Basketball: Between Neon and Al-Ittihad, there had to be a loser

Neuchateloa, who won the set 3-1, turned toward the semi-final against Masagno. For Neon, the holidays will start with their share of questions.

Huge when you’re not injured, 12-year-old Laurent Zuccoletti should be a priority for Neon’s transfer window.

Ludovic Lynn/BBC Nyon

They all stayed for a long time on the ground. As if both parties want to enjoy the adrenaline of this moment until the last moments. As the Etihad players celebrated and captain Brian Colon ruthlessly came close to losing his voice after shouting the bell, Isaiah Ombeg was there alone on his knees in front of the Neuchâtel bench. The American back of BBC Neon, who finished the game with the worst difference between his team (-11), remembers his last shot gesture, the one he missed at the last minute, the one that was to send everything to beautiful people and this series in match 5 we’ll regret for a moment .

Because it had to be written: The SB League Quarterfinals were clearly worthy of being played Thursday, at La Riveraine. “If we just look at our performance during this fourth quarter, we deserved this fifth match,” explained Xavier Paredes. Of the two matches at Stade Le Rocher, Nyon lost twice by 4 points and then 1 on Tuesday. Back in the car park next to the room, last Saturday, the Neuchâtel camp admitted it frankly: “We won the third game, but we played poorly.” And on Tuesday evening, the story was really no different in the bowels of the rock. “I still don’t understand how we won this match,” Brian Colon admitted. With the big shots, of course!

“In a few days, they will realize the completed season. It was fantastic”

Stefan Ivanovic, BBC Nyon coach

Those who were a distance away from Alexa Popovic – the best player in the league for us, with Daniel Giddens in the series – or even Yoann Granvorka, were hit hard in Neon’s minds. Because the local players raced for the lead in the first eight minutes of the fourth quarter. “Really, nothing was presented to us tonight (note: tuesday). We had to fight, scratch, and tear ourselves up all the time. And then these shots that we win at the end… La Côte coach, Stefan Ivanovic, sighed. Yoan who scores, although not their best player either and is well protected. It’s back in composition and I’m happy for it. But it hurts.”

Like all the heroes of this wonderful series, Ivanovich really did not want to leave the floor. At arm with his boss Xavier Paredes, we saw him hugging with members of his family or club. This defeat by the smallest of margins (62-63) means the end of Neon’s season. “I am sad for my guys because they gave everything they had. I thanked them, it was the first thing that came out of my heart. You have to keep your head up. In a few days, they will realize the season done. (Note: 6th place during the regular season, Swiss Cup final and elimination in the first round of qualifying). it was amazing.”

“It would have upset me if we lost this match, so there, I’m very relieved.”

Selim Fofana, leader of the Neuchâtel federation

Moreover, Saleem Fofana was also discussing. The Neuchâtel leader had a complex streak on a personal level. Tuesday, time colleagues dropped the money. After receiving a fourth foul that wasn’t there, he made a technical foul. “The referees were unfair to me. The Swiss international said he would have upset me if we lost this match, so I feel good there. Keen to give the ball to his in-house designs and his choice of shots, Fofana will have to become himself again, from Saturday, in Semi-finals against Massagno In short: Leave the horses and have your teammates run against the short and aging Ticino rotation.

On the BBC Neon side, it’s time for the holiday. At least on the ground. Because behind the scenes things will go haywire very quickly. When we woke up on Wednesday, only coach Stefan Ivanovic, who still had a (one year) contract, was there. “Our players are all free but that shouldn’t be said out loud. The coach, speaking of the Swiss, who would not fail to woo, laughed, ‘We’re already trying to steal it from us.’ And what about Malie Ndoye? The Senegalese is 41 but he hasn’t done it today Tuesday with 23 points. He said, “It’s too early to make a decision, but the desire and passion are still there. somewhere other than neon? There was no question.”

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