There is no heterosexual interpretation of the golf girl anime

Spoilers for the fourth episode of The Birdie Wing: The Story of a Golfer

Being a fan of sports animation means that you are fully aware of the homosexual subtext that you will encounter when starting the series. Sometimes the shoujo “I’m in Love” sequence activates when you fall off a horse, other times you have a basketball team full of attainable boys with whom you’re trying to repair your relationships. Are we in SK8 infinity Or are we walking towards the goal with Yuri!!! On the snow? Until now, The Birdie Wing: The Story of a Golfer Walk the dividing line We are destined to be the competing ship in the show And I’ve known you for less than 24 hours but I can’t stop thinking about you in brown flashbacks.

When I met Eve Aoi

While the anime itself is delightfully insane, the way Eve and Aoi get to know each other is what you’d expect from a sports anime. Eve plays golf because it is an absolute force she can use to get people out of their money. On the other hand, Aoi loves to play sports. It doesn’t take long for their personalities to collide, but the clash is much less “I’m going to hit you” and more “the way you play golf punches a hole in my heart.”

It only takes one game for Eve to realize that playing against Aoi is the most fun she’s ever had in golf. She can’t wait to face a full match and takes strict mafia related actions to get her chance. For the first time, you don’t play golf for money, you play to get close to someone else. This leads to popular sports animation moments such as “Running towards you too much”, “We mentally talk to each other because we understand each other perfectly” and “The rest of the world doesn’t exist while we compete”. Oh, and something about heart-breaking smiles, there are plenty of them too.

At the beginning of Episode IV, the two decide that they will play golf until Aoi’s return trip to Japan. It’s basically a date in sports anime terms, but things don’t go as planned.


Eve rushes to find Aoi after she has to fight her way through the mafia gang war (you had to be there). In fact flying wing Fashion, the scene where Eve arrives too late to the golf course is as exaggerated as it gets. Aoi leaves behind a golf ball with a tear in her eye, and Eve responds by driving to the airport and shooting the infamous “Blue Bullet” so that Aoi can see her shots from the plane.

Now, I’m not going to pretend I’ve seen every sports animation of all time, but I swear this makes the shipwreck scene look like it hits really fast. SK8 infinity I waited until episode seven and until season two of free! (who had the potential to break perfect swim pairs Haru and Mako) I waited until the season was almost over to do something like that. Eve and Aoi have had exactly one match against each other in a row because they were in separate groups for the championship, but they actually get to the “LIAR” part of their relationship where one girl cries on a plane while letting the other girl look at her. Leaves.

How are Eve and Aoi more gay than Snake lesbians?

Of course, no sports anime would be complete without the obviously gay character who flirts a lot with anyone who cares about him. even so, Grim Reaper Snake Not at all what I expected to see – and I’ve had a whole season of SK8 Adam being… well, Adam. Viper immediately invades Eve’s personal space, goes straight to her breasts, imagines tying it up and plans to make her remember his name in her heart. And the body enters a lot of the work of the snake’s tongue.

Not only is this not the stage for Eve, but she is using it as an opportunity to announce her feelings for AOI. Instead of undoing Viper’s lead, Eve tells her on the face that she Already another name in his heart Before getting a picture of the AOI playing golf. Eve. It’s been like less than a day? After the match and separately participating in the tournament, did you really talk about this girl in your heart? !

We’re in four episodes and I wonder what this series could do to top “A Name in My Heart” and “Leave a Golf Club Behind to symbolize my broken heart.” Either way, I bet it would be a wacky, Sapphic atmosphere where we learn all the ways to say “I love you” with a golf club.

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