Joel’s father advances

You obviously did not miss the opportunity, the possible naturalization of Joel Embiid and his possible arrival in the France team is the main topic at the moment on the sidelines of the NBA games. A topic that has clearly sparked a lot of reaction in recent days and this Wednesday, it was Joel’s father himself who came to speak to point out that the initiative did not come from his son, but from the French authorities. We are evaluating the latest news.

Before taking a look at the words of Thomas Embiid, Joel’s father, a small reminder is necessary so that all thoughts are in place. Monday evening, a real bomb fell on the basketball planet when RMC Sports It was announced that the Sixers star hub has begun administrative procedures to obtain French citizenship, and thus potentially wearing the Blues shirt for upcoming major events (World Cup 2023, Olympic Games 2024 in Paris). The topic, which had already been discussed in 2018 when the hypothesis first appeared in public, was not immediately surprising that it caused an uproar. Several players from the French team have shared their opinion on the matter, such as Nicolas Batum, for example, who spoke about the ethical aspect of this potential naturalization of the Yaoundé-born Cameroonian, while EDF general manager Boris Diaw confirmed via the team That Joel started the naturalization process with the goal of wearing the blue, white, and red shirt one day. All this might lead us to believe that it is Embiid camp who is knocking on the door of the EDF so that we can play major international competitions with Vincent Colette’s squad, competitions that Joel is not likely to play. With Cameroon (there is no participation in the World Cup or the Olympics in its history).

Except this Wednesday, we had another story. And it doesn’t come from just anyone because it was Thomas, father of Joel Embiid, who came forward to bring in a different version than the original. This is what he said RFI.

“Joel did not start the naturalization procedure. It was the French authorities who came to him.”

Uh. Immediately not the same speech. As we indicated in the Apéro of the day, which deals with the entire dossier, this does not call into question the fact that these administrative actions are already underway, nor does it change the thrust of the debate on the ethical side of the potential. Embiid naturalization in order to incorporate the blues. but surely, If the initiative comes from the French camp rather than the Joel camp, we’re not really on the same dynamic. We remember that many French players opposed Embiid’s arrival at the EDF four years ago, Evan Fournier in the lead, the latter in particular declaring that “playing for a country without ties was annoying”. It is a speech that we have heard a lot in recent days, even if we want to remember that Embiid’s relations with France are not non-existent, he has a family in France and knows how to speak French. So if it was the French authorities who contacted Joel first in order to incorporate a player of MVP caliber in light of upcoming big deadlines, we tell ourselves the hypothesis of seeing Embiid in the blue one day is probably more plausible than usual. Because we don’t take this kind of initiative without having a real inner reflection upstream.

Whether these steps come from Joel or from the French authorities, the Cameroon Federation on its part necessarily sees a bleak view of the hypothesis of Embiid’s naturalization despite its poor relations with France. It is clear that Cameroon would like to see its greatest talent ever stand up for the colors of its nation in order to take it to levels it has never reached before.

“I am shocked, I find it more rewarding for him to take on a challenge that Cameroon has never participated in in a World Cup or Olympic Games, rather than going to a team that can win everything without him.”

Yves Tsala, President of the Cameroon Basketball Federation

The situation is complicated and it is not easy to see clearly. We’ll definitely know more once Joel Embiid talks about the issue, he’s the one who should make a statement after the Heat opposition – Sixers in playoffs according to RFI. This same source also indicated that the Cameroon Federation “take note” of the choice of Jojo in the future. In short, we will have to monitor this closely in the coming days.

Text source: RFI

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