GT7: Patch 1.13 adds new cars and circuits

Today, Gran Turismo 7 receives patch 1.13 which brings with it many new circuits and all-new cars to populate your garage.

After delighting players by greatly increasing the rewards and tweaking it many times with many hotfixes, Gran Turismo 7 itself introduces patch 1.13 and it will make people happy there too.

New cars and tracks

Plus the usual fixes and some changes to improve the experience (quality of life) This new update basically adds 3 new cars As well as many conspiracies:

the cars:

  • Subaru BRZ GT300 ’21,
  • Subaru BRZ S ’21,
  • suzuki cappuccino


  • The 24 hour route Spa-Francorchamps
  • European Cup Sunday 500
  • Japan Club Cup 550
  • World Touring Car 800

Gran Turismo 7 Patch Notes 1.13 on PS5 and PS4

Major changes


The following three new cars have been added:

  • Subaru BRZ GT300 ’21 (can be purchased at Brand Center)
  • Subaru BRZ S ’21 (can be purchased from the Brand Center)
  • Suzuki Cappuccino (EA11R) ’91 (Purchased from April 26 at the used car dealership)


  • The 24-hour itinerary of Spa-Francorchamps has been added.
  • The following three events have been added to Spa-Francorchamps, the 500 European Cup, the 550 Japanese Clubman Cup, the 800 . World Touring Car


  • The locations of “Gassho Style Houses in Ainokura” and “Cherry Blossoms at Night” have been added to the featured section.
  • Slideshow option added to self-display.

Adjustments and improvements

  • Topic News is now displayed in the middle of the screen.

Sell ​​used cars

  • A ‘NEW’ brand for new cars available for sale is now displayed every day
  • Suzuki Cappuccino (EA11R) ’91 to be raced (on/off)
  • racing music (volume)
  • Racing sound effects (volume)
  • Driver Engine Noise (Volume)
  • transmission noise (volume)
  • tire squeak (size)
  • Engine noise from competitors (Volumstart from April 26 as a ‘HOT’ car).

legend car agency

  • New cars available for purchase on that day are now displayed as New Stock.


  • The word “widebody” now appears on all cars in your garage that have been modified widebody;
  • The engine start sound is now played when changing cars.

racing screen

  • For races with time limits, the remaining time display has been moved to the center of the screen and the layout has been modified.

Competitor Vehicles (AI)

  • Modification of the driving line for competition cars at the Nürburgring.


  • It is now possible to participate in certain events by renting event cars, or garage cars
  • Videos are now streaming ahead of the Nations Cup and Constructors’ Cup finals.

The following information is now displayed on the event screen displayed before each race:

  • Tire wear rate
  • fuel consumption rate
  • Temperature
  • start type
  • Required tires (only displayed if set)
  • Pit stop required (displayed only if set)
  • The Race Etiquette video now plays when you first enter Sports mode. This video provides important driving recommendations for racing;
  • A Race Details screen has been added.

The following information can be checked from the “Trip Details” icon on the right of the trip entry screen.

  • Basic information
  • Eligible parameters
  • Race settings
  • Penalty – Settings
  • Driving Option Limitations
  • systems

Car Body Editor

  • Added “Default Label Color” in “Editor Settings”. “White” or “Latest used color” can now be selected and selecting “Latest used color” will select the most recently used color.


  • Added option to filter by genre or artist when selecting a song from playback
  • For new replays, it is now possible to fast-forward to the next round.

Vehicle parameters

  • Fixed an issue where the settings sheet name would disappear;
  • Fixed a Performance Points (PP) issue that occurred due to the power restriction modification;
  • Fixed an issue where Performance Points (PP) would not be added correctly if certain settings or operations were performed. (Performance scores may not be calculated correctly under certain conditions, for example if high grip tires are added to certain cars.)

car behavior

  • Suspension modified geometry calculation algorithm. This has improved traction for rear-wheel drive vehicles and reduced weight-shift reactions;
  • The relationship between the console inputs (analog stick, R2 button, gas pedal on the steering wheel console) and throttle position has been modified.
  • Adjustment of the speed of the direction of the analog stick;
  • The power response has been adjusted for the following steering wheel control units: Fanatec® Podium, Fanatec® GT DD Pro, Fanatec® GT DD Pro + BoostKit
  • Adjust brake pressure control for all four brakes when entering a corner. Therefore, the braking distance is generally reduced.


  • The force of the trigger effect can now be adjusted from the quick menu displayed while running or from [Paramètres] > [Paramètres de la manette] in the pause menu. 1P trigger effect (accelerator) and 1P trigger effect (brake) can be set to off, weak or strong.
  • Change the upper limit of “Console Orientation Correction” from 7 to 10 inches [Réglages] > [Réglages du contrôleur] > [Sensibilité de la direction du contrôleur] In the quick race menu and pause menu. 13.

Settings (Volume)

The following eight audio options can now be set from [Réglages] > [Volume du son] In the quick race menu and pause menu:

  • Race sound mode (balanced BGM and sound/enhanced audio/focus on Race BGM).
  • Play background racing music (on/off)
  • racing music (volume)
  • Racing sound effects (volume)
  • Driver Engine Noise (Volume)
  • transmission noise (volume)
  • tire squeak (size)
  • Competitors’ engine noise (volume)

GT Auto

  • Fixed an issue where an oil change could be performed on a car that didn’t need it.


Several issues with the following four cars have been fixed:

  • Honda Fit Hybrid ’14: Body color reportedly not applied to underside parts;
  • Jeep Willys MB ’45: Interior paint was not applied when tuned;
  • Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition (FK8) ’20: Decal graphic distorted when decal was added from it [Pièces personnalisées] > [Avant] > [Type A] in the bodywork editor;
  • Ferrari 458 Italia ’09: The number label appeared distorted when added to a car with a wide body modification.


  • Many other issues have been addressed

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