Live – Vladimir Putin: “We won 1945, we will win now”

Vladimir Putin stressed that the Russian army is defending the “motherland” in Ukraine

Vladimir Putin emphasized that the Russian army is defending the “motherland” in Ukraine, during a speech during which he addressed his troops in Donbass.

“You are fighting for the Fatherland, for its future and its future,” he said, referring again to Nazi Germany and also invoking the defense of Russian “traditional values.”

‘We are their inheritors’: Vladimir Putin pays tribute to Russian veterans who fought in 1945

Vladimir Putin talks about and pays tribute to the Russian veterans who fought in 1945.

“This Victory Day is dear to us,” he said, referring to the men who died in the fighting. “We are proud of this generation of winners, we are their inheritors,” he said.

How do Ukrainians live on May 9 in the midst of the struggle against Russia?

While Russia begins its show of force by launching a military parade in Moscow, the experience of the Ukrainians on May 9 and the victory of the Soviet Union over Nazi Germany is very different.

For them, the day is synonymous with remembrance rather than celebration and is particularly marked by concern about the Russian invasion still underway in Ukraine, according to our special correspondent in Kyiv Angie Loatah.

Parade begins, Russian troops raised the Russian flag and the Soviet flag

The May 9 parade begins under the eyes of Vladimir Putin and his forces. A Russian parade bears the flag of Russia and the flag of the Soviet Union that defeated Nazi Germany in 1945. Including Ukraine and Russia at the time, the country is now gone.

May 9 parade in Moscow, Russia © Rostislav NETISOV – AFP

François Hollande said Vladimir Putin “will not” use nuclear weapons

If the ex-president of the republic considered that the war in Ukraine would continue, he believed that Vladimir Putin would not use nuclear weapons. “If the escalation is the belief that Vladimir Putin will continue to advance in the Donbass and in the south, yes. If the escalation means the use of horrific weapons and especially nuclear weapons, no. Because the rules of deterrence mean that Vladimir Putin knows very well that If he can threaten, if he can intimidate, then using these weapons will have horrific consequences, so he will not do it.”

Vladimir Putin arrives at Red Square, the Russian parade is about to begin

The Russian head of state arrives at Red Square in Moscow where he will pass the military parade on May 9 and salute his troops.

He should deliver a speech that will be especially scrutinized in the midst of the conflict with Ukraine.

‘We won’ 1945, ‘We will win now’: Zelensky confirms his determination before the May 9 parade in Moscow

“We won” in 1945, Volodymyr Zelensky said on Monday about the Ukrainian people and the struggle against Russia, “we will win now.”

“NATO has strengthened Putin by throwing him into the arms of China,” says a former Russian diplomat.

“Putin has certainly strengthened NATO, but NATO has strengthened Putin by throwing him into the arms of China,” former Russian diplomat Vladimir Fedorovsky said Monday on BFMTV/RMC. In the face of sanctions and condemnations from the western side, the Russians are “turning towards the future continent, for them it is Asia. It is a civilizational separation.”

Zelensky says Ukraine will not allow Russia to “claim victory” over Nazism

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Ukraine would not allow Russia to “claim victory” over Nazism on Monday ahead of a parade in Moscow to celebrate the Soviet Union’s victory over Nazi Germany in 1945.

Sanctions against the Russians: ‘They will support it,’ assures a former Russian diplomat

With international sanctions against Russia, the Russians “will lose 30% of their purchasing power”, and perhaps more, “but they will bear it,” former Russian diplomat Vladimir Fedorovsky confirmed Monday on BFMTV / RMC. “Turkey the farce will be Europe and Africa with famine.”

“The sanctions so far are not working as planned,” he said.

How do Muscovites view the May 9 parade?

Crowds gather near Red Square in Moscow shortly before the start of the parade. For our correspondent on the site Cedric Farrash, the immediately curious present does not come to the event with a spirit of war, but out of love for the country.

Members of the public, some dressed as World War II soldiers, come to celebrate and honor their ancestors who took part in the 1939-1945 conflict. There is no politics at the center of the discussions.

For this former Russian diplomat, it is necessary to keep talking with Putin

For former Russian diplomat Vladimir Fedorovsky, it is necessary to continue talking with Russian President Vladimir Putin, “to work towards de-escalation”, as French President Emmanuel Macron is doing. “I think it’s very important, it’s the last Western connection we have,” he said on BFMTV/RMC.

