directly. The war in Ukraine: “We will win now,” said Putin during the military parade in Moscow



Faced with the “absolutely unacceptable threat” affecting the Russian “multinational homeland,” Vladimir Putin, addressing himself first to his own people, said much more than the international community “we will win now.”

“Russia gave a preemptive response to the aggression – it was a mandatory and sovereign decision,” he said of Ukraine, preferring a defensive position.


Ukraine will not allow Russia to “claim victory over Nazism”

A few minutes before Vladimir Putin gave the speech, the Ukrainian president broadcast remarks celebrating Victory Day in Ukraine as well. We are proud of our ancestors who defeated Nazism with other peoples as part of the anti-Hitler coalition. “We will not allow anyone to annex and seize this victory,” he said in a video message showing him walking down Central Avenue in Kyiv.


Putin finally spoke about the soldiers killed at the front

Since February 24, with rare exceptions, the Kremlin has not mentioned the losses in Ukraine. Or by giving some brief information. For the first time, faced with the need for a “multinational” Russian “fatherland”, President Putin called up the dead soldiers. Every soldier who dies is a loss for all of us and a tragedy for his loved ones. We will support the families of these murdered soldiers and especially their children, I signed a decree to that effect this morning.” He also wished “a good recovery to all those who were injured at the front” and praised the caregivers who are helping them.


A minute’s silence in Red Square

President Putin, after evoking the homeland attacked in Ukraine, he said, and the soldiers who bravely defend it, calls for a minute of silence to be observed.

“We had to resist, we had no choice, it was the only solution for a sovereign state,” he said during his speech.


Putin: “NATO is preparing to invade our historical lands”

“I congratulate you on this great Victory Day. (…) May 9 went down in history as a victory of our Soviet people, as a symbol of its unity and strength, in front and behind ”,“ We ​​are proud of this generation of victors and we are their heirs, Russian President Vladimir Putin begins to Red Square in Moscow. It is our duty to honor their memory and do everything we can to ensure that this world war does not happen again. We are doing what is necessary to create global security for the whole world,” he continues, accusing “NATO countries” of not “listening” to his proposals and “preparing for an invasion” On our historical lands, including the Crimea, “Ukrainian. The territories annexed by Russia in 2014.

He referred very succinctly to “Naziism” without using arguments about this rhetoric that, since February 24, justifies the attack in Ukraine.


Shoigu in parade

Sergei Shoigu, Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, who is very close to Vladimir Putin, enters the parade and greets the troops in the car.


In Moscow, the show begins

From the classic bill of the moment one sees on Red Square young soldiers in ceremonial costume parading with two flags: the flag of the Russian Federation and the flag of the Soviet Union, this red flag with the hammer and sickle. But, in particular, it is covered with inscriptions, reproducing the flag of the last Soviet battalions that entered Berlin in 1945.


“Soon there will be two days of victory in Ukraine”

A quelques minutes de la commémoration du Jour de la Victoire en Russie, le president ukrainien Volodymyr Zelensky a posté un message exaltant la population, qui a elle-aussi subi le nazisme et perdu plus de 8 millions de soldats et d’habitants de lors World War II. We fight for the freedom of our children, so we will win. We will never forget what our ancestors did during World War II. (…) Very soon there will be two Victory Days in Ukraine. And no one will have any.


In Luhansk, many are missing

Sergey Heidi, head of the Luhansk region’s military administration, rescuers lost contact with 11 people hiding in a cellar in Shepilovo, and could not dismantle the ruins of the bombed school in Belohorivka, where 60 civilians took refuge.

With the support of aviation and artillery, the enemy concentrated its efforts to try to take control of Robyzhny and prepare for the continuation of offensive operations in the Lyschansk direction. The enemy increased its firepower, trying to break through the defenses of our forces.”


Moscow Parade will start soon

It is scheduled to be 9 am France time, 10 am in Moscow.


in Donetsk

Russian forces are trying to advance towards the town of Lyman, an important transport hub in Donetsk. In other parts of the hotly contested region, they “increased their firepower,” according to the Ukrainians, but remained “focused on regrouping units” and supplying them.

The Russians could resume their offensive towards Solihivka and Izyum.


Tactical groups in Belgorod?

According to the General Staff of the Ukrainian Army, Russia has identified 19 tactical groups of battalions near the Russian city of Belgorod, located about thirty kilometers from the border with Ukraine. These groups likely consist of about 15,200 soldiers equipped with tanks, missile batteries, and other weapons.

The Ukrainian military said that Russia is reining in some of its forces within its borders to protect it from a counterattack by Ukrainian forces, which have advanced east of Kharkiv.

Like many others, this information cannot be independently verified.


