Joel Embiid, thank you, but no thank you

Let us begin with the inescapable sermon: the opinion to be followed in this file Joel Embiid Just involve me. Ah, and let’s also specify that I found Joel Embiid to be an amazing basketball player – one of the best in the world – and a charming boy as much as he inspires off the field thanks to his personality and atypical career. Now that that is said, let’s get to the point.

To say that his bid for citizenship to be able to play for France’s team is divided is an understatement. Since Monday evening, I’ve read a lot of tweets in the mode”Unpopular opinion: I don’t want Joel Embiid to be in Les Bleus, he is not French”These posts are of the type “I’m not going to make friends, but if a player like Embiid wants to play for you, you accept that.” There are also those who feel invested in a mission to Cameroon, including “Chances of a sunrise will one day be undermined by this choice.”.

First of all, you have to understand something. If the Sixers hub has begun the naturalization process, with the apparent encouragement of Blues manager Boris Diaw – there’s a good chance The Federation and Vincent Colette have already accepted the idea of ​​seeing him in the three-color jersey in ‘next’. The case is audible. The head coach and coach will likely be interested in what they’ll read in the press or on social networks, like Steve Nash stopping antidepressants if he coaches the Nets again next year.

Fans, like the media, have a right to their opinion, as I will do here, but it’s a waste of time, one way or another. Let’s all do the same, just to enrich the discussion a bit. Despite what I said about the level of play and the sympathy you showed for the great JoJo, I’m completely official Opposite His choice in the France team.

Joel Embiid wants to be French and play with the blues!

When I say I’m against it, don’t imagine me campaigning in the streets in the midst of a group of idiots as in the days of anti-marriage to all the rallies to voicedad! Mother !”, one of the darkest and most embarrassing moments in our recent history, as we finished 12th in Eurobasket 2017 and season 13 of Marseillais. Simply put, if someone asks me what I think, I answer that even if the regulations allow for naturalization without proof by choice and other teams have done so and even won competitions by taking advantage of this bias (hello Slovenia from Anthony Randolvic in 2017), that’s not a reason us to do that too.

Admittedly, this is not prohibited by FIBA, but a federation with fertile ground and a training system such as those in France, Spain or Serbia to name only these countries, should say on its own though that Transfer Intended for more modest countries that have few licensees or have much less basketball culture. In this case, it could be agreed to give a man from the Macedonian newspapers of South Dakota so that he could slightly rebalance the balance of power. Allowing teams ranked in a certain third of the FIBA ​​ranking to use this method would not sound outrageous to me.

Joel Embiid speaks French and has a family in France, that’s right. There is a connection, but I still struggled to put the cursor far enough away to tell me it made sense for the Philadelphia star to wear the blue jersey. The former operation gem appears to have a clear goal of participating in the 2024 Olympics and we understand that. It may also be just the Olympians who started this process. It’s hard to imagine the Sixers releasing their frequently injured superstar every summer or even every other summer to play in international competitions other than the biggest sporting event on the planet…

If Joel Embiid comes, you should probably try to hunt for gold in Paris. And in this case, there will be unfortunate and less powerful, but no less deserving athletes of pressure. We can tell ourselves, “It’s the match, poor Lucette.” Or it can be avoided if you focus a little bit on training and how to achieve your goals. The Blues didn’t go that far from an Olympic title in Tokyo and the difference in level with Team USA was far from bad. Shouldn’t the ultimate goal, instead of this obsession with beating up Americans, be to win our troops, who are already among the most enviable forces on the planet? It’s a matter of philosophy and I’m not involved in “victory at any cost”.

Despite my hesitation, I wouldn’t start booing or hating the player, who I like moreover, just because he got a free pass to play for France. If Embiid joined the group, I would be completely pragmatic and amnesiac. I am fully prepared to experience emotions thanks to him if he takes part in an international tournament with the Blues and does what it takes to integrate into the team. Continuing to play that it shouldn’t be there, as others have done with Serge Ibaca and Spain for example, would not be constructive.

After all, I jumped off the sofa when I saw Priya Hartleywhose grandmother was French but never played in France and does not speak French, tied 3 points on the wire against Belgium at Eurobasket 2019. She was also thrilled with her performance. Gabe Williams At Euro 2021 and the Olympics, even if the player from Seattle has more legitimate claims than most naturalized people, as she played in France (in BLMA) and her mother is French.

In the end, it seems to me that this is the most correct approach: you can disagree and want to change the system, showing common sense and positivity once the player is involved in the project.

And then, who tells us that Joel won’t lose his drive once he sees the 4 hour queue in front of Sarcelles County when he gets an appointment to study his situation? We can see that his patience was not without limits in the Ben Simmons file…

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