In the United States, the end of the race for a dangerous prisoner and a complicit guard

UNITED STATES – In 2022, Bonnie and Clyde will have spent ten days on the run before a tragic outcome emerges. On Monday, May 9, US police announced that they had arrested Casey White, an “extremely dangerous” detainee in Indiana who escaped on April 29 thanks to the help of a prison officer. She died after shooting herself with a pistol during arrest.

“Casey White is under arrest again,” Sheriff Rick Singleton told reporters. They confirmed Monday evening that Vanderburg County authorities were “investigating the death of fugitive Vicki White from Alabama.” The 56-year-old woman died at 7 p.m. local time and an autopsy is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon, it added in a statement.

A wonderful and mismatched couple

Vicki White and Casey White (unrelated despite their common surname) were arrested after a car chase with the police. Mayor Rick Singleton, who is responsible for coordinating the search for the fugitives, said the couple were chased while in a Ford pickup truck in Evansville, in the heart of the Midwest.

“She shot herself and was seriously injured,” Vanderburg County Sheriff Dave Wedding told CNN. “During the chase, the truck had an accident. Casey White surrendered,” Sheriff Rick Singleton said earlier.

After starting in an Alabama prison, their journey took ten days, over hundreds of kilometers and in at least four states. The unlikely duo aroused great interest, particularly because of the contradictions between them: she, a typical civil servant with a seemingly orderly life; He, a 2.06m polynaxine giant is imprisoned for presumed murder.

Casey White will never see the outdoors again.

“Today we suspended a very dangerous man,” said Sheriff Singleton. “He will never see the outdoors again.” His men received information about the couple’s presence in Indiana and CCTV footage of a car wash where a Ford was seen.

“Achieving success in this type of escape becomes more and more difficult every year, with the mass spread of video surveillance, and the ability of media and social networks to disseminate this information in real time,” noted former FBI Deputy Director Andrew. McCabe on CNN. However, in recent days and even Monday, the fugitives seemed to be at least one step ahead of their pursuers.

“We’re kind of back to square one,” Sheriff Singleton lamented on Friday, noting that the escape plan was “well thought out.” On April 29, it was all too easy when Vicki White released Casey White from his Florence prison, where he was serving a 75-year sentence. The woman oversaw transfers of prisoners to the sheriff of Lauderdale County.

Une vidéo a montré la fonctionnaire escorter le grand détenu tatoué, dont les pieds et les mains étaient entravés par des chaînes, le faire monter dans sa voiture de police, et l’emmener à l’logs étaienté aux edévaluation Court.

Totally polished haven

The “model employee,” the sheriff, who was described by the county attorney as “the most reliable person in prison,” had then planned a replacement car in a nearby shopping mall parking lot, said the sheriff.

This car, which the official purchased under an assumed name, was found to weigh in at a Tennessee pound, without this bouncing back in the investigations really allowing the investigators to advance.

It is later known that the prison officer withdrew about $90,000 in cash, from the proceeds from the sale of her recent home, and purchased civilian clothes to replace her companion’s prison suit.

And the value of the reward offered by the authorities for any information that could lead to the arrest of the fugitives was raised to $25,000.

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