Adreian Payne, the great basketball family is gone in mourning

this monday, Through his former teammate Jared SolingerThe large basketball family has learned of the death of Adrian Payne at the age of 31. It was not known to everyone. His name will remain a memory of the values ​​spread wherever he goes: respect, benevolence, heart, compassion. His disappearance disturbs us.

“Damn it, what a ridiculous negligence!”. On February 16, 2020, under the marquee of the Disney Events Arena, ASVEL will face Dijon in the Leaders Cup Final. Ahead of Laurent Legnami’s fleet – David Holston, Rashid Suleiman and Axel Julien, among others – the Rhone team lost 69 to 77. One of the leaders of this disappointment, Adrian Payne, angered Villeurbanne’s supporters: 5 points for 1/4 shot, 2 rebounds and 4 fouls. From his top 2m08 for 108 kilograms, he is stronger than any of the Burgundians. The height of the contradiction, last week, he scored 15 points and 8 rebounds against Bayern Munich. This contrast between the real Adreian Payne and this casual situation that was shown at Disneyland, gives everyone the illusion that the mercenary is coming to take his money and his European freelance work. still.

Anyone who has followed Adreian Payne’s career will not be fooled by this sad spectacle. The offense is to imprison his talent. It was launched in Michigan at the behest of Tom Izu – a Hall of Famer coach – who spent four years with the Spartans and rubbed shoulders with several references: Draymond Green, Gary Harris and Denzel Valentine. On March 20, 2014, in the first round of last March’s madness, he stamped his foot and was gone “bubble” : 41 points and 8 rebounds, Fightin’ Blue Hens lies on the carpet. That was the highest number of points for a Michigan player since Terry Furlow against Detroit in 1975. In that arena, Adreian Payne shot 17/17, which is still a 100% better on aggregate today. Success in the NCAA game. Then the Spartans ruled out Virginia and Harvard, taking advantage of the high-ranking Adrian Payne-Branden Dawson-Gary Harris trio. Then came Elite 8, the last step before the Final Four. There’s a chance of hitting hard, but the Tom Izzo boys fail against U’Conn, 60 to 54. As if he hadn’t dropped the Mammoth’s performance a week ago, Adreian Payne sent this time 13 points in a 4/14 shootout. This is where all the intricacies of a man are. Able to provoke a crowd on Tuesday, before provoking boos on Saturday.

Lacey Holdsworth. This name might not mean anything to you, but it tagged Adreian Payne last year in Michigan. This 8-year-old girl – who suffers from cancer – was the lucky charm for Spartans in 2014. During a visit to the hospital the players met her. Became friends with she and Adrian Payne, so much so that she traveled with the team to New York for the Sweet 16 and Elite 8. When the Spartans won the Big Ten Conference, Payne let her down in the net. We found her shortly afterwards sitting in the front row of an NCAA Dunk competition during which her protector did a 360-degree caramelization, followed by a great party “Bowling Pins”. This relationship was real. The passion of the athlete who accompanies the child in the last moments of his life. He made her happy, and she made him happy. Adrian Payne’s last words to his little spirit sister make sense today.

“Words can’t express how much I really miss Lacey. She is my sister and will always be a part of my life. She taught me to fight with a smile even when things were going badly. I’m a better man because of her.” […] I know she’s smiling and dancing in heaven now. My princess is now an angel. — Adrian Payne, April 9, 2014

On June 26, 2014, Adreian Payne was selected 15th by the Hawks. Her suit, with a pink interior, pays homage to Lacey Holdsworth. The girl’s name is on everyone’s lips. Once off the stage, Adreian Payne is questioned about this: “What would Lacey say if she was enlisting tonight?” ». He answers no without emotion: “She will surely hug me a lot and tell me that she loves me.”. The beginning of a new life, far from the Spartans, without anyone to protect him, in the whirlwind of business.

Four years and then goes on. From 2014 to 2018, Adreian Payne played 99 of 107 NBA games with the Wolves. His junior year is his best season, He averaged 6.7 points on 41% shots and 5.1 rebounds in 32 games. In 2017, under a two-way contract with Magic, he fractured the fourth metatarsal in his hand. This was his last chance in the NBA. He took over the management of Panathinaikos where he won the first championship of his career, the Greek Championship 2018. This was followed by a stint in China to boost the stats there, then back to Pana and this famous signing with ASVEL in March 2019. On his arrival, he gives a great interview to whistleRMC Sport program. His altruistic rhetoric undermines the common sense associated with the American players in the French Championships. He asked, not coming to shine alone, and expressing his wishes for merging: “The team is really there and doesn’t need a player who does extraordinary things. Just a guy who fits in easily and is a good teammate.”.

But her irregularity prompted ASVEL to ditch him after a year, despite several cards in Villeurbannais’ shirt: 21 points in qualifying against Nanterre, 17 points and 8 rebounds against Red Star Belgrade. After velurban? An anecdote paragraph in Turkey, then a freelance work in Lithuania with the Utina Club. On February 15, 2022, he played his last basketball game against Nevezis-Optibet. Three months later, on the night of Sunday, May 8 to Monday, May 9, Adrian Payne was shot and killed in Florida..

French basketball is losing its face. Many of these were the ones who were distinguished by their physical control and their unsteady comfort. Hope he has a good trip, Lacey Holdsworth is waiting for him there.

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