Nearly 10,000 euros for the Apple M1 Ultra

Mac Studio already exists. Presented by Apple during the keynote on March 8. And with it, the M1 Ultra and the Mac display appear.

Apple announces a new computer. In the Mac ecosystem, Mac mini, MacBook, and iMac welcome Mac Studio. This desktop computer slides between the Mac Mini and Mac Pro. Performance, connectivity and modularity, these are the words Apple uses to describe it.

Mac and Mac Studio Monitor – Credit: Apple

Apple launched the M1 Ultra processor, its most radical

This semi-professional machine doesn’t come alone. It can be equipped with the all-new internal Apple chip: the M1 Ultra. More powerful than the 2021 MacBook Pro M1 Pro and Max, it uses the same ARM Apple Silicon architecture.

While testing the Apple M1 on the 2020 MacBook Pro, we noticed impressive performance, very limited consumption, and silent operation. The assets that benefit the M1 Ultra, Apple’s most advanced chip.

Picture 2: Mac Studio: nearly 10,000 euros for an Apple M1 Ultra PC
Apple Silicon M1 Ultra – Credit: Apple

Mac Studio in the M1 Ultra blasts your Mac Pro

This chip has a 20-core processor and a 48- or 64-core graphic processor. According to Apple, the M1 Ultra (in its most extreme version) is 8 times more powerful than the M1. Apple highlights other comparisons:

On the CPU performance side

  • Mac Studio with M1 Max > 3.4x faster than 27-inch iMac
  • Mac Studio with M1 Max > 50% more efficient than Mac Pro (Xeon 16 cores)
  • Mac Studio with M1 Ultra > 3.8x faster than iMac 27-inch (Core i9)
  • Mac Studio with M1 Ultra > 60% more efficient than Mac Pro (Xeon 28 cores)

In terms of graphics performance (GPU)

  • Mac Studio with M1 Max > 3.4x faster than 27-inch iMac (Radeon Pro 5700XT) and Mac Pro (W5700X)
  • Mac Studio with M1 Ultra > 80% better performance than Mac Pro (Radeon Pro W6900X)

In short, Apple drives the point home. It seems that his last born was a new revolution. A computer capable of swallowing all tasks, including the heaviest. Furthermore, to support your processor, you can choose a memory solution of up to 128GB unified (shared between CPU and GPU). On the storage side, Mac Studio comes with an 8TB SSD, a model that offers a transfer speed of 7.4Gbps.

Photo 3: Mac Studio: almost 10,000 euros for an Apple M1 Ultra computer
Apple Mac Studio – Credit: Apple

full connection

Apple don’t forget to call. Besides Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5, its Mac Studio has a better set of wired ports than MacBooks.

Before :

  • SDXC port
  • Two USB-C ports (two Thunderbolt on the M1 Ulra).

But the connections are clearly the most intense in the back:

  • four lightning bolts
  • 10 Gigabit Ethernet
  • Two USB-A
  • HDMI port
  • mini socket

With this, Apple ensures that you can connect up to five displays at the same time. Enough to make a studio with this little computer.

Picture 4: Mac Studio: almost 10,000 euros for an Apple M1 Ultra computer
Mac Studio wallpaper and connectors – Credit: Apple

If overpowered, Mac Studio is fairly compact (and silent!?)

Yes very small because the measurements for Mac Studio are already there. 19.7 x 19.7 x 9.5 cm for a weight of 2.7 kg. It’s small for the promised performance. Remember, it will outpace a much larger Mac Pro.

And if the processor does not heat up much, then it is cooled by two coolers. As on all of its M1s, Apple claims that even the official, they won’t be heard.

Photo 5: Mac Studio: almost 10,000 euros for an Apple M1 Ultra computer
Two coolers for Mac Studio – Credit: Apple

From €2,300 to over €9,000, here is Mac Studio

This Mac studio will be available from March 18th. As mentioned earlier, it outperforms the Mac Pro, a high-end computer that costs several thousand euros. In fact, it is not surprising to see that Mac Studio is in the same price range.

The base model, equipped with the M1 Max, starts at 2,299 euros (with 32 GB of RAM and 512 GB of SSD). If we go for the M1 Ultra, we’d go for 4369 euros, still with 512 GB of SSD, but at 64 GB of RAM (32 GB not available).

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Photo 6: Mac Studio: almost 10,000 euros for an Apple M1 Ultra computer
Mac Studio M1 Ultra, 128GB RAM, 8TB SSD, Mac trim, adjustable stand: €11,658

By enjoying pushing the indicator to all options, prices explode. It’s the stratosphere: 9,199 euros!
There, we have a Mac Studio equipped with the most powerful M1 Ultra, 128GB of RAM, and an 8TB of SSD. And we want to remind you, in this bill, the screen, the keyboard, the mouse are still missing.

The Mac monitor, the 5K monitor that blows the bill

As for the screen, fans can go to the new Mac screen introduced with Mac Studio. This 27-inch panel displays 5K retina definition. Billion colours, DCI-P3 profile for picture perfection. The brightness of 600 nits allows it to be used under strong sunlight.

It’s also equipped with a 12MP webcam compatible with Center Stage, the user-tracking technology introduced with the 2021 iPads. Six speakers compatible with Spatial Audio (Dolby Atmos) complete the picture. Monster price: 1749 euros.

To take advantage of the maximum Apple experience, we will spend more than 10,000 euros, by and large.

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