The Guadeloupe Bijarin siblings have three basketball players and a coach

Their first four names start with a “J”: Jesse, James, and Johann dream of becoming basketball players. The dream came true brilliantly. And so Johan was drafted into the NBA last year. As for Jimmy Bejarin, he also chose basketball. But in a guiding role. Bet to win again.

Jimmy Bejarin did nothing like his brothers. Jesse, the oldest of them all wanted some work. James and Johan the younger will imitate him. Jimmy preferred to note. The common point is the same: basketball. Jesse, James and Gohan are players now. While Jimmy knew very quickly that he was going to become a coach. It should be noted, I smile, I am the youngest of brothers. 1 meter 75. It is not easy to find a place on floors of this size. I still find training more exciting than playing.”

Guadeloupean basketball coach Jimmy Begarin during a break with youth ES Pornichet.

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Today, Jamie Bejarin turns 30 years old. And already almost half a life is devoted to training. Guadeloupe took his first steps in coaching at the age of sixteen. effect. by whom? Written by Catherine, alias Mama Bejarin. “I coached the BMBC girls, then the new star at Pointe-à-Pitre. I attended practically all of their games. Without knowing it, she passed the virus on to me. I love the technical part of basketball. C has become my passion.”

Jamie leaves Guadeloupe for the first time at the age of nineteen. He returns after three years. To pass the famous BPJEPS certification, the last government diploma before the trainer certification. Then he takes care of the young players in his division. “Girls are more difficult to train, but I like challenges.” The adventure lasts three years. Before coach Jamie, now certified, travels to Pornichet. He already had a name. a favour. He will make a name for himself. a favour.

ES Pornichet basket.

U20 formation from ES Pornichet Basket, 2022 regional champion of Pays-de-la-Loire. Guadeloupean Jimmy Begarin is just right. His assistant, Frédéric Lazar, is just to the left.

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Initially, Jamie is William Zonzon’s assistant, a Guadeloupe native from Saint Rose. Jimmy found out. Jimmy learns. Jimmy Trains. ES Pornichet Basket is known for its youth bands. Jimmy likes this. When William Zonzon is recruited by La Roche-sur-Yon, Jimmy logically finds himself in charge. “It’s impressive. Burnett is not a training center in the strict sense of the word. However, we have three rooms and no less than seventy training places! So a team under our twenties can train every day.”

To support him, Jimmy Bejarin, in turn, plays the Guadeloupe card. He brought in Frédéric Lazare, then a coach at Pôle Espoirs. “We’ve known each other since childhood. It was an obvious choice.” It also gives a chance to young players from West Indies. “Currently, we have five Guadeloupe and two Martinique. They weren’t ready to develop into a training center. After they went through Burnichet, it was no longer impossible.” Simplest bid: Jamie Bejarin’s U20 team has just been crowned Pays-de-la-Loire regional champion.

Not only do Jesse, Jimmy, James, and Johann share the same last name. Whether they are 1.75 meters tall like Jimmy, the coach, or 1.96 meters tall, like Johann, a basketball professional in Paris, they have a combined strength. “Mental! Jimmy loose is satisfied. We have faith and never give up. at all! The mind is Biggarin’s claw.”

Jimmy Bejarin, the siblings’ only coach, intends to have fun for the long haul. “One day of course, I will want to improve. But always coaching young people. That’s what I prefer.” He could count on the unwavering support of his three brothers. “The four of us talk a lot to each other. I am so proud of my journey and that of my brothers. We are connected like a chain. A huge chain… and unbreakable!”

Jimmy Bejarin (far left) with the Burnett youth visiting his little brother Johann Bejarin (center with his Paris sweatshirt) during the basketball game in Paris.

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