Basketball: NBA: Giannis Antetokounmue pulls muscle

Untenable with 42 points, the Greek led the Bucks to a victory (103-101) over the Celtics, to take a 2-1 lead in their conference semi-final, just as the Warriors, easy winner from the Grizzlies (142-112), on Saturday in a playoff in the NBA.

Giannis Antetokounmpo led the Bucks to victory.

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Al Horford (22 points, 16 rebounds) thought he was calming the Fiserv Forum, with his rebound flick in the baggage synonymous with the extension. But the video was official: the ball wasn’t out of his right hand yet when the red light and the bell sounded the end of this exciting encounter.

An N.3 match in which the “Greek” (Greek) entered the “Freak” (monster) mode, determined to quell the euphoria of the newfound Boston, which managed to limit its effect during the previous match.

In the third quarter, things settled down for the defending champion, from the moment the best player of the 2019 and 2020 season doubled, the most active already in the first period (20 points).

“Coast to Coast” (Sprint side to side sprint), after taking on Jason Tatum, then taking an offensive bounce and finally diving in, demonstrated his abundance of energy, as much as his outrageous dominance (12 rebounds, 8 assists, 2 blocks).

miss tatum

The Celtics were unable to oppose a response to Antetokounmpo, who danced even from the shoulders, after a crucial pass to Jrue Holiday, in another lightning counterattack that created a ten-point gap (66-56), which increased to thirteen at the end of the period (80-67). ).

However, the games are not over yet. Thanks to Jaylen Brown (27 points, 12 rebounds), Boston was able to re-emerge in the final quarter, even taking advantage of (100-99) in less than two minutes left.

So Giannis gave a boost, soon scored first, then faced Brown, before Holiday, a stellar (25 points), putting up a welcome float for the Bucks (103-100).

Then the latter made a mistake on Marcus Smart (9 points), who seemed to take a shot from behind the arc. Believing that this was not the case, the judges awarded two, not three, free throws.

The point guard, who came back from a groin injury, scored on his first try and chose to miss the second. Good strategy with Horford’s nod to win, which the clock finally invalidated.

Boston can regret being so close to a lucrative comeback. This would definitely have required Jason Tatum to be more successful (10 points on 4/19).

Snipers “Splash Brothers”

While Im Odoka was cursing after the jury’s “bad judgment”, he also agreed that his players first paid for their “negligence in the third quarter”, emphasizing: “We can play much better.”

This is what Golden State did against Memphis, during a confrontation much less intense than in the first two, which was decided in the last seconds.

It had to be said that when the Adept Brothers were at this skill level, it was hard to compete. Stephen Curry (30 points), Jordan Paul (27 points) and Clay Thompson (21 points) have more than 50% success, a higher rate for the entire team (63.1%).

The difference was made in the third quarter (37-23), the moment Warriors generally chose to speed up. Then their progress continued to grow.

In contrast, Morant did not deserve it nonetheless (34 points on 12/21, 7 assists), as he managed to put his sharp accelerations into the racket, hit the ball with amazing shots and even score from the midfield to the center of the field. – the weather.

But he was the only one with sharp claws and could not dominate the final quarter as in the previous game, scoring the last 15 points for his team to finish with 47 in total.

In stark and even somewhat annoying contrast to Memphis, he had to leave court the past five minutes before, extremely frustrated, and apparently struggling with one of his legs.

NBA. hem. Semi-finalists of the conference. Saturday matches.

Milwaukee – Boston 103-101 Ranking in series: 2-1.

Golden State – Memphis 142-112 Ranking in series: 2-1.

The series is played in top 7 games.

(France Press agency)

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