Basketball (Pro B): Big disappointment for Alain Chalon defeated by the Alsatian Alliance

Chalonet, who snatched the extension, lost by 4 points. There have been too many individual bankruptcies. Fans made him known. We should be able to strike back on Saturday against Nantes, to restore our spirits.

He was furious with Maxime Pacquaut when he joined the locker room. We understand that. By stuttering their basketball, Chalonnais missed a great opportunity to grab the top five in the run-up to the playoffs. Two days after the finish they fell to seventh place. They are equal in victories with Antibes (6) and with two successes ahead of Vichy Clermont and three on the Alsace alliance of Grace Souville, under threat from Aix-Maurienne, Pollazac and Saint-Vallier in the ninth and last place in the qualifying. .
Mathematically, therefore, Elan Chalon is guaranteed to participate in the playoffs. But to get fifth, he had to beat Grace Soville. Failing and ruling out a highly unlikely miracle, Elan will start the playoffs with just one home game, forcing them to win away to pass.

So we understand Maxim Bacont’s shout after the meeting: “It’s a huge disappointment. The general whistles are justified. Again, we’re not a team, we don’t get hurt, and again we’re silly defensively. We try to take turns, we change, we put other players. But it’s always Same thing.Yes there are people trying.But we don’t have a solution for a guy who’s going to make an effort and take everyone.It’s annoying and that’s what bothers me.We’ll tell everyone the truth,whether it makes you happy or not.And if it’s not fun,they go on vacation first.No We can stay like this.We can’t have one last league game like that at home and the ridiculousness we show everyone.
All that has been said. Very harsh words befitting the disappointment of the coach and the fans who loudly expressed their displeasure at the end of the match, after such a terrible extension that will see Elan advance before collapsing, losing balls, bad choices, which are frequent. .
To try to calm things down, Jordan Abboud, then Antoine Eto’o went to chat with fans. So that the thread does not break while waiting for better days. Some still want to dream. Others do not. Part of the answer will be against Nantes on Saturday. And it won’t be an easy match because Nantes can still avoid relegation…. Provided you win in Chalon.
One thing is for sure, there is work to be done. He lost 18 balls to 14 to Grace Soville. But above all losing a precious ball in the extension as it sealed the victory of the Alsatians.
And what about bankruptcy in free throws: 10/21 (48%) for Ilan versus 27/35 (77%) for the visitors. Few players survived, with the exception of Augustin Fairel (rating 21) and Gelabale (rating 19). And what about Challoni’s 23 fouls, 8 fewer than the Alsatians, knowing that Gravilovic, their top scorer (26) had four fouls when he came back in the last quarter of the time and that he didn’t have a sixth…
Like Washington, only able to give hope in overtime, but with only 4/16 in shots and only two assists he finished at -1 PIR.
Chalonnais definitely needs an electric shock, they need a change of programmes, except for wanting to go on vacation as soon as possible which was definitely not in the decades. The moose must leave his way to the cross if he still wants to dream a little. Because we know, in basketball, anything is possible. But only if you really want to. collectively and individually. Gelabale also showed by clinching the qualification. Unfortunately this was not enough.

Alain Boullieri
(Photos by Manon Bolleri
and Alan Boullieri)

Ilan Shalon 88 – Grace Soville 92 (12-14; 22-15; 19-31; 26-19; 9-13)

Ilan Shalon : Gelabale 16, Freimanis 15, Augustin-Fairell 14, Eïto 11, Bouquet 10, Washington 9, Aboudou 6, Dossou-Yovo 3, Gabric 1, Niasse 0
Sports Alliance Alsace Gavrilovic 26, Wright 24, Racine 19, Bricki 6, Bach 4, Sotier 1, Sunday 7, Redikas 5, Manjavic 0

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