Obstacle course return your ID papers

As renewal deadlines approach, the number of staff assigned to the task will be increased.

Frequent travelers know this: With the holidays approaching, it’s always wise to look at the expiration date of your identity document, with the risk of major disappointment once you arrive at the airport. But this year, you’ll encounter even the most remote of people with a nasty surprise: Your deadlines for a date have exploded. It takes an average of two months to submit a renewal application, compared to usually fifteen days to three weeks. However, there are significant regional disparities. A condition caused by the unprecedented influx of requests.

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Noemi, a 20-year-old business school student, was exposed to this adventure. Last week, she started looking for dates to return her passport so she could go to Canada in August. “I couldn’t find anywhere in Lille before the end of July”, she explained. Then she decided to look at Anjou, where her parents live. “Because it is less densely populated, I think it will be easier to find.” Missed effort! “It was longerBy chance, she takes a look at the availability in Paris. Fortunately, two slots open the next day. “Withdrawals sure, because they were alone,” She indicates. If she considered herself lucky to have found this opportunity, she would have had to pay 40 euros, the price of a round trip from Lille Paris by TGV, to get there. Route to renew once the document is ready, for retrieval.

IDs that are outdated or expired less than five years old are perfectly acceptable

Anne-Gaëlle Baudouin, Director General of the National Agency for Secure Documents

In order to reduce delays, the National Agency for Secure Documentation (ANTS) has made unprecedented efforts. Thus, the workforce in the governorates will be significantly increased. A 30% increase was announced by General Manager Anne Gayle Beaudoin. In addition, 400 collectors, equipment for registering an application for an identity card or passport, will be deployed in city halls. Target: “Summer normal”in order to “No one is forbidden to go on vacation”, And I explained on Friday on the Franceinfo website.

This exceptional situation is the coupling of several independent phenomena. First, containment. During the two years of the pandemic, many ID cards and passports have expired, without their owners attempting to renew them. According to Anne-Gaëlle Baudouin, there will be 1.3 million unordered titles. The catch-up effect that happens suddenly with vacations, the desire to leave and … end-of-year exams, such as a patent or baccalaureate. An identity document is already required to be able to participate. In this case, a valid document is not necessarily necessary. “IDs that are old or have expired for less than five years are perfectly acceptable”Anne Gayle Bowdoin reassures.

Britain’s exit from the European Union, an aggravating circumstance

Another aggravating circumstance: Britain’s exit from the European Union. Until the UK’s exit from Europe, a simple ID was enough to join the country. This is no longer the case today. Change increases the demand for passports. Finally, Anne Gayle Baudouin highlights the attractive impact of the new ID, which was introduced last year.

In an effort to save time, ANTS advises prioritizing online pre-orders, on its website. Objective: to access an already prepared file, which makes it possible “Reduce meeting time in half”, explains the general manager. Good news, once the order was placed, processing and production times are now close to normal.

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