🔴 Live – War in Ukraine: Pentagon claims that “Ukrainians were sent to Russia against their will”

Moscow paraded its army on Monday to celebrate victory over Nazi Germany in 1945, in a show of force to rally its faltering forces in Ukraine, where the conflict entered its 75th day today.

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Emmanuel Macron and Olaf Scholz announced their “full support” for Ukraine on Monday evening by going together under Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate, the symbol of the Cold War and shining on the occasion in the colors of the country invaded by Russia, according to AFP.

“Full support for Ukraine,” said the French head of state as he approached on foot along with the German chancellor, about 200 people crowded nearby behind hoops, some of whom were covered in the colors of Ukraine and shouting “Mariopol,” the city in the east of this country destroyed The Russian army is very large.

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US President Joe Biden on Monday signed a law in front of reporters to speed up shipments of military equipment to Ukraine, to reactivate a device dating back to World War II. “Ukrainians are fighting for their lives every day,” he said in the Oval Office, adding that “this fight is costly, but surrendering to aggression will be even more costly.”

The “Ukrainian Lend and Defense Act of 2022” is based on “a World War II program designed to help Europe resist Hitler” and “was supported by almost every member of the U.S. Congress,” except for 10 elected members of the House of Representatives. Representatives who voted against it, pointed to the White House. The US executive also said the text was enacted as Russia marked Monday the anniversary of the 1945 victory over Nazi Germany.

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On Monday, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said the Ukrainians were “sent against their will to Russia,” confirming reports from Ukrainian authorities.

“We don’t have numbers but we have seen signs of Ukrainians being transferred from Ukraine to Russia,” Kirby said when asked during a press conference about the Ukrainian government’s allegations that 1.2 million people had been deported to Russia and placed in camps.

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Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias announced that Greece reopened its embassy in Kyiv on Monday “in a very symbolic gesture” to support “Ukrainians and the Greek community” living in the country. The minister stressed that Athens “is making every effort to contribute to a solution to the crisis in Ukraine and the humanitarian crisis”, and “is committed to actively participating in the reconstruction of the country.”

“In a very symbolic gesture, the Greek flag is raised again today in Kyiv,” the minister added, concluding his talks with his Kenyan counterpart, Rachel O’Omamo, “the Greek embassy has reopened its doors in the Ukrainian capital.” who was visiting Athens on Monday. At the head of the Greek diplomatic mission in Kyiv was appointed Manolis Androllakis, the former Greek consul of Mariupol, who was trapped in this Ukrainian port on the Black Sea during the Russian bombing before being evacuated and returned to Greece.

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A senior Pentagon official said Monday that the impact of international sanctions is starting to show on the Russian arms industry, which is struggling to replace the guided missiles used by the Russian military in Ukraine due to a ban on electronic components striking Russia. The senior official told reporters, who asked not to be identified, that Russia fired many missiles at Ukraine “They have run out of precision-guided weapons and are having difficulty replacing them.”

“We believe that sanctions and export restrictions, especially on electronic components, have an impact on the Russian defense industry sector,” he added during a news briefing. He explained that this is why large cities such as Mariupol or Kharkiv were hit by unguided bombs that could not distinguish between a military target and a residential building.

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On Thursday, the United Nations Human Rights Council, at the request of Kyiv and with the support of dozens of countries, is organizing an extraordinary session on the “deterioration of the human rights situation in Ukraine” invaded by Russia. This is the first meeting devoted to this topic since the United Nations General Assembly suspended Russia in early April from the world’s highest human rights body.

However, after Moscow expected its suspension by relinquishing its status as a member of the Human Rights Council, Russia will be able to participate in the council’s work on Thursday if it so desires as an observer state. She will have the right to respond. But Ukraine continues its diplomatic battle in Geneva to isolate the invader with the help of its main Western allies.

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Ukraine, with the support of dozens of countries, called on Monday for an extraordinary session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in response to the “war crimes committed by Russia” in the country.

“This initiative is supported by nearly 60 countries from all regions of the world. (…) Together, we are sending another strong message to Putin and the clique of war criminals: You are isolated like never before,” Ukraine’s ambassador to the United Nations Yevnija Filipenko said. In a video posted on Twitter.

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An EU official reported, on a surprise visit to Odessa, a major city in southern Ukraine, that European Council President Charles Michel had to take cover due to the missile strikes. According to this source, during a meeting between Mr. Michel and Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmygal, “the participants had to boycott the meeting to take cover because the missiles hit the Odessa region again.”

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The European Commission intends to give its opinion in June on Ukraine obtaining EU candidate status, which would pave the way for a long process of negotiations that must be approved by all 27 members, Ursula von der Leyen announced.

10:20 AM

The Kremlin announced the cancellation of the Russian air show for weather reasons.

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According to Vladimir Putin, everything must be done to prevent the “horrors of world war”.


Vladimir Putin said at Russia’s May 9 military parade in Moscow that Russia faces a “totally unacceptable threat” in Ukraine.

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Vladimir Putin stressed that the Russian army is defending the “motherland” in Ukraine in his speech this morning in Moscow as part of the commemoration of the Russian anniversary of World War II.


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Monday that Ukraine would not allow Russia to “victory over Nazism” in 1945, the day Russia celebrates victory in World War II with great fanfare.

“We are proud of our ancestors who defeated Nazism with other peoples in the framework of the anti-Hitler coalition. We will not allow anyone to annex or acquire this victory,” he said in a video message. Down Central Avenue in Kyiv. “We won, then we will win now,” he added, referring to the Russian invasion of Ukraine since February 24.

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