Crawford Palmer, Sporting Director of Limoges CSP: “We are not done […] We all know the goal here in Limoges.”

What is your reaction after Limoges CSP qualified in the playoffs?
It’s good but it’s not over yet. Achieving that goal by getting a good position (fourth) with three matches remaining is a real satisfaction. It is the result of a long-term work, which began in August with ups and downs. There was a lot of hard work on the part of the staff and players: everyone was able to stay united and find solutions throughout the season. Guys have a good state of mind, and they remain ambitious. Nobody is satisfied with what we have done. (insist) We’re not done.

Have you always believed in these Top 8 goals?

We had a complicated summer, especially in terms of team building. The market was tough, and we lagged, with resources fluctuating, but we’ve adapted to some principles firmly ingrained in our heads. In the beginning, you never know how it will end, but in our case we can just work and look for a different game from the other teams, give something else and rely on defense. Our looks were unusual for the French championship (because it’s big, editor’s note), our needy interiors and there was real satisfaction in recruits like Spencer – who played in small leagues and for whom I take my hat off – or Harper who was in the crosshairs of big teams but who was out of season. white. […] In the end, this group showed character. He never doubted and remained united in difficult times.

“we are a team
Nobody wants to confront him.

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Massimo Cancelleri spoke of “chemistry” as soon as he arrived. Is this the key to your success?

With Massimo, we made bets that not everyone agreed. On top of that, it cost me a little bit of my place because the team wasn’t looking good at the start of the season. With the resources we had, we couldn’t have wished it could have been better… There is real pride in the work done. In this group, everyone, without exception, did their part, without mood swings, while sometimes it is easy to provoke bad feelings when you play less. Substitutes were able to provide when members of the Big Five were of lower quality. It took us a long time to be respected but today we are a team that no one wants to face. It was our goal.

What do you expect from the last three regular games of the season, especially this trip to Paris on Tuesday night?

To continue working towards the playoffs. The final order is important. The top 6 guaranteed us our place in the BCL (Basketball Champions League) and we avoided the preliminary round like Le Mans last year. It’s always better to be sure of being in the European Cup to build a team. Nothing should be overlooked. I want to leave the club in the best possible condition.

What will be the goal of the qualifiers?

We all know the goal, here in Limoges… There are big players in front of us like Villeurbanne and Monaco who have the game sequence numbers, and that will necessarily affect. For our part, we are able to get 20 points in Dijon, but one of the strengths of our team is adapting to the opponent and doing things that are very interesting tactically. The goal is to win the quarter-finals and give yourself the opportunity to do your best.

Massimo deserves to be elected coach of the year

In your opinion, does Massimo Cancellieri deserve to be elected coach of the year?

Obviously, yes. We all know that Vincent Colette is a great coach or that Sasa Obradovic has changed the situation in Monaco, but they have great resources. Massimo deserves it for his influence and what he has achieved with this cohesive star-free collection. About what he showed in the regular season, there is no photo.

excellent Reboot CSP Time with Limoges CSP Amal Coach Arnaud Tessier

Was Limogon deserving of the Player of the Season award?

It’s complicated. Nico (Lange) can claim it but he is a player who needs his team and the players who work with him. Demont (Harper) has also done great things. However, no one on this team aspires to that title. On the other hand, players want to win matches and prove that they have collectively achieved something special and special. We want to finish on a good mark and we all know that only the champ ends up winning…

Massimo Cancelleri, Limoges CSP coach’s reaction: “At the start of the season, I never said that qualifying was possible. I was talking about matches one by one. In January, when we won the Clasico, I started to think we had it within reach, that we had a chance. We put a lot of energy into that goal and a 10-win streak in 11 matches brought us to the top of the table. […] We know we shouldn’t have played in the playoffs but we are there by being a different team and we have to stay that way. […] We have to play a big match in Paris, an excellent team, based on the young talent duo Begarin and Kamagaté that I really like.”

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