68% of the total golf course area is protected from development

Mayor Stefan Boyer has confirmed that more than two-thirds of the area of ​​Laval’s seven golf courses will escape urban development.

It is clear that the 342 hectares of the 500 hectares currently earmarked for golfing will always be protected, regardless of the will of the owners’ occupiers or future buyers.

“Protecting large urban green spaces is essential to act against climate change and meet the needs of Laval residents,” said Mr. Boyer in a press release.

Recognizing the concerns raised by the future of this vast land coveted by real estate developers, Mayor Boyer wanted to make this important clarification, thus anticipating the submission of the final version of the new urban planning law (CDU) planned for the summer.

in an interview in Mel LavalDon’t fail to remember it For a year nowDuring each question period, this concern is raised to citizens in municipal councils and elected officials are regularly questioned for this purpose.

Three fully protected golf courses

We learn that Saint-François, UFO and Sainte-Rose golf courses will never be developed.

The first two are located in the middle of an agricultural area, while the third is located in a “park”.

“Today’s announcement is good news as it underscores our intent to provide the full protection of St. Rose Golf,” the mayor’s office said in an email. Especially since “many promoters have submitted project applications and are asking us to allow zoning,” it was set out.

These three courses total nearly half of the 500 hectares of golf in the area, or exactly 230 hectares equivalent to more than 160 football fields.

On the contrary, the Val-des-Arbres Golf Center, which has an area of ​​14 hectares in an industrial area, can be fully developed.

Three more are 50% protected.

In the island’s west, where zoning varies, golf clubs Le Cardinal, Islemere and Laval-sur-le-Lac will be affected by new provisions that the Boyer administration will enshrine in the upcoming Urban Planning Act (CDU).

under Electoral commitment From Mouvement Lavallois – Équipe Stéphane Boyer last fall, any redevelopment project of these recreational and tourism lands must preserve at least 50% of the surface area as urban parks.

last fall, Mel Laval revealed that Islemere Golf Club was on sale for $80 millionWhile in the winter, construction began in Residential project on the site of Le Cardinal Golf Club. The old Par-3 course and defunct driving range will eventually house about 700 homes. Remember that the developer-promoter has a purchase option on the regular 18-hole course at Le Cardinal Golf Course.

at no cost

In addition to ensuring “park” zoning for half of the clubs in the West, CDU will force any potential promoters to submit a comprehensive development plan. [PAE]which will be subject to the approval of the referendum so that the project passes the social acceptance test.

“This is excellent news, because currently many cities on the South Shore and North Shore have golf courses that are being redeveloped and do not have the financial means or the organizational tools to protect them,” explains Stefan Boyer, specifying that everything will be done at no cost to Laval residents.

Regulatory reform will ensure that if these three golf clubs disappear one day, 128 of the 256 hectares of green space they occupy will survive.

Online petition

On the same day as this announcement, Member for Jonquière and Parti Québécois spokesperson for the environment and the fight against climate change, Sylvain Goudreau, was in Laval to invite residents to sign a petition at the National Assembly website in requesting fromPrevent municipalities from accepting any request for change of use, zoning and any residential, commercial or industrial development on golf courses.

During the press conference held at the entrance to Le Cardinal Golf Club in Sainte-Dorothée, the parliamentarian was accompanied by dozens of civic organizations and environmental groups, including the Transition Golf Coalition (CTGT), the Laval Alliance Environmental Citizen Mobilization, and the Laval-West Citizens Committee (CCLO) and the Parc Citizens Group Sainte-de-Bois.

Here we witness a large crowd of citizens in favor of turning the land into a garden. Moreover, in all regions, people want us to create and maintain more local green spaces, because they want to keep in touch with nature; Let’s give them what they ask for! “

Laval resident Jonathan Tremblay, who initiated the petition and spokesperson for the Parc Sentiers des Bois and CTGT Citizens’ Association, argued that “the conversion of these spaces into urban parks is more than necessary to ensure a better quality of life for residents. And to protect our ecosystems.”

Online until May 29, the petition also asked Legault’s government To quickly reform the expropriation law, which would allow municipalities to purchase these lands at their fair market value to convert them into a park.

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