War in Ukraine: G7 escalates against Putin

War in Ukraine – The Group of Seven industrialized nations has decided to hit Russia hard with upcoming new sanctions, including targeting Russian oil, during a video meeting on Sunday, May 8, attended by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

“The entire G7 pledged today to ban or phase out Russian oil imports,” the White House said in a statement on Sunday. A decision, according to the US executive, “would deal a blow to the main artery that irrigates the country’s economy.” [Vladimir] Putin and depriving him of the revenue he needs to finance his war “against Ukraine.

The Heads of State and Government reaffirmed to the President of Ukraine their “commitment to take further steps to help Ukraine secure a free and democratic future” as well as “to defend and repel acts of aggression in the future.”

Westerners also promised to “continue to act against the Russian banks connected to the world economy”, to “continue to fight the attempts of the Russian regime to spread its propaganda” and to intensify its “campaign against the elites”. [russes] and their families.”

However, the press release does not specifically specify the commitments made by each of the G7 members, namely Germany (which holds the presidency this year), Canada, the United States, France, Italy, Japan and the United Kingdom.

A new barrage of US sanctions against Russia

The Group of Seven held its third meeting of the year via videoconference on Sunday with the participation of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. The choice of date is very symbolic: Europeans commemorate the end of World War II in Europe on May 8. Sunday’s meeting is also held on the eve of the May 9 military parade in Russia, which marks the victory of the Soviet Union over Nazi Germany.

The West has so far shown very close coordination in its announcement of sanctions against Russia, but it is not moving at the same pace when it comes to Russian oil and gas.

The United States, which was not a large consumer, banned the import of Russian hydrocarbons. EU member states, which are under pressure to join the movement but are more dependent on Russia, continued on Sunday to lead intense negotiations for a ban on Russian oil.

Washington also announced in a statement to the White House, on Sunday, a new barrage of sanctions against Russia, around two main axes: the media, and the access of Russian companies and large fortunes to consulting and accounting services, including the Americans and the British. specialists.

The United States will impose sanctions on television channels Pervy Kanal, Rossiïa-1 and NTV. No US company would be prevented from funding it by advertising or selling equipment to it.

“No American company should be involved in financing Russian propaganda,” said a senior White House official, who asked not to be named, stressing that the Kremlin directly or indirectly controls these media outlets.

Putin accused of tarnishing Russia’s image

Another offensive line from Washington: a ban on the provision of “audit, management, consulting and marketing services, all services used to operate multinational corporations, but also potentially circumventing sanctions or concealing sinister wealth acquired,” the same source said.

She emphasized that while the Europeans had the closest industrial relations with Russia, the United States and the United Kingdom, on the other hand, had dominated the world of services, particularly through the “Big Four”, the world’s four auditing and consulting giants Deloitte, EY, KPMG and PwC.

Washington also announced a new ban on the export of US products to Russia, on a whole gamut of capital goods ranging from dredgers to ventilation systems and boilers.

The United States finally announced on Sunday that it will impose visa restrictions on 2,600 Russian and Belarusian personalities, as well as impose sanctions on officials of Sberbank and Gazprombank.

Moreover, as Vladimir Putin prepares to celebrate with great fanfare the Soviet Union’s victory over Nazi Germany on Monday, his actions in Ukraine “covering with disgrace Russia and the historic sacrifices of its people” angered the G7 nations on Sunday.

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