“Mission Accomplished” by Alexandre Maynard and Polazac Basquit Dordogne

But Polazac finished the season best of all: a clear success against a top-6 team, in full paleo, for a fifth straight win. Peregord coach Alexandre Maynard said he was “silent and silent in front of the players’ performance, especially the sharpness. They stripped naked when they actually did in Tours on Tuesday.” [NDLR : 3 mai]. They put forth an incredible commitment and desire. »

“It wasn’t jojo”

What a face of the Peregordin! “I am very proud of the players,” Maynard explained. of the state of mind in which they put themselves. When I arrived the situation was not jojo. I came for a mission, it got done. You have to remember what the BBD was proposing when he replaced Nicolas Antique on the bench on March 17th. The club, we’ve rewritten, Pro B’s second budget, has been in humiliation at home against Saint-Quentin (62-83) and has racked up three wins since the start of the calendar year, to nine defeats.

Nothing was working. Rambaut repeats: “We were all very afraid. The pressure was slowly building up. We were confident at the start of the season even when we were losing. We had a good pass in November and then after the hole.”

“This is what Alexander brought: how to be better for the team”

Many players lost confidence, undermined by Antik’s method. The group was at a complete loss, the coach unable to find solutions, and above all, he did not hang up, let’s say harsh, at all. Nikola Antik is a good coach, but that no longer works for Peregord. His funny or boisterous gestures did not reassure the young workforce. Example with Marquis Wright, he mocked in front of everyone from the first friendly match, and then was paralyzed.

Alexandre Maynard managed, above all, to return the favor for Bulazaco’s desire to come to training, when some arrived at the sessions with a headache. The difference in the speech was stark: Antiques constantly reminded people, even after victory, that everything was fragile; Maynard has always spoken optimistically. It paid off, and the players found fun once again. “I have pictures in my head of players who are suffering. You never know how good it is for a coach to see them present themselves to the club, the shirt,” the person in question smiles. “When Alexander arrived, we had a problem at first but we built and it paid off, continues Jules Rambaut. Everyone made the effort. That’s what he came up with: how to be better for the team, at the service of the group.”

Upcoming conversations

Players lost and perished due to the blurring of their playing time? Saturday, after the victory over Antibes, Maynard insisted the players on the bench. “They change the course of the match when we get off to a soft start. They blow the thing off. We can do without executives, in quotes, players on the bench bring that energy.”

Then it was necessary to correct the shortcomings on the ground. The interior design explains: “It’s a story of team synergy and trust in each other. The foundations we didn’t have and which were laid. Didn’t BBD defend well, despite real physical qualities?” When Alexander saw the site, he focused his work on it. We defend with five players, we know what we’re doing, and it shows. »

It didn’t come to fruition right away. The defeat against Roan could have drowned BBD forever. Instead, the week that followed was pivotal. On the Monday after the game, Maynard’s personal mental trainer came in – a long-stalled intervention. “He had a huge role, admits the coach. Same for me. The CEOs have shifted,” they have moved forward.

“When the crazy guys are out there, they give off sparks, but sometimes, they go to the stands. The tires bring serenity. Nick Moore’s comeback has completed the team’s transformation.” This comeback has changed Quentin’s mindset. [Serron]Nicholas reassured [De Jong] and youth. And there, we beat Alsace. The path is set, all that remains is to follow it.

One question remains: what now? The trip to Lille, Friday 13 May, is worthless. Maynard’s contract expires on the evening of June 30. We ask him about his future. Jokes! We haven’t really talked about that yet [avec les dirigeants boulazacois]. We plan to meet next week [cette semaine]. »

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