French basketball is doing well

This is a name that should ring some bells among non-young and European basketball fans. Mam Jaiteh has dominated all season with Virtus Bologna, and has just been named Player of the Year at the EuroCup, the continent’s second most popular competition. We’ll wait another two days before we show the champagne because there’s a job to finish…

Between two sleepless nights in front of the NBA, we also sometimes look at what’s going on close to home. So when the Frenchman lights up, we’re still looking closely. Since winning the Pro B MVP title with Boulogne in 2013, Mam Jaiteh has come a long way. The hub who exploded in the eyes of the general public at the Nanterre side and who was remarkably part of the bronze saga at Euro 2015 (the Curse of Pau Gasol) never joined the NBA but is shining brightly on the old continent. He also passed through Strasbourg and Limoges, then discovered Italian, Russian and Turkish basketball before signing with Virtus Bologna last summer. In Red it’s not fun at all and he’s one of the greats in Europe. On the field, Milos Teodosek supplies him with pick-and-roll caviar and forms a wonderful Franco-Nantrian duo with Issa Cordiner. Besides Tornike Shengelia, NBA fans might lean a little more on the names Marco Belinelli, Niccolo Mannion, or even JaKarr Sampson. No need to continue, I understand that Mohamedou does not cooperate with painters. We also talk about the Italian championship leaders against Milan before they approach the final stages. Well surrounded, Mam just released a very dominant season with 12.8 points at 71.1% in shooting and 7.5 rebounds on average in C2. He is the statistical leader of his team in these two categories and has the best rating in the league (32.9 ratings at 40 minutes). His opponents have learned to fear him and it makes sense that he was just named EuroCup Player of the Tournament.

European pivot points are popular at the moment (hello Nikola Jokic) and it’s the perfect time to remind Vincent Colette that there are many options to back Rudi Gobert for the upcoming international matches. Whatever the outcome of the Joel Embiid case, the French team’s internal sector has a bright future ahead and we haven’t even mentioned the names of Vincent Poirier, Victor Wimpanyama. Kokuriko’s small moment, it’s the first time a French player has received such an honor. A track record in which we find in particular Nick Calathis, Patrick Beverly or even Eric McCollum, CJ’s older brother also a member of the All-EuroCup First team, Mam joining Nando De Colo (2010), Tariq Kirksay (2011), Andrew Albicy (2019) ), Isaïa Cordinier (2021) and Mathias Lessort (2021) are among the French who have this line in their résumés. Menu smells like a blue, white, and red shirt. But the best may not yet come for the 27-year-old, Pantene. Excellent in the quarter-finals against Ulm (27 points on 12/16 and 11 rebounds for 38 PIR in 26 minutes), then more conservative in the semi-finals where mistakes quickly hindered him, and on Wednesday he will participate in the final against Bursaspor, which secures a ticket to the Euroleague next season. Already winning the EuroChallenge with Nanterre in 2015, it’s another level that’s about to be discovered in a couple of days.

Whether it’s the recent results of the selection, the Monaco Euroleague, or the Mamjeet Player of the Year award at the European Cup, we can say that French basketball is doing well at the moment. So before switching to NBA mode on Wednesday night, feel free to tune in to the final to send the power to the hub who proudly represents our colors on the other side of the Alps!

Source text: EuroCup

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