New Israeli-Palestinian violence after the arrest of Palestinians

Israel and the Palestinian territories saw new deadly violence on Sunday, May 8, shortly after the Jewish state announced the arrests of two Palestinians suspected of killing three Israelis on Thursday.

The Israeli army and a hospital said that a Palestinian who tried to enter Israel through the separation barrier from the West Bank was shot dead by the Israeli army. The army said in a statement “Selected a [personne] Trying to get past the security barrier (…) near Tulkarm ». The soldiers gave it to him “Call it according to the procedures”. A spokesman for the Israeli Sheba Hospital told AFP that the Palestinian died of his wounds.

Also in the evening, a man stabbed an Israeli policeman near the Old City of Jerusalem, before being shot and wounded by Israeli forces, according to Israeli police and paramedics. The policeman was taken to the hospital.

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The Israeli army announced that a Palestinian armed with a knife entered an Israeli settlement in the West Bank, where he was shot by a resident. A terrorist armed with a knife entered the colony [de Tekoa, située entre Jérusalem et Bethléem]A civilian who tried to stop him shot him.”The army said. The Palestinian Health Ministry said the 17-year-old attacker was killed.

Two suspects arrested

This violence comes after the police announced the arrest “Two terrorists killed three Israeli civilians in the attack” Thursday was conducted in Elad, near Tel Aviv.

The police launched a large-scale hunt to find two Palestinians, aged 19 and 20, from the village of Romana in the Jenin area of ​​the West Bank. According to eyewitnesses, the assailants jumped out of a car and attacked passersby with axes before fleeing in the car. Three Israelis were killed and four wounded, one of them in critical condition.

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The two suspects in Thursday’s attack were found near the town of Elad. On Sunday, an Israeli military official said they had surrendered and had made confessions. The military source added, who described their infiltration as” Loss “ For the Israeli army.

The attack took place in Elad on Thursday, 74And The anniversary of the founding of the State of Israel, which for the Palestinians represents a The Nakba (” Disaster “, in Arabic) and is synonymous with the exodus of hundreds of thousands of them. Hamas – the Islamist movement that controls the Palestinian Gaza Strip under an Israeli siege – and Islamic Jihad welcomed the attack “heroic”claiming that it came as a result of tensions around the mosque plaza in East Jerusalem, the Palestinian sector of the holy city occupied by Israel.

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Challenging the status quo

In recent weeks, clashes between Israeli police and Palestinians have left about 300 wounded, most of them in the courtyard of mosques. This site is the third place in Islam and houses the Al-Aqsa Mosque. On Thursday, after Jewish worshipers returned to the Temple Mount, which is also considered the holiest site in Judaism under the name of the Temple Mount, clashes broke out between Palestinian protesters and Israeli police.

Under the undeclared status quo, non-Muslims can go to the square but cannot pray there. An increasing number of Jews are going there, and the fact that some of them pray there raises concerns that this status quo will be challenged among many Muslims, despite Israel’s time and time again wishing to preserve it.

In total, since March 22, 18 people have been killed in anti-Israel attacks in Israel and the West Bank, carried out by Israeli and Palestinian Arabs. Following the first attacks, Israeli forces carried out operations in the West Bank, specifically in the Jenin area from which the attackers came. Twenty-nine Palestinians, including assailants, have since been killed.

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