Worlds 2022: Make room for pruning

It’s been a long time since the courses have passed through the hands of gardeners with a deadline for these courses World Championships in France. Since France was announced as the host country, it’s been a daily business to make the tournaments sharp without killing the show.

Impose without restrictions

An overview of the Saint-Nom-la-Bretèche Trail.

L ‘IGF (International Golf Association) still says. In 2021, they went to both golf courses to assess and provide some guidance. All in agreement and exchange with gardeners who know their garden perfectly. Laurent Morellthe observer at Saint-Nom-la-Bretèche still had a few adjustments to be made after their visit to follow a fairly standard but basic specification: “We already set milestones in the modifications we wanted to make. They came up with the requirements. For example, they asked to cut down trees but in terms of licenses, it’s complicated at the moment. We had to change the sand in all the bunkers and also review the drainage. We patched the holes in the walkways. We are still cleaning the track. We have also reworked the starting boards on four slots. These work are still important but need to be done to have a track befitting the event.”

Besides these adjustments, there is still plenty of freedom for Laurent and his teams. On the Saint-Nom golf course, fairways will be reduced, roughness will grow softly and certain areas of the wilderness will be left to discourage participants from cutting lines. Judges must also consider the mixed aspect of the competition so that they do not favor one gender over the other: “Our main task is still to make the course challenging but adapting to modern play, Laurent Morell explains. It is mainly through the greens that we will be able to make the course challenging. The best player must not return a score of -12 or else the show will be destroyed. That’s why I contacted some of the club’s professionals to get their opinion. Then there is also the French national team that gives us their feelings. »

More rustic than national golffee San Nom La Britque I will play on a different ground. It is a rural environment but demanding. According to Laurent Murail, the course will be more complex for girls than it is for guys, but it will play its magic with pretty strips of fairway, roughness, steady greens and a readable game suggestion.

Players will have to adapt to two different courses that offer different options and strategies.

Laurent Morellowner of Saint-Nom-la-Bretèche.

Albatross: Double Challenge Preparation

Unlike the golf course in Saint-Nom-la-Bretèche, Golf National has already received very significant challenges in the recent past. We’re talking about Ryder Cup 2018 Based on French Open certainly. Moreover, the latter will be nearly disputed in the aftermath of the worlds, which makes the task a little more delicate. Lucas Pierrethe supervisor of Le Golf National, would have to reconcile these two championships even if the design of the Albatros, already complex in its simplest form, would only require a few modifications: “We will try not to have an overly punishing trajectory. I think it will be in the same conditions as for our everyday customers but with slightly higher roughness scores and a stronger, faster green. All par-3 tees have been re-engineered to allow more room for jobs. You will be on top, That’s for sure, but I don’t want the fun to go away. We’ll also agree with Saint-Nom getting the greens at the same speed in both tournaments.”

To support the GN team in its preparation, students from Dunkirk agricultural high school It will come as reinforcements. A total of eight guys are learning and condensing the course before the end of the year that promises to be busy on the Albatross: “It is great to have the support of these young people, Lucas Pierre says: They will help us a lot in managing the land, mowing, etc. Of course, in any case, it’s only natural that it gets harder and harder over time. We will also have to be vigilant with the weather because the drought is already there, which will only get harsher and make drawing more stressful. Above all, we hope the show is there and the Blues benefit from their knowledge of the course. »

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