by Bertrand Guay/AFP)
Regin January 1, 2015 (Photo by Bertrand Guay / AFP) – AFP

Her family announced the death of singer Regen on Sunday at the age of 92. The world of the night has always been dominated by discos in France and abroad. The artist Reno, who wrote her several titles, considered her the last historical representative of the French song, which was especially famous. big zombieAnd AzureAnd small leaves or Chinchilla patchouli. She owned as many as 22 maiden nightclubs around the world, starting with the legendary “Chez Régine” near the Champs-Elysees. His five greatest can (re)discover here.

More information: Mino Raiola, 54, also died this weekend. The disappearance of the famous Italian footballer’s agent has sparked a wave of praise from footballers and clubs who knew him.

5. OL in the Champions League final

Lyonnais beat Paris Saint-Germain 2-1 in the second leg of the women’s Champions League semi-final on Saturday evening, having already won the first leg at home (3-2). To relive that meeting, it’s here. They will face the defending champion Barcelona in the final. Note that the Parc des Princes gathered 43,254 spectators in the semi-finals, a new record for attending a women’s club football match.

More information: Real won the title for the 35th time since Saturday, and Ancelotti became the first coach to win the top five trophies (England with Chelsea, Spain with Real, Italy with Milan, Germany with Bayern, and France with Paris Saint-Germain).

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