Basketball. In an extraordinary palace, Caen won the first round against Poitiers

The joy was marred by the anger of Karl Ona Embu after his third shot from three points in seconds at the beginning of the fourth quarter. (© AC / Sport in Caen)

A charming evening. This is what Caen Basketball Calvados witnessed on Friday, May 6, 2022. In front of a crazy crowd of madmen, CBC won with a crazy scenario against Poitiers (97-88).

Perfect start

Cain started the meeting forcefully. First Quarter? A party, or at least something close to it. He lasted for a few minutes in the second quarter, giving up 18 points ahead of Kane (40-22, 14 degrees). Everything smiled at them after that, such a five-point action: three for Olivier Romain, very well off the bench, and two on a free throw for Jedi Noel, a victim of a foul when he tied his companion.

There was nothing to shake off this start to the match that was held in the still simmering Sports Palace. In an unbelievable atmosphere, the locals succeeded in everything, whether it was their iron defense or the alley-wrapped submersion of Kevin Brassie Davis. The American entered the meeting perfectly, emphasizing that he was no longer the same man he had been a few months before. On the other hand, Moïse Diamé took it upon himself to remind that he had not changed, when the exterior design showed a good address behind 6.75 metres.

Poitiers put his head back in place

The ball swung from hand to hand and the result was a staggering peak production. But in the middle of the second quarter, the first cloud appeared in the sky of Norman. KBD was called back to the bench after a third foul. Poitiers did not escape, with the strong Mbaya and the clever Legat. A few errors from Kane – especially on the free throws – allowed him to restore hope, such as the countless offensive rebounds. CBC didn’t crack but their opponent was back to nine points at the break (49-40, 20).

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Cain feverish in the third quarter

Has trust changed aspects? The start of the second half was one of all the dangers for Cain. Frantic despite the unconditional support of the Palace, Fabrice Courcier’s men took all the trouble in the world to convert one basket (51-50, 25). Even the open shots almost ended with the air ball. Quite the opposite of the Poitevins who, by the logical game of connected bowls, are re-inflated to close. With the help of some disputed refereeing decisions, they advanced for the first time in the match (55-57, 27).

Oh, how sweaty at the end of a runaway third quarter, errors were falling all over the place, including the judging duo. Cain had to deal with mistakes, as well as extreme clumsiness. Poitiers were solid and the gap grew in their favour, despite real resistance from Caen (60-66, 30).

Unrealistic start to the fourth quarter

The start of the last quarter was as exceptional as the Caen crowd. In a deafening noise, Karl Una Embu did twice and then Gide Noël released the pressure by three points. The match, again, is not the same (70-68, 32 points). He turned into a form of irrationality when Karl Una Embu again planted behind the bow.

Due to the dramatic intensity of this match and the 3,000 spectators unable to sit, things obviously couldn’t be that simple. Poitier is back again, once (73-73, 34′), and then a second after three pointers of… Carl Ona Embo, of course (79-80, 36). Both teams dealt a heavy blow in this unbreathable end of the match. Ice flowed through their veins as heat scorched Caen’s extraordinary audience. Olympiacos, next door, is not that great…

Unbelievable cold-blooded Kane

Therefore, the financial time promised to be unbreathable, but the spe- cists preferred to ensure the hit before the last minute of play by adopting the machine mode. Karl Ona Embu was still overtaken, Kevin Brassie Davies delivered a crazy kick and all went well with Team Kenny, who scored 36 points in the final quarter of this year. Palace of Sports really deserved no other result than this fantastic victory.

Ken Potters

28-13 / 21-27 / 12-26 / 36-22

Kane: Brassey-Davis 11, Noel 21, Pope 1, Diamme 14, Ona Embu 21, then Igbano 13, Lubaki 5, Roman 10, Sumont, Weskart-Goetz 1.

POITIERS: Pontens 15, Mendy 6, Mazalin 8, Mbaya 9, Relphorde 19, Legat 18, Seymour 2, Ngufor, Chambre 3, Dargenton 8.

The return match is next Friday in Poitiers. If Kane wins, he will be in the semi-finals!

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