How to download Hulu videos on Windows PC

The ability to Download videos from Hulu It is something you can do now, but if you want to do it on a Windows PC, the process is a bit more complicated. From what we can tell, downloading content from Hulu is mostly supported on Android and iOS, but there are ways to bypass this restriction on Windows PCs.

How to download Hulu videos on Windows PC

Downloading video content from Hulu on Windows is easier than you think. However, the task will not be so simple compared to downloading the same content from Android or iOS devices. So, if you’re still interested, keep reading to find out how to take the next step.

  1. Download ShareX
  2. Go to the tab “Snapshot”
  3. Download FFMPEG
  4. Open the task settings area
  5. Screen recording options
  6. Install recording devices
  7. Choose the audio source
  8. Open the video of your choice on Hulu
  9. Save the video to watch it offline

1]Download ShareX

Before you can move forward, you will need to download a screen sharing app called ShareX. We will not discuss how to take full advantage of this tool, so if you are new to using it, we suggest that you read the linked post.

2]Go to the “Snapshot” tab

The next step is to open ShareXThen from the right pane, you should click on Capture tab. It will reveal a dropdown list.

3]Download FFMPEG

to choose screen recording The option will prompt you to download FFMPEG. Please do this, but don’t worry about the installation because ShareX will do all the work.

4]Open the mission settings area

ShareX task settings

Now is not the time to start recording your screen unless you are interested in audio. So you have to go back to the main menu, then to Mission Settings Tongue.

5]Screen recording options

ShareX screen recording options

Well of Mission Settings window, go ahead and click screen recorder less than Yasserand then select a file Screen recording options button.

6]Install recording devices

ShareX Install recording devices

When the new window appears, don’t waste time selecting Install recording devices. This will install some of the key components of ShareX.

7]Choose the audio source

ShareX default audio capture

Once the installation is complete, go back to Screen recording options And be sure to change sound source to Default audio captureThen close all windows except the main ShareX menu.

8]Open the video of your choice on Hulu

Now you need to launch the Hulu app from the Microsoft Store or go to the official webpage. Once connected, find and open the preferred video you want to save. Now don’t hit the play button yet. If it runs automatically, please press pause and return it to the start.

9]Save the video to watch it offline

to complete, Right click On the ShareX icon via File Show hidden icons swear on Taskbarthen go to Capture > Screen Recording. Draw a frame around a Hulu video, then complete it by clicking the play button.

How to get Hulu for free?

Go to with your favorite web browser, then select Start your free trial. Choose the plan you’re interested in, from there add your payment information and that’s it. You now have 7 days to watch everything you want for free.

Is Hulu better than Netflix?

Netflix has more content compared to Hulu at this point. However, if you are interested in network TV shows, this is something that Netflix does not offer. In addition, the people at Disney offer the Disney Plus and Hulu bundle, which can be a real contender against Netflix.

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