“We have never been so close to a world war,” says a former Russian diplomat.

“We’ve never been so close to a world war, I’m keeping my words in mind,” Vladimir Fedorovsky, a former Russian diplomat, said on BFMTV on Monday. Next May 9, a military parade is scheduled in Moscow to celebrate the end of World War II, an opportunity for Russia to show its forces, and “in diplomacy, the work of symbols,” says the former diplomat.

According to him, Vladimir Putin will soon use the word “war” for the first time.

Why does Vladimir Putin refer to Nazism in his speeches to justify the invasion of Ukraine?

The Russian head of state regularly justifies the Russian invasion of Ukraine with the aim of “distorting” the country, in his public speeches. Why such talk?

Vladimir Putin’s intention is to “transport the Russian population into the past and make them believe that what is happening today in Ukraine and elsewhere in Europe is the resumption of World War II,” analyzes Philippe de Lara, a lecturer in political science at the University of Paris II Pantheon Foundation.

Political columnist Matthew Croisando explains this Nazi obsession with a process of historical rewriting in Russian.

What is the Ilyushin II-80, nicknamed the “Plane of the Apocalypse”, which will fly over the Moscow sky on the occasion of May 9?

A real threat or a show of force from Moscow to the West?

Built in the 1980s, in the waning years of the Cold War, the Ilyushin II-80 is an aircraft that has been retrofitted into a flying shelter allowing Vladimir Putin to control his army in the event of a nuclear conflict.

Nicknamed the “Flying Kremlin” or even the “Plane of the Apocalypse”, it will be one of the attractions of this show.

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“We will have our own Victory Day”: how Ukrainians approach May 9

No big celebration and no gathering. In Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital, the anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany is commemorated in sobriety due to the ongoing conflict in the country. Many Ukrainians believe that the event has lost its meaning:

“May 9th is supposed to be a victory over fascism, but the Russians are fascists too, so why do we celebrate that?” A Ukrainian soldier witnesses.

A few Russian tanks or guns, taken from the war since the beginning of the invasion, are on display, but nothing more than that in the city. And one of the residents assured him: “We will have the day of our victory, when Ukraine will conquer Russia.”

Russia could have guaranteed good weather on May 9

In Moscow on May 9, the big blue sky of the military parade. And according to our special correspondent Cedric Frisch, authorities can’t be strangers to this particularly mild weather.

The Russians, as the Chinese did at the 2008 Olympics gala, seem to sow the clouds. They ‘blew up the clouds’ by sending planes into the sky dropping aluminum from cement, and dry ice, which clumps water droplets and brings water to the ground. The result: nice weather. very much,” he explains.

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Planned rallies all over Russia

Final preparations in Moscow before the traditional military parade on Red Square in Moscow.

Our special correspondent in the Russian capital, Cedric Friesch, was able to note the presence of a very important security apparatus, and decorations scattered throughout the capital.

A procession is being prepared … which has already been held in other cities of the country due to the time difference:

If the military parade in Moscow was scheduled to leave at 10 am local time, then it already took off elsewhere:

“The country is so big, with a lot of time lag, that it’s already ten in the morning on the east coast of Russia,” explains Cedric Freich.

Zelensky confirms that 60 civilians were missing after the bombing of the Belogorivka School

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in a video message on Sunday evening criticized “violent bombing” in several Ukrainian regions, including the killing of “60 civilians” on Saturday at a school in Belogorivka in the Lugansk region.

The Ukrainian head of state lamented, “It is as if it is not May 8 today, as if it is not May 9 tomorrow, when the key word should be peace for all ordinary people.”

Inside the Mariupol plant in Azovstal, ‘giving up is not an option’

The Ukrainian soldiers, fortified for weeks under the ruins of the Azovstal plant, the last pocket of resistance in the martyred city of Mariupol, reaffirmed their desire not to surrender.

Their spokesman explained that “surrender is not an option because Russia is not interested in our lives.”

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Russia celebrates the anniversary of its victory over Nazi Germany with its traditional military parade on May 9

Vladimir Putin will preside over the May 9 celebrations on Monday, when he performs his traditional military parade on Moscow’s Red Square to commemorate the 1945 victory over Nazi Germany.

The long-awaited May 9 in the midst of the Ukrainian conflict, when the speech of the Russian president will be examined by the international community.

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