The hierarchy was respected at the start of the qualifiers, and there was no shock in Tarbes after the return of François Gomez

In the opening LFB quarter-finals, all the teams playing at home made the classification law speak. No surprises to notice, or even any suspense. The toughest match of the evening took place at the Lyon Hall in Madou Bonnet, where La Roche Fendi lost by only 15 points to ASVille (77-92). However, facing Sara Chevaugeon on cloud (20 points at 6/9 in 20 minutes, including 18 in the break), RVBC was already on the ropes in the first half (40-60). “When we play like this in the first half against a very attacking Lyon team, we don’t have a chance to play the match,” Emmanuel Bode lamented at Progress. “At the start of the match we were not there at all and with defensive intentions we let them play a lot. We can’t let Lyon develop basketball that way. However, the most controversial match was at the Palacium in Villeneuve d’Ascq. ESBVA was abused for a while. Long by Angers, he led by just four points after three quarters (71-67) before making the difference in the final race (96-79, final score).Juleen Anderson smiled with 23 points at 9/12.

‘Borders’ latte Montpellier

After two weeks of playing 50 minutes in the Coupe de France final, Basket Lands and Borg had a quieter evening. Presenting the trophy to their fans, the Marine Fauthaux (16 points on 6/7) flew over the debate against Flames Carolo (87-64). “We are satisfied, it was a good match to go into the playoffs,” captain Marie-Yves Paget (18 points) on Sud Ouest’s mic. “We controlled this match and played what we wanted. This bodes well for the future. In the Prado, Borg healed his wounds on his side by crushing Latis Montpellier (99-67). This is the 20th consecutive victory for Tango, who cannot be played collectively (24 assists). Rating, 124 ratings, eight players with over 10 ratings, including a peak at 19 for duo Sarah Michele – Elodie Godin.) Valerie Dimore sighed at Le Midi Libre: “We’ve reached our limits.” “It’s been a long season, some at the end of their rope. You have to know how to accept it. »

Quarter-final first leg results :

  • Lyon – La Roche Fendi: 92-77
  • Villeneuve d’Ascq – Angers: 96-79
  • Basketball Lands – Flames Carolo: 87-64
  • Bourg – Latte Montpellier: 99-67

Landerneau starts playing well

Leaving Prado after Bourget’s correction, Valerie Demore also made a wise remark. “Now we are better than we were in the qualifiers, this is the lesson to be learned. Saint-Amand will not conflict with coach Gazelle. In the long battle with BLMA for eighth place, the northern team was finally rejected in the qualifiers, as the preliminary arrangement is supposed to protect them from Any unpleasant surprises.But for this it will still be necessary to win a few matches, which the Green girls could not do on Saturday in Landerno, which was not in Finistere (52-71).Luisa Geiselsoder shined with 18 points with a score 9/14, 7 rebounds and 3 assists.

As many victories for Charnay in 7 days as in 7 months

A result that contributes to the creation of a general assembly in play, as Charnay simultaneously gives a lesson to a worried team of Tarbes (70-48). The Burgundians’ second win in a row against the TGB (74-61 on the last day of the regular stage, an apocalypse for a team who had only collected two during the whole season before). Red Lantern With no potential dispute (3 vs 19 days), the CBB now points to a runner-up finish in the playoffs, in favor of the basket average. This is a particularly sad situation for the TGB, which has had a particularly turbulent week. After his previous defeat at Saône-et-Loire, coach Francisco Pinto preferred to fall back, thus speeding up François Gomez’s scheduled return to the bench. “We’ve had ups and downs this season, and over the past week, I just felt like it was time for me to stop,” he explained in the columns for La Nouvelle République des Pyrénées. “I don’t abandon the ship, I only take my responsibilities for the benefit of the club. François Gomez returns to work on a commando mission: to save the team has never imposed itself away from its rules. Returning to service under these conditions is worse,” he said this week in local newspapers. A gift I could have.” In spite of himself, the evidence was given to Charnay.

First day results :

  • Landerno – Saint Amand: 71-52
  • Charnai Tarbes: 70-48

play order :

  1. Saint Amand (5-2)
  2. Charnai (3-4)
  3. Tarbes (3-4)
  4. Landerno (3-4)

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