Still breathtaking, Aurelien Lauart Baskett is back from everything against Paris!

They definitely specialize in exceptional endgames! After winning at the last second after a crazy comeback against Bourg-en-Bresse a week ago, OLB came back from everything against Paris to win after two extensions (93-94). Beating that success with courage (and masterful Chris Warren) opens the door to keep it.

Was it the long-awaited return of Johann Bejarin and Amara Sy, who have been absent for several weeks, that gave Paris Baskett so many ideas at the start of the match? Orleans, who had been in touch for nine minutes, lost ground at the end of the first quarter against the locals Who did not miss much of what they promised. The Admiral himself was in charge of decoding the OLB (27-21), then Kyle Allman added to the bill closely, to make a very salty addition to the OLB for Almost thirty points ceded in ten minutes (29-21).

LuckilyOrleans’ most aggressive residents I managed to stop the carnage before the break. Led by 36-27 (15), the Loiretans finished very strong, Fly some balloons It offers itself the possibility of development quick game. With Two award-winning flashy shots of Chris Warren And a flick from Emmanuel Terry, the OLB had internalized and even outperformed its host (43-45, 20).

Mutual ineligible!

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from now on equal in intentions, Orleans and the Parisians succumbed to a blow. The duels were bitter, Express whistles within the limits of absorption against visitors… the two teams initially remained inseparable for long minutes (57-57, 30), until a big pass from DJ Fuderburk and an unsportsmanlike foul against Mallila Mutual (34). If that weren’t scandalous, the buildup made the leader of Orleans out of his hinges, and it was he who sent a violent blow of frustration into the billboards and It was excluded.

The Parisians’ lack of skill in free throws left OLB in the match (69-63, 36th place). Berserk, Big Warren lit the end game (69-74, 38), but Paris did not promise defeat (73-74 one minute time) at Halle Carpentier! at Deafening religion, Emmanuel Terry fired one of his two free throws (48 seconds from the siren), as Bigarin did not back down (77-77 in 29 seconds). Neither Terry nor Alman found the basket on their last attempt. extension !


Thanks to Two award-winning big shots by Chris Warren, Orleans spent most of their time leading in the first overtime, but Johann Begaran put Paris back to 18 seconds off the bell (83-83). When there were only three seconds left on the clock, Warren was soon back (83-85). But Kamagati, at the bell, sent the two teams to another extension (85-85).

At the end of the game insane, Warren, giving his all in every possession, lost his free throw skill. Paris, with a very decisive Ismael Camagat, then thanks to Kyle Allman (93-92) thought he would keep the right end, but Nazli would have snatched a rebound to give the victory basket to Orléans (93-94).

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Jerome Cotton Coudray

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