The surreal press conference of the Azov Regiment from the bombed-out bunker of Azovstal

Two Ukrainian soldiers called for help from a shelter at the Azovstal post, which was in the hands of the Russians, noting “many civilian and military casualties” on the spot. Surreal place.

Press conference under the bombs. Today, Sunday, two members of the Ukrainian Azov Battalion spoke to the media around the world via A video conference was held from a bunker located at a depth of at least 30 meters at the Azovstal site, in Mariupol, to request “help” for the evacuation of civilians and soldiers still present at the site.

“As I speak to you, there is heavy fire, tanks are being mobilized, snipers are constantly targeting us,” says Denis Prokopenko, a lieutenant colonel in the Azov battalion, his face pale from hiding.

Ilya Samoylenko, the Ukrainian intelligence officer, also mentioned “limited food,” but emphasized that “(they have) water, ammunition and weapons left.”

This speech is “absolutely amazing,” says Patrick Seuss, BFMTV’s international political columnist. He asserts: “You have more than 150 journalists asking questions. The Zoom conference, as in the days of Covid, except that we are here in the midst of war and under bombardment.”

Emmanuel Dupuy, head of the European Institute for Social Protection (IPSE), emphasized on BFMTV the “surreal nature” of the event, “30 or 40 meters underground in a fortified system with clearly not working Russian jamming systems.”

There are still “a large number of wounded” at the site

During this press conference, the Ukrainian presenter launched an appeal for “help” in the direction of Kyiv and the international community, stating that “at the plant site there are a large number of wounded civilians and soldiers” and that the soldiers were wounded during the evacuation of civilians.

“They need emergency care, they must be evacuated,” he pleaded.

Saddened by the fact that the situation was not taken seriously more quickly, the soldier said that the recent evacuation of some civilians from Azovstal was not enough.

He expressed his regret, saying: “It has been two and a half months and we are asking the whole world to evacuate civilians and only a small handful of civilians have been evacuated.”

However, the lieutenant-colonel indicated that he could not confirm that “all of them” had already left the scene. Ukraine’s deputy prime minister stressed Saturday evening that this is the case for “all women, all children and the elderly.”

“Our government failed to defend Mariupol”

Recalling that several months ago thousands of people were killed in Mariupol, Denis Prokopenko attacked his government, which “did not succeed in defending Mariupol” against the Russians.

“We are considered heroes (by the population). Heroism appears when organization and planning fail,” he said.

“We (the soldiers) made this firm decision to stay to the end to defend Mariupol. We did not receive orders to defend from Mariupol, it was our will,” he said.

‘Give up is not an option’

Despite the difficulties, the soldiers recalled the Azov Battalion’s determination to fight to defend the Ukrainian population against the Russian invasion.

Ilya Samoylenko, a Ukrainian intelligence officer, emphasized that “surrendering is not an option because our lives do not matter to Russia. If we are left alive they do not.”

And Denis Prokopenko added: “We will fight forever for justice and will do everything in our power to allow the evacuation of civilians and the wounded.”

On Monday, May 9, Russia celebrates the victory over Nazi Germany in World War II. A show of force that will be examined especially in the midst of the conflict between Moscow and Kiev.

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