Lula’s official candidate against Bolsonaro for the presidency of Brazil

BRAZIL – Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, 76, is running for a new presidential election. On Saturday, May 7, the old Brazilian left lion launched his candidacy for the October elections to “reconstruct” the country, after the “irresponsible and criminal” administration of Jair Bolsonaro.

“We are all ready to work not only for victory, but for the reconstruction and transformation of Brazil, which will be more difficult than the elections themselves,” the former Brazilian president told 4,000 supporters in Sao Paulo.

Twelve years after leaving power with a stratospheric approval rate (87%), the former unionist, who still has no successor on the left, will run for a third term. The announcement of this sixth candidacy for the presidential elections was a known secret.

Bolsonaro left behind in all polls

With no candidate making the third route viable, only Lula can beat Jair Bolsonaro (67) at the polls, who is running away from him in all opinion polls, but seems willing to do anything to retain power.

“What do we want? Democratic Brazil or authoritarianism? Lula shouted to the audience, who chanted to him, “Lula, the warrior of the Brazilian people.” He spoke for about fifty minutes in front of a giant screen showing the Brazilian flag, the symbol captured by the Bolsonarist fighters.

According to Lula, “Brazil is too big to be relegated to pariah status.” He repeated several times that he claimed to “restore sovereignty” to the country, in the face of “the irresponsible and criminal policy of the government.”

In contrast to the big meetings in his prime, where he showed all his aura as a tribune, Lola, in his navy suit and open shirt collar, was content to read his speech, looking at the audience relatively little and avoiding big flights. His relatives advised him to show calm and reassurance on his face, after the recent slips that sparked controversy.

During an interview with the magazine time This week, he sparked controversy by attacking Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. He described the latter as “a good comic”. […] Who will make a show “and who will be ‘responsible'” for the war in his country like his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. Former Turner Miller was also chosen for his controversial statements about abortion, the police or the middle classes.

In an effort to show a sacred union to override Jair Bolsonaro, Lula’s deputy, Geraldo Alcumen, the former center-right governor of São Paulo, said in his video address that “there is no difference” that can prevent it from accomplishing its “mission, defending democracy”.

If he doesn’t have Lula’s charisma, Geraldo Alcumen, who was beaten up by the former left-wing president in the second round of balloting in 2006, will be there to reassure the center voter, the moderate right, and the business community.

Lola’s revenge

He tested positive for Covid-19 on Friday and was from his home, by video link, where he was involved in launching the campaign. “If it weren’t for today, he is the only one who can form a coalition for a great democratic front,” says lawyer Alexandre Popo, 29, who attended the speeches with enthusiasm.

From next week, Lula will continue his campaign trail and tour the country – as President and candidate Bolsonaro has been doing for months – starting in the state of Minas Gerais (southeast). “If he really wants to win the elections, Lula should take to the streets, like Bolsonaro, to be closer to the voters,” Silvio Costa, founder of Congresso em foco, told AFP.

The presidential elections on October 2 and 30 will witness extreme polarization in the massive emerging country of 213 million people. The former trade unionist believes that his legacy of “reducing inequality, social policies and promoting education” has been “destroyed and dismantled”.

He said, “I think I can do more and do better than I’ve already done.” time. This new nomination has a taste of revenge against the former president, whose disqualification from the race in 2018 allowed Jair Bolsonaro to be easily elected.

While imprisoned for a year and a half on corruption charges until November 2019, the former metal worker’s political career appeared to be over. Until the Supreme Court overturned his conviction in March 2021.

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