What we know about the floods that killed at least two people

A red alert has been raised in Guadeloupe. On Sunday, May 1, Météo France announced that the alert level for “rain and thunderstorms” had returned to green, after a major storm episode the day before. Several roads were cut off due to heavy rain, which also caused power outages. So far, the death toll from this bad weather has reached two, and one is missing. Franceinfo channel assesses the situation in the archipelago.

Two motorists found dead

On Saturday, the province of Guadeloupe confirmed the death of two motorists, who may have been surprised by the water in their car. As reported by Guadeloupe La 1ère, a 50-year-old man was found dead in his car on Saturday morning in Le Gosier, near Pointe-à-Pitre. A few hours later, a Sixty people were found unconscious in his car submerged in a canal in the town of Abimes, which is still on the island of Grande Terre. Despite their best efforts, the firefighters were unable to save him.

In Guadeloupe, emergency services in particular provided assistance to motorists stuck in their cars on Saturday 30 April.  (Jesse Blank/Guadeloupe I)

The island’s emergency services are still searching for a 30-year-old man missing since Saturday morning. According to witnesses interviewed by La 1ère, he fell into the water while not far from a canal in the Bas-du-Fort sector, in Gosier.

Heavy rain for 24 hours

In the center of the archipelago, more than 30 cm of rain was recorded in 24 hours. That is, more than 300 liters per square meter, Météo France identifies in its site, which describes a loop “Intense and exceptional”. In some places, the accumulations greatly exceeded those recorded during the passage of Hurricane Lenny, in November 1999, the organization asserts.

The waves sank several ways. On social media, residents of the worst-affected areas shared their astonishment at the scale of the floods. As on Patrick Saint-Eloi Street, which serves especially Resource Center for Sport Experience and Performance (Krebs) Antilles – Guyanese.

In total, “80 firefighters were engaged in the afternoon.” Saturday, according to the county, In order to provide assistance to the victims and carry out the survey.”. The authorities also announced that Pointe-a-Pitre was the region most affected by the bad weather.

Sectors are still affected

In its latest update, published on Saturday at 6 pm (local time, midnight Paris time), the province of Guadeloupe announced that technicians are still on foot fromartistic work to restore the power source. from ‘big difficulties’ Two major roads were also reported on the island, where water levels ended falling on Sunday morning. The authorities also alerted residents to the dangers of landslides, which have increased due to heavy rains.

In parallel with the relief operations, food and medical aid has been organized since Saturday noon. Food and basic necessities were distributed to the families most affected by the bad weather. Guadeloupe is heavily exposed to tropical storms, and experiences hurricane season every year, which generally runs from June to November. Sunday morning,Thunder showers were evacuated as expected towards Northwest Indies.

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