Hollande wants Macron to go to Kyiv

“During the campaign, it was complicated” but now that Emmanuel Macron has been re-elected, “going to Kyiv will be necessary, desirable and symbolic,” the judge at Inter France, former French President François Hollande, said. And to remember that other leaders went there.


Holland talks about war and about Putin

“The threat, the hegemonic relationship, is part of Vladimir Putin’s diplomacy,” François Hollande of François Inter said. The ex-president of the republic defends that the Russian president will not use nuclear weapons, “he knows the rules of nuclear deterrence, threatens but will not.”

As for continuing to talk to Putin, as Emmanuel Macron does, “if a connection is to be made, it would be to send a very strong message” and “to say that if there were no negotiations (on peace, editor’s note), there would be no more Connection “.


In Zaporizhia, the Russians were confiscating identity papers

The General Staff of the Ukrainian Army claims that in the Russian-controlled Zaporizhia region, Russian forces “began to confiscate personal documents from local residents without good reason.” It may be a form of blackmail to force the Ukrainian population to participate in the Russian Victory Day celebrations.


Journalists were fully screened in Moscow

Freelance journalist Paul Gogo, who is in Russia after working in Ukraine, tells on Twitter the monitoring system for journalists accredited to follow the May 9 rally in Red Square in Moscow. Inspections are carried out at the headquarters of the Sputnik media company, which indicates the authorities’ control over the press.


Why are the Russians the only ones who saw the Nazis in Ukraine?

This is the question Marc Fovel, of France Info, posed to Alexander Makugonov, spokesman for the Russian Embassy in France: Why does Russia see large groups of Nazis in Ukraine while NGOs and international journalists immediately see none? “In Ukraine, there are about fifteen officially registered neo-Nazi organizations, thousands and thousands of adults who work with young people and children and who are recruiting. This ideology is so strong that it has penetrated all state structures, in the government, in parliament, in the special services, and especially in the army. Ukrainian soldiers find themselves under the influence of neo-Nazis, and they begin to follow the same ideology, ”justifies the diplomat.


Jill Biden in Slovakia

After her surprise visit to Ukraine yesterday, when US President Joe Biden’s wife met Olena Zelenska at a school near the Slovak border, the first lady is heading to Bratislava on Monday.


In the former Soviet Union, “Not a family unaffected by this war” in 1939-1945

“The deadliest and bloodiest war in the history of our country, the Second World War, for us is the Great Patriotic War. It was on our lands, and it was the war that took the lives of 27 million of our compatriots. There is no family that was not affected by this war. That is why it is A national and popular holiday, and at the same time a very personal holiday, ”so Alexander Makugonov, a spokesman for the Russian Embassy in France, told France Info.


Japan agrees to the principle of the oil embargo

At the end of the G7 summit, the Japanese Prime Minister confirmed the decision to impose a ban “in principle” on imports of Russian crude oil. “The unity of the G7 is fundamental at the moment,” Fumio Kishida argued on Monday before reporters. But it is a “difficult decision” because Japan “relies on imports for the majority of its energy resources.” Kishida did not give a timetable.


It’s 8:35 a.m. in Russia

Parades will start in some cities. According to Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shogo, 65,000 people, 2,400 vehicles and 460 aircraft were mobilized in 28 cities to commemorate the May 9, 1945 victory against Nazi Germany. In other years, the Moscow Parade started at 10 am, but this year it seems to be 9 am.


Canada helps Ukraine export grain

Justin Trudeau promised Volodymyr Zelensky to help Ukraine find solutions to export its grain. Almost 25 million tons of grain were banned in Ukraine due to infrastructure problems and the closure of Black Sea ports, including Mariupol. Global food security is under attack. “We know that people around the world are going to starve because of Russia’s actions,” Trudeau said late at night in an interview with Reuters.

Since the Russian invasion on February 24, Ukraine has attempted to export wheat and corn by train across its western borders and through the Danube ports, but the quantities are insufficient. “We are simply looking to solve a very straightforward problem,” Al-Kindi summed up, without giving an idea of ​​the methods chosen.


fire night

According to the Ukrainians, Russian artillery and aircraft bombed Luhansk, Donetsk, Kharkiv, Odessa, Mykolaiv and the border areas of Sumy and Chernihiv that night.


“Observe Donbass at all costs”

“The goal that Putin has assigned his army is to take control of the entire Donbass region, whatever the cost,” said Olha Stevanishina, Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister in charge of European integration, franceinfo. “As we celebrate Europe Day, they obey orders that include the destruction of Ukraine.”


Super yacht booking in Fiji

A court in Fiji has temporarily halted the confiscation of a mega yacht suspected of belonging to Russian oligarch Suleiman Karimov, the target of US sanctions. He remains in Fijian police custody and has been banned from leaving the country. A new hearing is scheduled for Thursday.

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