Golf: The touching secrets of Nicholas Colcers ahead of the Soudal Open

Nicholas Kolsairts has been suffering from a rare disease for the past 6 months, and he has done everything in his power to return to the country and play the prestigious European Tour of Golf which will take place in Rinkefen (Antwerp) from Thursday to Sunday.

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TheThis week the elgium at Rinkven is hosting a round of the European Golf Tour – now called the “DP World Tour”: the Soudal Open, which has been awarded $2 million in prize money. In addition to the group of Belgians invited for the occasion, we can see the work of the three best Belgian players: Thomas Peters, Thomas Detry and Nicolas Colsaerts. As the latter noted during a very emotional press conference, “We all have good reasons to be happy to be here: Thomas the first, a few weeks after his prestigious Rolex Series win in Abu Dhabi, and the second a few days after the birth of her first child (Editor’s note: Sophia Dolores) The little one, I was born 3 weeks ago in London), and I am having a very difficult period.”

“Reunion with family and friends”

Since the end of November, afflicted with a rare kidney disease – primary membranous nephropathy that weakens the immune system – Nicolas Colsaerts (39) has made it clear that he did everything in his power to play this prestigious tournament in Belgium. “It is always great to come home, in front of the people who have seen us grow up, and thus to find family and friends,” said the Brussels resident, who now lives in Dubai with his wife Rachel, and their two sons, Jackson (4 years). years) and Oliver (10 months). “I feel much better than I was two or three months ago and am very happy to be here. I am living a normal life again since March. All my urine and blood results are really good. The treatment I am taking is having an effect. You should know that this disease is not only caused by Fatigue I had water retention I once went from 82 to 90 kg and then lost that water in 48 hours My body was so restless that during tournaments at the beginning of the year I found myself on the ground three times, paralyzed with convulsions, after tee strokes “It was complicated to be effective, because in addition to the physical, there’s the mental, and all of that was very complicated. Now I don’t have any of that. Still treatment to follow, but no more problems from anything.”

“train more or less properly”

Still weak, Nicholas Colsaerts has earned a medical exemption allowing him to keep his ticket next year on the prestigious DP World Tour. His program this year currently includes two events: the Soudal Open and the Open de France where he will defend his title at the end of September. “I’m slowly recovering, so it still takes some patience to put all of that behind me,” he says. “I play less than if I had a regular season, but I try to train more or less properly. To come here, I went up to speed compared to the beginning of this year.”

“My wife was amazing”

The Belgian golf locomotive is physically affected, and you also know it tasted on a mental level. “Just ask my wife who was exceptional, and who now sees the difference compared to the weeks between November and January which were very difficult. Keeping up with my treatment definitely has a lot to do with this: I go to the gym four times a week, go through the high-pressure treatment that It makes a big difference. I wouldn’t say golf became secondary, but the main task was to do everything in my power to regain my desire, my sanity and my health. Now everything is fine.”

“It’s a slap”

When asked if this ordeal had changed his way of seeing things, the answer exploded: “Yes, of course! When something happens in a person’s life, and you think about some things you never thought of before, it’s impossible not to see things differently.” Maybe I’ve been fortunate to have been orchestrated a little differently: a top-level athlete, immersed in a discipline where the mind is most important, I’m probably more armed than a normal person to try and get through this experience that was a bit difficult. At first we see his family and we see his children. (interrupts, Very moved) It’s kind of slapped. My wife was amazing. It makes you think, but in the meantime you’re well surrounded.”

So much so that I’ll be able to talk about his game again, but also to warn: “I think I have a decent level, but I have no idea where I’m at. This week, I can bring two cards of 78, but that won’t stop me from coming out with a big smile! Obviously! That it wouldn’t have happened if I had come here with big ambitions, or if I had already played dozens of tournaments before I came here. In fact, I see this week as an opportunity to position my game. I obviously approach this tournament in a very different way than Thomas Toma… “

“over the cigar”

Too bad for the ranking (597 in the world)? “Yeah sure! Like the margins of everything difficult that goes into your life. Especially if it’s something you don’t control. There are players who have been injured and been out for a year, with a broken wrist or a neck injury. So no, I’m not disappointed with my ranking. What I’ve been through has been bigger.” Much more! When we talk about health, life and wondering, the fact that you are ranked 400, 500 or 600 in the world, it slightly exceeds you above a cigar!”

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