Geek Days returns to the Lille Grand Palais on May 14-15, 2022

The geek days night they come back in Lille Grand Ballet The May 14 and 15, 2022 from 10 am to 7 pm. Entertaining programme: disguise, Video game tournaments. The appointment geek dedicated to Series, video games, cosplay and cartoons And Science Fiction!

Actor is there
Sean Bigerstaff , Which you already saw on screen thanks to his role asOlivier Dubois Captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team. This is amazing Character The The famous Harry Potter movie let him Earth roles on the small screen, Like Henry, Duke of Gloucester And Charles II: Strength and Passion.

he is in 2007 that Shun picked it up Best Actor Award in TV Category Thanks to the character Jeremy Wolfenandans, It embodies in TV movie adult consent.

This Recognized Actor He owes his career to the one who allowed him to define himself, who is none other than his colleague Alan Rickman Or, if you prefer, Professor Snape In the Harry Potter movie. Choose the latter Sean Bigerstaff to role of Tom, a mischievous student, In the Winter Guest movie.

Sean Biggerstaff gift = €20
– The ticket gives the right to Dedicated to actor Sean Bigerstaff.
– Option ticket: This ticket It does not qualify you to enter the offer.
– a ticket For sale on the Geek Days Lille website >>> CLICK HERE!!!

Photo taken by Sean Biggerstaff = €20
– The ticket gives the right to Photo with actor Sean Bigerstaff. Pictures printed on the site.
– Option ticket: This ticket It does not qualify you to enter the offer.
– a ticket For sale on the Geek Days Lille website >>> CLICK HERE!!!

Dedication and photoshoot by Sean Biggerstaff = €30
– The ticket gives the right to Photo with actor Sean Bigerstaff. Photos printed on the site.
– Option ticket: This ticket It does not qualify you to enter the offer.
– a ticket For sale on the Geek Days Lille website >>> CLICK HERE!!!

Augustin Padilla – artist
cunning – artist
Pierre Sica – Youtube
Leo Techmaker – Youtube
Asinka- Stream
Alexis Thomasian Dubbing actor
medzi-o– artist
Arque Toys – Youtube
MrQuarate – Stream
Donald Rennox Dubbing actor
Dorothy Busio – Dubbing actress
TPK – Stream
Yuan Borg Dubbing actor
Patrick Borg Dubbing actor
Sweetnalike – Presenter / Streamer / Youtube
Dinah – streamer / youtube

in the program
manga workshop
Discovery Workshop: “Learn to Draw a Manga Face! Hosted by Medzi-O.

Whether you are a big fan of the universe or a beginner, come and learn traditional drawing techniques that will bring you closer to a Mangaka job!

Swap and drawing workshop to help you create the character of your dreams Suitable for beginners as well as the ‘ace’ pencil!

Number of participants: 15 maximum upon registration

Age: 10+

cosplay night
The Cospop team will be organizing cosplay competitions for the festival. The individual and team competitions will be held on Saturday, May 14, 2022. The individual and team rallies will be held on Sunday, May 15, 2022.

blind borders
Blind Frontiers is a point and click isometric 3D narrative road trip for PC. In the post-war world, you play a young woman with albinism. Thanks to his makeshift truck, his goal was to get to El Dorado. Advance on foot and by truck into the devastated (No) Man’s Land.

Introduction to the art of korean fencing
HDF Haidong Gumbo develops the practice of the art of Korean fencing. Discover the Korean sword offers and take the opportunity to make the first sale!

Come also and learn how to fight! The professionals will be happy to teach you some techniques to show you the basics of the art of Korean fencing.

ComputerRetro – Back to the future
OrdiRétro (video game culture and preservation) brings you the original “Retro to the Future” experience of new retro games: play modern games on old consoles or retro games on the next generation!

You will have the opportunity to play your favorite games like Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX, Gear Shifers, Sonic Mania Plus, Street of Rage 4, Power Glove and many more.

