directly. The war in Ukraine: the last rehearsal before the May 9 parade in Moscow


Security Council supports Guterres

The UN Security Council on Friday unanimously approved a statement providing “strong support” to the UN Secretary-General “in the search for a peaceful solution” to Russia’s war on Ukraine. We learned from diplomatic sources.

The declaration, written by Norway and Mexico and obtained by AFP, does not go so far as to support Antonio Guterres’ mediation as stipulated in the first version of the text negotiated since Thursday. The declaration adopted represents the first evidence of unity by the Security Council since the invasion began on February 24.

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. Photograph: Maxim Shemetov/Reuters


Anti-NATO exhibition in Moscow

The loudspeakers of warplanes roared deafeningly, and paintings of wounded children and saleswomen were painted on the walls: the Moscow Museum depicted the “cruelty” of NATO, in the midst of the conflict in Ukraine, AFP found.

“I say it every time: it is difficult to talk about crimes committed by NATO forces,” complains Yaroslav Polysterov, 46, guide to the exhibition “NATO – Chronicles of Cruelty,” which is being held at the State Museum of Contemporary Russia. The date is until May 22nd.


Last rehearsal before the May 9 parade in Moscow

In recent years, President Vladimir Putin has used this parade to demonstrate the strength of his army, sometimes unveiling new state-of-the-art weapons. This edition should be no exception to the rule.


Prisoner exchange: 41 people released

Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vereshuk announced, Friday, that 41 people, including 11 women, have been released in a new prisoner exchange with Russia. She did not reveal how many Russians were extradited to their country.


Kyiv says that shots were fired during the evacuation of Azovstal

The Azov Regiment, which is defending the huge Azovstal steel plant where the last Ukrainian fighters from the besieged city of Mariupol (southeast) are holed up, yesterday accused Russian forces of targeting and killing one of its vehicles participating in the evacuation of civilians. soldier and wounding six.

The Russian army announced, on Wednesday evening, that it will respect the unilateral ceasefire for a period of three days, from Thursday to Saturday, to allow the evacuation of civilians, but information about the situation immediately is still contradictory.

A soldier from the pro-Russian Ukrainian faction walks past chartered buses to evacuate civilians from Mariupol, waiting in the village of Bizymeny (Donetsk) on Friday. Photograph: Alexander Ermoshenko/Reuters


G7 Video Conference with Zelensky

The German chancellor, whose country holds the G7 presidency this year, announced that leaders of the G7 superpowers will hold a virtual meeting on Sunday dedicated to the war in Ukraine, in which Mr. Zelensky must also participate. .

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on March 21 during a televised address to the Ukrainian people. Agence France-Presse / Ukrainian Presidential Press Service


Zelensky said Mariupol was “completely destroyed”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Friday that the city of Mariupol was “completely destroyed” and that there was nothing left for Russia to dismantle from the Azovstal steel plant.

Mr. Zelensky, during a video conference organized by London think tank Chatham House, was questioned about the fall of this strategic port at the southern tip of Donbass, as there was only a pocket of resistance in this steel complex.


With war in Ukraine, Africa faces an ‘unprecedented’ crisis

This is an unprecedented crisis for the continent. During a press conference in Geneva, Switzerland, Raymond Gilpin gave a deliberately alarming speech. The chief economist of the United Nations Development Program in Africa (UNDP) believes that the war in Ukraine, which is being imposed on sanctions against Russia, is seriously affecting African countries that are already struggling with the Covid-19 epidemic and the climate emergency. explanations.

Inflation rose in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Sierra Leone. An illustration of a protest in Johannesburg, South Africa, against corruption and fraud in the public sector and within the state, on November 19, 2018 in Johannesburg. Wikiwit/AFP


Russia “forever” in southern Ukraine

The mayor of Severodonetsk, one of the main areas of Donbass still under Ukrainian control, said on its part “virtually” on the part of Russian forces and separatists.


50 people evacuated from the Azovstal plant in Mariupol

Fifty civilians were evacuated thanks to a new humanitarian convoy on Friday from the massive Azovstal plant, the last pocket of resistance for Ukrainian forces in Mariupol, a port city besieged by Russian forces, Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vereshuk announced.

“Today we managed to get 50 women, children and elderly people out of Azovstal. Vereshuk announced via Telegram tomorrow morning.


$150 million in new US military aid to Ukraine

Joe Biden on Friday announced new military assistance to Ukraine to fight the Russian invasion, including artillery and radar munitions, but warned that Kif’s weapons funds were now “virtually exhausted.”

Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said in a separate statement that the amount of this assistance represented $150 million, far less than previous shipments of US weapons.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. Reuters


Azovstal Factory, which has become a symbol of resistance

Since the beginning of the conflict, residents of Mariupol have taken refuge in this huge factory, consisting of endless galleries. They avoided the bombs but now they are surrounded by the army. A chronology of a painful underground life.


Russia does not plan official celebrations in Mariupol on May 9

Ukrainian intelligence confirmed that Moscow is preparing for a military parade in this city. Organization “impossible for obvious reasons”, but supported the Kremlin. Explanations in our article.

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