Dune Spice Wars: It Barely Launched, and It Actually Succeeded!

game news Dune Spice Wars: It Barely Launched, and It Actually Succeeded!

Eternity. This is what we had to wait for before we walk on the sands of Planet Arrakis again, the spectacle of all the clashes in the dune realm. With the renewed interest generated by Denis Villeneuve’s movie, it was bound to happen: The franchise is back in multimedia, and that obviously includes video games. The first potential list, “Dune: Spice Wars” is a “Soft 4X STR” PC game… and don’t worry, we simply show you what that means.


  • A game about desert mission impossible?
  • Early access before the oasis?

Do you see civilization? Do you see the era of empire? Mix the two in an hourglass, flip, and the result is there. Overall, it is then a game of strategy, tactics and management that takes place discreetly in the desert world of the dunes. So, after spending some time on early access to the game, we’re going to extract it all, so you can see how the project works and especially if it’s a “for you” game.

A game about desert mission impossible?

Since the announcement, Dune Spice Wars has of course raised us, but it also raised a lot of questions. How to make a “4X” type game in the hostile Arrakis desert? It must be said that 4X highlights the strong interactions between the various people who compete in a game. Peoples among which we find different human player(s) in the middle of AI. These different factions must cooperate, trade, betray each other, set laws, dominate, clash and expand as much as possible until victory is declared. This is a principle found in games of genre, civilization, humanity, infinite space and company.

Getting all these interactions to work in a desert inhabited by giant worms seems difficult. However, the Bordeaux teams of the Shiro Games made it through this strong run thanks to their very own vision of the genre. If you had the pleasure of trying their previous game ‘Northgard’, you know that they tend to combine 4X and strategy games. In this way, we still manage many things, but we are also immersed in a real-time battle. The angle that is taken is then very “tactical”. So the game design emphasizes military production and expansion of our empire. : to fight and seize territory. But be careful, it will still be necessary to ensure the provision and exploitation of resources and the development of the occupied territories …

Therefore, Dune Spice Wars is above all a war and power game, backed by the management of every moment. We must overcome the various intrigues of the Arrakis, manipulate the local population and take advantage of the various advantages that distinguish the factions, quite the opposite. And therefore , The famous House of Atreide is mostly fair and peaceful, while the House of Harkonnen is full of tyrannical and belligerent rulers. Besides these two main houses we find smugglers, excellent merchants and Freemen, aboriginal fighters who have numbers and surprise on their side. Ah, and it obviously could move like a ‘sandworm’ but unfortunately that wasn’t an impressive move yet.

Early access before the oasis?

Bordelais of Shiro Games specifies it on their Steam page: The game will be in Early Access for 9 to 12 months, not only to enrich game modes, add campaign, and multiplayer, but also perfect balance. But the team is official: the heart of the game is there. Features will be added, other features will be re-adjusted and we can already estimate the formula, without it being incomplete or fundamentally unbalanced.

It is clear that players are already satisfied with the presented version, as evidenced by the game reviews on Steam. At the time of writing, 82% of 1,795 reviews are positive, proving in less than a week that the game’s launch was a success. We understand why. In a few hours, We were able to detect a lot of game systems, including interactions with very high domains, that quietly drive conflict, and influence policies. We can see the importance of our commanders’ assistants, who can be placed in different positions to develop the faction in specific angles. We were able to improve the talent trees that build your development during the game, unlock more structures to build in the villages we occupy, by force or by peace, it’s up to you.

In short, several systems are already known, if you’re a bit keen on 4X but here, wrapped in dune aesthetics, are as landscape-changing as possible. So we’ll pass the towel on military engagements that are still fairly basic, lacking the gradual to make it more tactical, and we’ll also forget about the little skill lack of realization. Not everyone has the means to create tons of animations and effects to impress players. Anyway, the display isn’t really what 4X fans are looking for, but we certainly wouldn’t say “no” to a more explosive world, visually…

Obviously, when we say “dunes” we think of giant temples camouflaged behind storms, we think of giant worms that roam and attack at any time the forces on the ground and the gatherers of precious spices. It must be admitted, for the time being, that this is not the kind of event that rips our jaws off the sand dunes: the Spice Wars… It’s rather unfortunate. It remains to be seen if these are the points that will be further supported in the future by the studio. In the meantime, you have a complete and enjoyable game, which knows how to be complex while always accompanying the player, especially thanks to the translation of the experience, entirely in French, and it is good to note. You know what you’re signing up for Dune: Spice Wars in Early Access on PC: You are immersed in a game with deep but affordable gameplay and discreet yet effective aesthetics. That certainly continues.

Dune Spice Wars: It Barely Launched, and It Actually Succeeded!

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