Basketball: Elfic tackles his second quad

Les Fribourgeoises play the tournament final against Nyon on Sunday (4pm) at their home in Saint-Léonard. The point is with their coach Roman Gaspus.

After four titles last year, Friborgis is determined to do the same this season by winning the title over Nyon.


Whether it’s Olympic or Elfic, it’s not just the rich rhyme. In Friborg, the list of prizes grows with each season in which we collect trophies, both male and female and without sharing victories and prizes. The St. Leonard women, who have already – like the men – won three cups this season, reached (already) the final of the tournament they almost dominated. On the liabilities side of the balance sheet, only two defeats (when they participated in the European Cup); The first in Nyon on November 28 and the last on December 18 against the Trustworthy. unfold!

Elfic Friborg's coach, Romain Gaspoz, studied the Nyonnaises game well.

Elfic Friborg’s coach, Romain Gaspoz, studied the Nyonnaises game well.


Since then, supporters of Roman Gaspus have had 21 consecutive successes. As if by magic, without much opposition except for some small apprehensions. The Fribourgues coach is still aware, however, that this is not the time to relax when their opponent from Nyon, who somewhat mistreated his team in mid-April at Le Rocher (there were 75-73 on Day 36), presents this Sunday in their room without complex and ambitious. This first class promises to be contested between the top two students of this 2021-2022 season.

“The Neon have had some slack during the season, but overall, they deserved, by their consistency, to end up in the final against us,” said the Elves coach, who expects a good duel, even if he remains very confident despite everything. “I remember when we lost in Nyon, we were coming out of an intense meeting with a lot of stakes at the European level in a period when the girls were tired. So, yeah, between us, it’s close sometimes as it did during our last encounter at Le Rocher, but not Always if we refer to the semi-finals of the Swiss Cup.Now, Gasboz admits, Neon is a team that is not very fun to play.

And to clarify, to remove any ambiguity or pass for an arrogant person: “I say that positively of course. Because there is a real game identity and opposition to style. This formation likes to develop with high rhythm and defends hard on the field. It is a high-speed transition basketball where you control the ball well It is true that at times it was complicated for us.Big duels are expected.

But between two good defensive teams, ungovernable under the baskets, what is the key to winning? “There’s Basketball First Intent, Elfic coach details. A quick team overall defense with a somewhat elusive interior and a strong leader against a formation, our team, who prefers controlling the tempo and imposing their game on the half-court. Will we be able to dictate our tempo to the game or That we will suffer, on the contrary?In my opinion, this is one of the fundamental keys to this final matter.

During their last confrontation, Myriam Oronel and Neonne had seriously linked the Friborgois.

During their last confrontation, Myriam Oronel and Neonne had seriously linked the Friborgois.

24 hours / Florian Silla

And is the house advantage gained at the end of the regular season an additional benefit to Elfic? Roman Gaspus smiles. “It’s anecdotal in my eyes, I don’t really believe it. I won the finals with the floor disadvantages and vice versa. I think there are two equally competing teams. So yeah, we’re lucky we started at home, but depending on what happens, it can quickly turn into a thorn in the side. Now, to end the match in front of his fans in the event of the fifth match, he realized that it was an advantage in a long streak.

And to repeat, as all the coaches in the world bang on their players over and over again, when the playoffs or the crucial meeting arrive: “You have to take game after game and not be predictable. We are heading into Sunday where we have to put in a good performance to get our series off to a good start and make an impression on us. spot. This has actually worked out really well for us over the past two years…”

Four times later in 2021, Elfic, like Olympic, will hope to do the same at the end of this final.

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