The war in Ukraine. Lviv hit by missiles, Azovstal resists … The point in the night

Ukraine enters the seventieth day of the war against Russia. Several Ukrainian cities were bombed on the night of Tuesday 3 May to Wednesday 4 May 2022. These new Russian strikes partially deprived the city of Lviv, in the northwest of the country, of electricity, as they destroyed three power stations. . To the south, the attack on the Mariupol plant continues as civilians are still waiting for evacuation.

Update on Tuesday 3 May 2022.

As for the sanctions against Russia, the draft European oil embargo was lifted at night to the ambassadors of the member states. President Ursula von der Leyen is expected to speak on Wednesday morning.

Several areas of Lviv were partially bombed without electricity

Several Ukrainian cities were targeted, Tuesday evening, by Russian missile fire that significantly destroyed three power stations in Lviv, according to the mayor of this large city located in the west of the country, which is now partially deprived of electricity. Three power stations were damaged in a missile strike.Mayor Andrzej Sadovy said in Telegram messages, adding that pumping stations were without power due to the damages. He added that at least one person was injured. According to Ukrainian media, the blackout affected several regions in Lviv.

The local authorities also reported shelling in the Vinnytsia (central), Odessa (southwest) and Kirovograd (central) regions, without mentioning the damage.

The Transcarpathia region, bordering Hungary in western Ukraine and so far, has been affected for the first time since the start of the Russian invasion on February 24.
A missile landed in a mountainous region of Transcarpathia. The services operate immediately, and we clarify information about the wounded and potential victims.The governor of this region, Victor Mikita, said on a telegram.

The evacuation of 156 civilians from the Azovstal plant, where the attack continues

Volodymyr Zelensky confirmed during his evening briefing, on Tuesday, that 156 civilians were evacuated from the Azovstal plant in Mariupol. They reached Zaporizhia, a Ukrainian-controlled city 230 km northwest of Mariupol. The Ukrainian president added that a new ceasefire was necessary to open a new humanitarian corridor.

The Russian attack with tanks and infantry began on Tuesday on steel mills at Azovstal, the last enclave of Ukrainian resistance in the strategic port of Mariupol, and continued through the night.“As soon as the people had time to get on the buses, the Russian snipers started shooting at the Ukrainian soldiers”said Tuesday evening on BFM TV Ivan Goltvinko, director of human resources at the Azovstal plant. according to him, Russia intends to wipe out the ‘factory’ just to achieve victory on May 9th.

A short time ago, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that the aircraft and artillery of the Russian army and “People’s Republic” Donetsk ” Demolition “ The “Firing Sites” Ukrainians.

So far, Russian forces have bombed by planes and from the sea steel factories whose underground halls dating back to World War II house fighters and civilians deprived of water, food and medicine without trying to enter.

Palamar said in his video message that two women were killed and 12 other civilians were wounded in the bombing that preceded the attack, indicating that other civilians were still at the site. There are still about 200 people in Azovstal, according to the mayor of Mariupol, Vadim Boychenko.

Death toll rises in Avdiivka, Odessa and Mykolaiv under threat

In the east of the country, the Russians continue their offensive. Twenty-one civilians were killed and 27 injured in the Donetsk region on Tuesday, in the largest daily toll since the strike on the Kramatorsk station that left 57 people dead, according to the region’s governor Pavlo Kirilenko on Telegram. Of the 21 dead, 10 were in the raid on a factory in Avdiivka and five in Lyman, one of the hotspots on the front line.

And in the south, the Kherson region deplored the new deadly bombings in the early evening that resulted in a casualty in Kochobyevsky.

To the west, the great city of Odessa once again became the target of Russian missiles. Ukrainians fear that this major port could be among Moscow’s goals, especially since a Russian general claimed that the Kremlin’s offensive in Ukraine was aimed at creating a corridor from Russia to the breakaway region of Moldova in Transdniestria, which would pass through Odessa.

After the strikes that occurred on Monday evening in the center of Mykolaiv, it is possible to open an investigation “torture and murder” The Ukrainian Prosecutor’s Office said on Telegram, Tuesday, that the launch was made during the Russian occupation of a locality in this region.

Russia boycotted the UN Security Council meeting

Russia is preparing to boycott a meeting of the UN Security Council with the European Union’s Political and Security Committee on Wednesday, a Russian diplomatic source said, speaking on condition of anonymity. Watchman.

The Pope is ready to travel to Moscow to meet Putin

In an interview with the Italian daily newspaper Il Corriere della Sera Pope Francis, published on Tuesday, said he was ready to travel to Moscow to meet Vladimir Putin. Referring to the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces, the sovereign pope claimed that “Called on the phone” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky “The first day of the war”.

However, I did not contact Putin. I spoke to him in December, for my birthday, but this time no, I didn’t called,” the Argentine Pope added. “Later, 20 days after the war, I asked Cardinal (Petro) Parolin”number two from the Vatican, “To send a message to Putin that I am ready to go to Moscow”he completed.

How can we fail to stop all this brutality? We saw the same thing 25 years ago with Rwanda.”He added, referring to the 1994 genocide.

Biden asks Congress to release $33 billion

While visiting a Javelin missile launcher production site, Joe Biden on Tuesday asked the US Congress to release a massive $33 billion budget extension to continue providing military aid to Ukraine. “We need more money to ensure that the United States can continue to send weapons.” and present “humanitarian aid” To Ukraine, the US president announced from Troy, Alabama, where he was received at the Lockheed Martin Group plant.

“I am asking Congress to vote quickly on this funding.”Joe Biden said before adding: “You allow the Ukrainians to fend for themselves, and frankly, they mock the Russian military on many occasions.”.

Javelin is a shoulder-fired anti-tank weapon that has become a symbol of Ukrainian resistance as well as Western aid, particularly American aid. According to the White House, the United States has already sent 5,000 of them to Ukraine, and 500 other Western countries.

Lifting the EU oil embargo to the ambassadors of the member states

A draft ban on oil and petroleum products purchased from Russia was presented overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday to the member states of the European Union. But the measure still raises reservations.

It provides for a phased moratorium on European purchases over a period of six to eight months, until the end of 2022, with exemptions for Hungary and Slovakia. A European official said that these two landlocked countries who rely entirely on deliveries via the Druzhba pipeline, will be able to continue their purchases from Russia in 2023.

He was notified around midnight to the ambassadors of member states who will begin his study during the first meeting on Wednesday in Brussels. No communication from the Committee was planned prior to the morning intervention by President Ursula von der Leyen before the MEPs.

The war in Ukraine. Lviv hit by missiles, Azovstal resists … The point in the night

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