Bumblebee and Optimus Prime
Auto 3000 will be pleased to present its converters exclusively at Geek Days. For over 4 years, he’s been using old parts and old scrap cars to design machines that can only be seen in the cinema, like the X Wing, from the Star Wars movie, or even Lightning McQueen, from the animated movie Cars.

You will be able to see his first creation, Bumblebee, from a height of 4 meters, from the Transformers saga, and his latest creation never seen before at trade shows or other events, Optimus Prime, which will look at you from above because it is 6 meters tall!

Solaris and Tenpress
They will be parading in Star Wars Village and doing some small shows with their lightsaber. The wonderful and imaginative universe will be there to impress you!

Transform yourself into Jedi masters for the weekend!

Escape game Valhöll
Grab your magnifying glass and immerse yourself in immersive atmospheric games, puzzles and adventures for everyone, all in a Norse setting reminiscent of Viking legends!

A space will be allocated for this animation to allow all players to develop team spirit.

Will you be able to unravel the hidden mystery?

Mario Kart Championship
Want to participate in the free Mario Kart tournament? See you the weekend of the festivalAnd Register directly on the site with prizes and goodies for participants

damn pub
Discover the legend of Eustache Buskett, said the black monk who returned from Hell aboard a pirate ship to sail back to the days of the geek!

McFly arcade
Design, manufacture and refurbish arcade and display stations for professionals, and e-sports events.

Arcade Station is the ultimate collectible for any video game collector! Relive the sensations of arcade rooms at home with a range of carefully designed and manufactured machines, providing you with optimum gaming comfort!

undo space
Reset XP is a French event company specializing in video games from the 80s and 90s whose main activity is 360-degree animation on the theme of retrogaming.

Marking the days of Geek, Reset XP will arrange its space in themed corners in order to offer you the best possible experience: Free play at demo stations (Playstation, M82, Super Nintendo, etc.), Best challenge Score or blast on Tetris and Space Invaders, a tennis tournament on Pong, a quiz about the history of video games, a gallery of the first generation of consoles, a photo caller to commemorate her passing in the days of Geek … and of course a discount on some gifts!

Fun, cultural, multigenerational and cosmopolitan, Retrogaming Xperience ensures everyone can share a nostalgic moment!

Imperial Alliance
Imperial Alliance brings together unique cosplay characters from all over France who will take you on a journey through the world of Star Wars through several cosplay shows.

Capture your photo with a lightsaber and leave it with your souvenir, thanks to the photo that will immerse you in a unique scene in Star Wars!

In the suite, you will also have the opportunity to learn how to sew costumes through the creation of live cosplay.

Tekken 7 . Championship
Want to participate in the free tournament on Tekken 7? See you on the weekend of the festival, register directly on the site with prizes and goodies for the participants.

FIFA22 Championship
Want to participate in the FIFA22 Free Tournament? See you on the weekend of the festival, register directly on the site with prizes and goodies for the participants.

Super Smash Bros. Championships Ultimate
One of the games of the moment, Super Smash Bros Ultimate will be on Geek Days!

This year at the event two in-game tournaments were organized on site:

– Go to the FuryLan tournament area to register for the tournaments that will be offered there!

– The Warpzone of Rennes is organizing its own tournament on its platform!

Star Wars Village
Immerse yourself in George Lucas’ saga of intergalactic cult and join the Star Wars village filled with combos, dress-up toys, life-size spaceships and 501 cult objects.And corps!

Join the dance with Dina
Come dance, challenge or simply have fun with DINA, the world champion and 3-time French Just Dance Champion.

Practical information
place :
Lille Grand Ballet
1, Boulevard des Cites-Unies
59777 URALIL

the prices:
One day pass: 13€
Two-day pass: €22

Special prices:
Express 1 Day Pass: 28 EUR (Ticket for online sale only – limited quantity)
This ticket includes one day admission (Saturday or Sunday) From 9 am instead of 10 am
Express entry ticket for two days: 42 euros

Geek Days . Website

Source/Photos: DR – © GL Events

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