TV, computers, audio… How do you choose the right high-tech appliances at E.Leclerc?

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TVs & Audio: Cinema right at home

Every year, the audio and video sector undergoes a small revolution. With the arrival of 4K and 8K definitions, movies and series have never been so immersive. Televisions such as Philips, Sony or LG provide solutions in all formats. Small living room? A compact 43-inch TV will fit in this place without difficulty. Do you want a more impressive picture? The largest Android smart TV, which is over 80 inches in size, can immerse its viewers in new worlds.

With speakers and other audio accessories, you can take this kind of experience even further. From a simple 2.1 to a more detailed 7.1 configuration, every solution associated with your TV allows you to customize your home cinema as you wish. Also consider video projectors to dispense with the screen. Also available in E.Leclerc, it’s slimmer and has unmatched definition.

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Computing and gaming: technical equipment for all profiles

If it is difficult to do without a computer, you will certainly have very specific expectations regarding your PC or Mac. Apple, Intel, HP, Lenovo… All of these major brands have hardware for office work, graphics, and games… A large selection of computers are grouped together at E.Leclerc. In this category you can find a desktop computer or laptop. All you have to do is make your choice according to your needs. You will also find all the basic computer accessories: keyboards, mice, printers, etc.

For players of all levels, a category for you too. Screen, performance, design… Some computers are designed specifically for video games. Check out Lenovo’s IdeaPad range, for example: it has many gaming PCs as well as game consoles (such as the Nintendo Switch). On other pages, you’ll also find thoughtful mice, keyboards, and headphones for your gaming sessions. Audio headphones, for example, integrate a handy microphone for your online conversations.

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Connected Objects: It is imperative to be on the cutting edge of technology

High-tech brings not only additional comfort. It can also take care of you and your health. The connected watches are there to attest to that. Apple, Samsung or Xiaomi have designed devices that are particularly efficient and accurate in this area. In addition to health monitoring (sleep, heart rate, etc.), connected watches are among the best technical accessories for your sporting activities. Some track hundreds of different activities. Plug it into your smartphone and you’re ready to take care of yourself.

With the development of connected speakers, so did home automation. Google Nests allow you to control a range of different connected devices, such as Roomba robotic vacuum cleaners, BeMatik smart thermostats or TP-Link connected light bulbs. Each category has its own potential. Well equipped, your home will become infinitely more efficient.

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Photos and cameras: a device for capturing the moment

Polaroid, Canon, Fujifilm … in their own way, all these big names in photography have won the audience. Canon is now a reference for its hybrid and reflex cameras, while Polaroid is known for the quality of its shots. On E.Leclerc, you can also find a large number of cameras signed by DJI or GoPro. Often compatible with a smartphone, these sports cameras will help you take sharp pictures, even on a bike, when you’re snorkeling or climbing over peaks.

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E.Leclerc: A host of benefits for your high-tech purchases

Whether you’re looking for Apple’s latest MacBook, Lenovo’s latest tablet or Xiaomi’s latest smartphone, there’s always what you need on the site. New good deals are posted every day, stay tuned. Your dream Android or iOS device could soon be available (maybe already available) at a discount.

Take advantage of the newly published offers on the E.Leclerc website. In addition to offering exclusive offers online, ordering online offers you additional benefits. Delivery is often free and you have a 14-day break. In the case of a change of thought, it is perfect. You can also choose express delivery and receive your purchases more quickly in your mailbox. You’ll finally be able to collect your purchases at the store closest to you.

E.Leclerc’s high-tech catalog is so rich that you’ll be tempted to order several devices at once. To better manage your consumption, consider the payment facilities: E.Leclerc gives you the opportunity to pay in 3 or 4 installments for free.

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Which high-tech gift would you choose?

Connected things bring together the best gift ideas. Devices such as connected speakers or connected watches can appeal to all ages.

What is a high tech thing to buy?

High technology uses new technologies to meet the needs. A robotic vacuum cleaner, for example, will save you time on household chores. You want to get back into sports, save time, save money… With the help of our consumption guides, choose high-tech things according to your ambitions.

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