Boston tied, Golden State breaks

Aurélie SACCHELLI, Media365, posted on Tuesday 10 May 2022 at 08:01

Boston returned to 2-2 in their series against Milwaukee, after a 108-116 win in the Bucks on Monday. For their part, Golden State now leads 3-1 thanks to its 101-98 win over Memphis and will have a chance to qualify for the Conference Finals on Wednesday in Tennessee.

Boston regains the advantage of the field! Led by Milwaukee 2-1, the Celtics beat the defending champions 108-116, thus returning 2-2 in the Eastern Conference semifinals, with two out of three games still to be played at home. While the Bucks advanced for most parts of the game, they were pushed into the final quarter and couldn’t do anything to avoid the Boston Hurricane, played by Al Horford. Soon the Dominican was 36 years old, and he simply broke his record for points scored in play-offs, with 30 units (previous record: 26), and 11 out of 14 shots including 5 of 7 on three points (a record else). While Milwaukee led 80-70 fourteen minutes from the end, Boston fell 10-0 straight in the last two quarters, and Horford tied with an 80-80 score on Dunk. Then it was 9’51 left before the last bell. The two teams were hit hard until 92-92, then the Boston team signed the teams 6-0 (94-98 then 96-106), which allowed them to take a good lead. 104-112 led one minute from the end, Milwaukee, still deprived of Khris Middleton, was never able to return to the time of money, despite Giannis Antetokounmue who finished 34 points, 18 rebounds and 5 assists (17 Lopez points and 16 for the holiday). ). ). Al Horford scored 16 points in the final quarter and won 23-43, and Jayson Tatum 12 (30 points, 13rbds, 5pds in total for the Celtics star). Both teams will now return to Massachusetts for Game Five on Wednesday.

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All that’s missing is a victory for Golden State to play a new conference final! The Warriors have already advanced 3-1 in their series against Memphis, after a 101-98 home win on Monday, with Mike Brown (future Sacramento coach) on the bench, after Steve Kerr tested positive for the Covid virus. A somewhat improbable victory, because the Grizzlies, even deprived of their star Jo Morant, drove from the first minute to the penultimate minute! Sure, their lead was never more than twelve points, but at the start of the last quarter Memphis was precisely +12. However, the Warriors didn’t give up and tied at 90-90 with 3’25 remaining on a basket from Stephen Curry. But then they only scored on free throws over the past three minutes: 11 successful throws (including eight for Curry in the last 46 seconds), only one foul (by Wiggins). The Californians let the Grizzlies shoot without making a mistake, and on a three-point shot, Dillon Brooks brought Memphis to -3 with eight tenths left, but it was too late to equalise. Stephen Curry finished the game with 32 points and 8 assists, Andrew Wiggins with 37 points and 10 rebounds, and Klay Thompson with 14 points despite 0/7 at 3 points. In contrast, Garen Jackson Jr. finished with 21 points and Stephen Adams with 10 points and 15 rebounds. The Grizzlies will certainly have to win Wednesday at home to survive this season, but Ja Morant remains uncertain.

Basketball – NBA / PLAY-OFFS 2022
semi final

Eastern Conference
Boston Celtic (2)Milwaukee Bucks (3): 2-2
Match 1 – Boston Celtics- Milwaukee Bucks : 89-101
2 . gameBoston Celtics – Milwaukee Bucks: 109-86
Match 3 –Milwaukee Bucks – Boston Celtics: 103-101
Fourth game – Milwaukee Bucks – Boston Celtics : 108-116
Game 5 on Wednesday, May 11 in Boston
Game 6 on Friday, May 13 in Milwaukee
Game 7 (if needed) on Sunday 15 May in Boston

Western Conference
Memphis Grizzlies (2)Golden State Warriors (3): 1-3
Match 1 – Memphis Grizzlies- Golden State Warriors : 116-117
2 . gameMemphis Grizzlies – Golden State Warriors: 106-101
Match 3Golden State Warriors – Memphis Grizzlies: 142-112
Match 4 – Golden State Warriors – Memphis Grizzlies: 101-98
>>> Kylian Tilley and Yves Ponce (MEM) did not play
Game 5 on Wednesday, May 11 in Memphis
Game 6 (if needed) Friday May 13th in San Francisco
Game 7 (if needed) on Sunday, May 15th in Memphis

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