Basketball: Joel Embiid with France?

Cameroonian Joel Embiid, who is looking for French citizenship, will be subject to selection if he obtains it. But from there to see him play blue during the 2024 Olympics, a step away from the NBA star, unrelated to the hexagram, is a step away from the NBA star.

“He has started the naturalization process and after that he would like to play for the France national team”said Tuesday in the team Boris Diao, general manager of selection, confirms the information from RMC Sports.

On paper, the probability of seeing an axis Sixers from Philadelphia (2.13 m), one of the best players in the world, reached the finals of the best player’s cup in NBA Who finished this season? highest score (30.6 points on average), carrying the hopes of winning the French Olympic title in Paris in 2024, is enough to spark excitement.

But on this road, despite the complex naturalization process – and therefore its usefulness – for the player born in it Yaoundedo not live in France And not having family ties, other difficulties will follow.

“Joel has nothing to do with French basketball. He did not play in France, did not live in France. There is something inappropriate about Joel’s affiliation with France basketball. One of the best basketball players in the world is not enough”dissident AFP Jack Monclair, basketball consultant for be in sports.

Embiid And for the Blues, the story is not new, however, because the first approaches with the French Federation date back to 2016. It was revealed two years later, that it did not provoke very unenthusiastic reactions, and Yvan Fournier in particular considered that “Playing for a country you don’t have relations with is annoying”.

Naturalized players, there were some in blue, from Crawford PalmerSilver medalist at the 2000 Sydney Games, Joachim Noahthe finalist of the European Championship 2011. All of them, unlike Embiid, had experience in French basketball, before wearing the tricolor jersey.

“In some countries there is a practice of suitability very far from the Embiid case, because he speaks French, and he says he has an uncle and an aunt who live in France. So if the legal aspect was respected, I don’t see why, mathematically speaking, we would have done without him”AFP is estimated former coach Claude Bergod (2003-2007).

The player’s immense talent, strength, technique and maturity at 28 years make him a huge asset. “The coach I was, of course sees himself as coach Joel Embiid with Joubert, Batum, Fournier … but you have to take into account a lot of obstacles to overcome”Jacques Monclair Projects.

“First, we are talking about a player who has had a few injuries, so we have to secure him to play at the international level. He will have to accept the logistical aspect, as the players spend a month training with the French national team before the competition, so the Sixers will also have to release him.”Develop.

“We are working on continuity with the Blues as well. I can’t see (coach) Vincent Colette firing the players who won the Olympic silver medal in Tokyo. And we don’t know his adaptability, either in FIBA ​​competitions or in the game system. These parameters are important.”Claude Bergod continues.

“We risk creating a change that is likely to destabilize the group, especially at the level of the self”Monclar completes again. “I can understand that it is morally disturbing, but from a basketball standpoint (…) the Embiid Joubert racket, r…n!”Summarize the captain of the blues Nicholas Batum at the team Wednesday.

Embiid, with his offensive profile capable of playing outside, can form an explosive inner duo with Rudy Gobert, who shines above all because of his defensive deterrence. At the Tokyo Olympics, Colette, at times, did not hesitate to participate “Gobzilla” to me Vincent Poirier against the United Statesuccessfully in the opening match (83-76).

The latter, who mocked Twitter “I’ll start playing 2/3 (back wing) in EDF me”, may bear the brunt of the arrival of the Cameroonian in blue. He is not the only person.

“If you take Joel, you take someone else away. We also have Victor Wimpanyama. But it would be a shame if he didn’t take part in the Olympics in Paris”says Monclair, of the 18-year-old strong winger, a big hope in French basketball.

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