Nîmes Métropole funding responds to women’s clubs

The city of Nîmes (photo by Anthony Morin).

The Nîmes City Women’s Handball Clubs, Nîmes Metropolis Guard Women’s Football and Nîmes & Nîmes Basketball Club have signed an open letter announcing that the City of Nîmes will not pay them any financial assistance in 2022 and thus concern about their financial health. Neem Metropole answers to Target Jared.

In an open letter, the Nîmes and Nîmes women’s handball clubs, the Nîmes Metropolis Guard women’s soccer, and Nîmes and Nîmes Basketball Club, alerted about the decision of the city of Nîmes “Remove all community financial support for women’s team sports. In fact, these clubs, which have so far benefited from a public service contract from Nîmes Métropole, learned orally in March that no financial assistance would be given to them in 2022. To justify this decision, it was made Legally impossible. Which?” The signatories ask.

After reading this open letter on target gard, Nîmes Métropole Services decided to respond. And as a reminder that in July 2020, since the first weeks following the inauguration of the new CEO of Nîmes Métropole headed by Franck Prost, “The latter was received by the Governor of GAARD ​​and the Director of the Public Finance Department, to alert him to the precise financial path of the NIM conglomerate and the need to restore fiscal balances,” Explains Bernard Pomelo, Chief of Staff to President Franck Prost.

According to the group, this adjustment to the accounts in particular involved a refocusing of Agglo’s skills, “Because a very disturbing deviation was observed during my previous tenure. The state also stated that any expenditure outside the jurisdiction could be the subject of a refusal to pay by the accountant general.”

From 28 thousand euros in 2014 to 130 thousand euros in 2020 for a non-compulsory skill

In terms of sports, Nîmes Metropole notes that between 2014 and 2020, the financial commitments of the four clubs involved experienced a “A massive threefold increase during this period, the Bouillergis handball club Nîmes Metropolis alone has gone from €28,000 in 2014 to €130,000 in 2020. Thus, what should have been just an additional resource has become one of the main… which It shouldn’t be the case.”

In fact, sports are not included in the mandatory skills of the Agglo as defined by law. “As a result, Governor Gard, in a letter dated December 20, 2020, at the discretion of a certain process, indicated the illegality of spending on sports,” Bernard Pomelo adds.

Realizing his responsibilities, the new CEO of Nîmes Métropole, from the first months of the mandate in 2020, has received all the clubs to explain the legal status of Nîmes Métropole. “In order not to brutally harm the clubs and their already ongoing financial programming, the ticketing markets and advertising services have been kept at a level with care being taken to inform the clubs that there will be no sustainability for this type of contract. As of the end of 2020, information on the The gradual end of the markets.”

At the same time, President Proust made sure to reframe the administration of the Nîmes Métropole in the accounting and legal rules imposed on it, and also acted administratively by removing the sports department. According to Bernard Pomelo, the clubs were received for the second time in the spring of 2021 for the 2021-2022 season without canceling any service completely. Finally, for the upcoming 2022-2023 season, as of March 2022, the clubs were received for the third time before preparing their budgets to inform them of the format of the contract for the purchase of space without competition. It can no longer continue “For clubs that are not able to show an unprecedented impact in terms of media coverage, they are the only ones able to justify this type of action,” Determines the director of the Council of Ministers who concludes: “The recognition of the contribution of sports associations to the social sphere or the gender norm is not, of course, in question.”

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