Haute-Garonne: A Toulouse-based Las Vegas star company for the ‘world’s most secure’ computers

Toulouse computer manufacturer Bleu Jour will unveil Kubb Secure at CES Las Vegas: the world’s most secure microcomputer to protect the most sensitive data.

From Wednesday, January 5 to Friday, January 7, Toulouse-based Bleu Jour will present its highly secure microcomputer at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, an exhibition dedicated to technological innovation in consumer electronics. Bleu Jour will be represented on two wings, one of which is dedicated exclusively to its latest new release, the Kubb Secure mini PC. Jean-Christophe Agobert, founder and CEO of the company is currently in Nevada ready to go to the show.

Can you introduce your company Bleu Jour?

We are a manufacturer of computer and computer accessories based in Toulouse, created in 2002 by four partners. Bleu Jour designs products where aesthetics combined with innovative technological solutions, high-quality performance and maximum security meet the highest requirements in the IT environment. Our company went uphill in 2014 thanks to our popular product, Kubb, a microcomputer manufactured in the region.

What secrets are hidden in Kubb Secure?

Kubb Secure is a small computer designed to protect your most confidential data. It makes it impossible to access confidential data by isolating it from computer, information and telephone systems. We have teamed up with Andorran company Freemindtronic, an expert in cyber security solutions, who introduced Green Tech. This consists of a fiberglass-based epoxy board that has a lifetime without a battery. It saves data for 40 years without the need for a power source. Along with Kubb Secure, we will be presenting our full product range at the fair, including the new RIDG PC. Developed in collaboration with designer Pierre Cabrera, it offers avant-garde and modern design to satisfy the desires of all content creators, architects and other individuals for whom design is of particular importance to decorate their offices or interiors.

How can it compete with the giants of the global market?

In 2015 when Kubb was released, no one believed her. If we look at the numbers today, we have become the number one seller of this product. We’re an outsider to the big companies, so we’re definitely competing with slightly higher prices, but we’re increasing our sales and gaining market share, thanks to Kubb as well as our other products. The fact that we can customize our creativity for medical personnel so that they can read vital cards is an important advantage that our competitors do not yet know how to do.

What creative process is required to make such an item?

First you have to come up with the idea. Then we looked for the partner who provided us with the technology in Kubb Secure. We made several prototypes, with which we cooperated in particular with companies from Revel and Aucamville. After that, we were able to set up the production system. Kubb takes about six weeks to assemble, and this may vary depending on stock availability and when all parts are received.

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